Jazmyn Scott is the program manager at Langston, a new nonprofit housed within the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute. The organization aims to be a beacon of black arts and culture in Seattle, and with her mandate to energize the historic Central District venue with new programs and activities, Scott is in charge of lighting that particular fire.

You won an award for curating the Legacy of Seattle Hip-Hop exhibit at MOHAI, so I have to ask: Which local musician is doing it for you right now?

I love soul music, and Tiffany Wilson is my girl. Her vocal cords are anointed. She can sing the alphabet and I get chills! The song "Me & You" off her latest release, #SeeSharp, stays on repeat.

You want to go out dancing. Where do you go?

At the end of the summer, I would check out Motown on Mondays at Bar Sue. It's a solid kick, and the DJs are always on point.

When it starts getting dark at 4:30 p.m., where do you seek comfort from the gloom?

Happy hour! BluWater Bistro in Leschi serves an amazing blood-orange manhattan, so you're likely to find me there any given evening when I have the time to kick back.

What do people in Seattle need to shut up about?

The Sonics and the proposed arena. I promise I'm not a hater, but we have a huge homelessness issue in this city. I do think it would be great to have the NBA return here, but I'd hope to see resources and real affordable housing for the thousands of Seattle residents living on the streets before we spend a shit ton of money on a sports arena.

Which upcoming Langston event are you most excited about?

The Black Music Festival we are planning for 2017. We already have some great ideas for partnerships and collaborations, and I can't wait for Langston to be at the forefront of something that this city has been missing forever. This is big for Seattle, and I'm honored to have been chosen to begin leading the charge. recommended