You found my phone, snooped through my text messages, and decided I was a bigot. Congratulations, buddy! You've taken the first step toward eliminating racism! I am not a racist; I am only guilty of having friends who tell stupid jokes. Just like you, I don't have any control over what filth people send to my phone. I also had no say in my phone being STOLEN from my work, my privacy being invaded by a thief (that would be you), or having some ignorant fuck call me a racist. Personally, I would have loved for you to have actually called my mom. Not only would I have gotten my phone back, but she could have explained to you that we shed joyous tears together on November 5. Was it because we were mourning the loss of the white race? Oh no. We are lifelong Democrats, AND WE ARE ALSO BLACK PEOPLE. You've heard of black people, right? They're the ones you're righteously crusading for, you piece of shit. However, you may have never seen one up close all the way up there on your high horse. Also, way to lie about that "loving black cock" text message. A quick survey of my friends proved your story to be false. Not only are you a thief, you're also a self-aggrandizing liar. Stay classy! recommended