The American Association of Port Authorities is holding its annual convention in Seattle this week, and some local protesters are having a bit of fun at their expense. Yesterday, some pranksters slipped a revised agenda (pdf) underneath the doors of all 900 rooms at the Westin Hotel, promoting mock sessions like "The 'Green Washing' of the Cargo Supply Chain Award," "Handout Happy Hour," "Integrating Jim Crow into Today’s Workplace," and the following little dig at Port of Seattle CEO Tay Yoshitani:


The entire mock agenda is pretty well done—an informative mix of snark and pointed critique. Labor, social justice, and environmental activists have a lot of legitimate gripes against the Port of Seattle and the industry as a whole, and it's great to see these groups having a little fun with their politics. Read the whole thing.

This is just the first in what's promised to be a week full of actions, including we're told, the deployment of 20-foot inflatable asthma inhaler.