Regarding Chris Christie, two words: "President Guiliani."
Sending Huntsman to China was as a particularly shrewd move by Obama.
@1--Yup. National political wonks vastly underestimate the antipathy of most of the country towards New York (which effectively includes New Jersey) and politicians from there.

As a fat person myself, I find it hard to believe that in the end Christie's weight will not be an issue. Plenty of Americans are amazingly hostile towards obesity, so if Christie does run, he most definitely is going to have to lose weight. I'm also just thinking how difficult the non-stop go of running for President can be on a person.

Also, are New Jersians really going to re-elect someone who absolutely plans to leave two years later if elected?
"Richard Nixon was the last Republican to win the presidency on a ticket without a Bush."

Even more than that, the last Republican ticket to win the presidency without a Bush or Nixon? Herbert Hoover -- 84 years ago.
too soon. no GOP presidential prospect posts until 2014, please.
Huntsman was on the Daily Show in the waning days of the campaign and I swear it looked like he was angling to be up next in 2016. He even made (and he didn't have to) a comment that he and Romney were distantly related because some great-great grandfather had multiple wives. I was astonished he would hurt Romney that way but he did.
Christy is a fat, stupid, idiot least coaster. No doubt most Americans like him, they also liked Jersey shore. I cant think of a better place to get hit by a hurricane.
America could go for Christie but the GOP won't. They'll go for Santorum or Ryan.
If there were a way to bypass the Republican nominating process and simply have a center-right ticket of Huntsman and Christie, the Democrats would likely have a very tough time keeping hold of the White House in 2016. Fortunately, given the inanity of the Republican base, this will never happen.
@4, see @8.

Good god, Cascadian Bacon. Rip on the majority of the population that's overweight and then revel on death and destruction for thousands of people. I know it's hard, but how about a little empathy every now and then? We're not as flawless as you, but we do what we can.
The 2012 election and the possibility of a Romney presidency took a lot out of me. I don't want to be a dick about it, but from now until....oh, let's say the end of 2014, if I see anything regarding the 2016 election in the press or online, I'm skipping through it. And if they start talking about it on TV, I'll change the channel. Won't anyone join me in this lonesome crusade?

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