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News Jul 16 1:35 PM

One-Third of the City Council May Not Be Able to Vote on Renters’ Rights

Tenants Protections May Be Saved BECAUSE of Landlord Interest on the City Council

News Jul 12 9:00 AM

Seattle City Council Puts Renter Protections in Its Sights

The Rollbacks Would Be Both Very Evil and Very Dumb

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News Jul 9 4:09 PM

Council Member Tanya Woo Decries Graffiti Targeting Her in the CID as Hateful

The Graffiti Reads: “Fuck Tanya Woo Get Her Out!” “Tanya Woo Hates Black People,” and Tanya Woo Is [indecipherable]

News Jul 9 9:00 AM

Big Business Is Pleased with the Council It Bought

With a Council This Slow and Inept, Why Wouldn’t They Be? 

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City Jun 25 11:28 AM

Nicholas Kristof Could Not Be More Wrong About the West Coast

Oregon, Be Glad This Guy Isn't Your Governor

News Jun 14 4:45 PM

Mayor Rolls Back Funding for Mental Health Support in Schools After Garfield Shooting

Students Demand the City Spend the $20 Million They Promised, Mayor Says It’s Not “Feasible”

News Jun 3 9:08 AM

New Summer Hours Show Service Cuts Continue at the Seattle Public Library

Eight Weeks Are Up, but Hours Are Still Down

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News May 28 6:52 PM

City Council Delays Last-Minute Attempt to Pull Money from Black and Brown Community Development Projects

BIPOC Organizers Chewed Out Maritza Rivera for Three Hours Straight

Politics May 16 11:48 AM

Time to Earn that Oscar, Mayor Harrell: Veto the Minimum Wage Repeal

Mayor Bruce Harrell Doesn’t Deserve a “Labor Oscar”—at Least Not Yet

City May 3 10:20 AM

South Seattle Is Now the Only Badass Neighborhood in Seattle

Because Tammy Morales Is the Only Council Member Who Doesn't Have the Putrefied Ideas of a Zombie

City May 1 1:05 PM

Seattle City Council Kills Affordable Housing Development Incentive Package

Council Member Tammy Morales Won't Vilify Her Colleagues, but I Will!

News Apr 26 10:31 AM

No One Wants to Repeal the Gig Worker Minimum Wage More Than Sara Nelson

After Flexing Power in First Months of Presidency, Nelson Shows Insecurity from Minority Days

News Apr 25 12:53 PM

Council Member Maritza Rivera Blames Union Wages and E-books for Library Closures

Rivera Says the City's “Hiring Freeze” Is a “Buzzword” That Cannot Fully Explain the Staffing Shortage