On Saturday, August 19, some of the Pacific Northwest's funniest people will take the stage at the Egyptian Theatre as part of The Stranger's Undisputable Geniuses of Comedy showcase. Emmett Montgomery! Dewa Dorje! Derek Sheen! Alyssa Yeoman! Natalie Holt! And those are just the Seattle folks performing! We're also bringing up Portland's Arlo Weierhauser, Kate Murphy, Steven Wilber, and Jamie Carbone, and the evening will be hosted by Nariko Ott, winner of Portland's Funniest Person contest in 2016 and writer for The Hard Times

It's going to be very funny! This week, ahead of the show, let's get to know the Seattle comics. Say hello to Dewa Dorje! Dorje hosts the monthly comedy talk show Dee's Nuts at Here-After. The next installment is September 20! Tickets are available here.

How does it feel to be declared an Undisputable Genius of Comedy?

One word: Horny.

Even though it’s subjective, it's nice to be declared a genius of comedy—how many API or Tibetan women have been on a comedy list ever? I appreciate it because I’m a real 206 comic, born and raised. Seattle public schools, all that. Shout out to Rainier Beach High School! Washington Middle School! I've been doing comedy in Seattle for nearly a decade and I’m a single Asian mom, but mostly I’m funny af. Thanks, Stranger.

The show is at the Egyptian, which is rumored to be haunted. Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes, I believe in ghosts, I’m Asian. (Jungle)

I feel like Seattle’s comedy scene has gotten stronger in recent years. There are new(ish) venues—Comedy/Bar opened earlier this year on Capitol Hill and Here-After has been open for about a year and a half now, hosting both local and touring comics (and your show Dee’s Nuts!). Has that been your experience?

There are some very funny comedians in Seattle and there always have been. The Comedy Nest is probably the longest-running open mic in the city and it’s been here for over 10 years. It is a womxn focused hate-free room that is profitable and run by amazing comics. Having more venues to perform is beneficial for comedians, but we need the fans to COME OUT AND SUPPORT LIVE COMEDY (especially BIPOC).

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How long have you hosted Dee’s Nuts?

Dee’s Nuts has been monthly at the Here-after for around one-and-a-half years. During the pandemic, I created a cozy covered area to have a place outside for homies to come over and talk story and laugh around the fire pit. So when things started opening up, I decided I wanted to do that on the stage. And I also wanted to get a chance to write new material every month. It’s a labor of love and it’s been selling out. Right now I run it solo—produce, write, perform, and marketing. I'm looking for help producing my show, in case any of the readers are interested. Everyone should come, it’s hella funny and I promise you will laugh and feel so good after.

I love the talk show format of Dee’s Nuts—y’all sit together to talk about everything from MILF Island to shredded beef jerky. (I definitely remember that and GROSS.) How did you settle on that format for a comedy show?

I love late-night talk shows, I grew up on Arsenio and Conan, you know. I always wanted to be on one so I decided to make one. The format is the same—monologue, each comic does a set, then we do "Shooting the Breeze," a segment with all the comics, and I typically ask them questions about pop culture, comedy, whatever is on my mind. I like to have comics who have strong opinions and can riff.

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You’ve also had some really stellar comics on as guests—including some fellow Geniuses of Comedy!—what is your dream Dee’s Nuts lineup or booking?

I prioritize BIPOC, LGBTQIA, and moms. Dream guest? Margret Cho.

Some of the participants in Saturday's show are from Portland—our sister paper, The Mercury, also hosts its own Undisputable Geniuses of Comedy show. It’s Portland vs. Seattle! Rose City vs. Emerald City! Who has the funnier comedians?

This is a cold setup, Megan. I'm not saying which city, but I will say I could beat up every male comic in Seattle. 

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