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News Fri 1:08 PM

City Council Decides Not to Tax the Rich Because a Republican CEO Doesn’t Like It

As a Result, a Cut-Happy Council Will Inherit a Gaping Budget Hole

City Nov 29 2:00 PM

Seattle’s Antifa City Council Lets Police Department Keep Its Slush Funds

The Most Expensive Department Continues to Hoard the City’s Wealth at the Expense of Other Services

News Nov 22 7:05 PM

Seattle City Council Passes Ceasefire Resolution

We’re Not the First City to Call for One, but We’re the Biggest

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Queer Nov 21 9:00 AM

Seattle Wants to Put a Playground Next to a Historically Queer Nude Beach

Advocates Say the Proposal Plays on Harmful Stereotypes

News Nov 15 9:00 AM

Many Seattle Council Members Choose Big Business Profits Over Children’s Mental Health

Lewis Lost His Job and He Still Can’t Do the Right Thing

News Nov 9 9:00 AM

Who Will Replace Teresa Mosqueda?

The Left Should Fight for the (Probable) Vacant Seat on City Council

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News Oct 30 2:06 PM

Delays Plague Workgroup Meant to Help Victims of Police Violence

A New Proposal Keeps the Ball Rolling, but Advocates Remain Skeptical 

City Oct 27 12:27 PM

A Haunting at The Biltmore

If It Wasn’t a Ghost, Then What Was It?

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Elections 2023 Oct 25 9:00 AM

What Happens If Big Business Gets the Council It Wants?

Renter Protections Rot, Labor Enforcement Dwindles, Housing Production Nosedives, the Planet Burns Hotter–All for More Cop Pay

News Oct 20 9:00 AM

Seattle Reboots Its Drug War with No Plan and No Money to Scale Up Diversion

An Overstretched Criminal Legal System Braces to Absorb Hundreds of New Cases

News Oct 20 8:00 AM

New 2024 Budget Draft Just Dropped

Mosqueda’s Budget Stands Up to SOME of the Mayor’s Silliness

News Oct 17 3:15 PM

Mayor Tries Fun New Way to Plunder Funds Meant for Affordable Housing

Instead of Tweaking a Tax on Wealthy Corporations, He Wants the Council to Fight Over Scraps

News Oct 13 9:31 AM

Planning to Fail

Unearthing the Original Sin of Urban Planning in Seattle

Cops Oct 10 11:01 AM

How to Reduce Random Acts of Violence in Seattle

Hint: The Answer Isn’t More Cops

City Oct 5 2:30 PM

Let's Be Real About Why MacPherson's Fruit & Produce Is Vanishing

The Produce Stand's Last Day Is October 8

City Oct 3 3:30 PM

Even Great Britain Is Saying Seattle Is Dying

Our City Has Finally Arrived

News Oct 2 9:00 AM

Seattle Does Not Have a Spending Problem, Big Business Has a Greed Problem

The Chamber and DSA Think the Council Can Find More Than Half a Billion Dollars in the Couch Cushions. Wrong.