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Ivar's and the Serial Killer

The founder of the fish-and-chips place survived an encounter with the notorious Starvation Killer. His mother was not so lucky.

Looking Back on 30 Years of Sub Pop Records

In honor of 30 years, here are 15 of their greatest wonders and 15 of their greatest blunders.

The Funeral Crashers of Seattle

A pair of uninvited party guests used to show up at Seattle events back in the day, steal slices of cake, and get into fights with each other.

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Features Dec 29 10:42 AM

We Regret These Errors

Every Single Mistake The Stranger Made in 2022, More or Less

News Oct 14 1:59 AM

The Stranger's Endorsements for the November 2020 General Election

Vote like it's the last time you'll ever vote again, because it might be.

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News Jul 17 4:00 AM

The Stranger's Endorsements for the August 4, 2020, Primary Election

Our budget hole is massive and our crises are multiplying. Who should we send in to fix this disaster?

Features Mar 11 4:00 AM

Hiding a Highway

Construction begins on Seattle's newest freeway lid.

Features Mar 11 4:00 AM

The Law Against Winter Evictions

Answers to your burning questions about the city council's new law against kicking low-income people out during the cold months.

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Features Mar 11 4:00 AM

Going Viral

Life in the epicenter of an epidemic Trump called "a hoax."

Features Feb 26 4:00 AM

The Latest Move to Repair the Racist War on Drugs

Could new pot shops be part of the answer?

Features Feb 26 4:00 AM

The Stranger Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

For the March 10, 2020, primary election.

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Features Feb 26 4:00 AM

The Ballard Company That's Reversing Climate Change

Nori's founder was a climate skeptic until a moment of enlightenment on magic mushrooms. Now his company uses cryptocurrency to get farmers to suck carbon out of the air.

Features Feb 26 4:00 AM

Fight Back!

The best candidate to take on Trump, the Seattle company working to reverse climate change, and a woman fighting the status quo in Olympia.

Features Feb 26 4:00 AM

Hilary Franz Does Epic Shit

Washington's lands commissioner is fighting wildfires, insurance companies, and the status quo across the state.

Features Feb 26 4:00 AM

Two Places That Offer Women Ways to Deal with an Unsafe World

Feminist Karate Union and 30 Minute Hit empower women.

Features Feb 26 4:00 AM

Turning Up the Heat to #MeltICE

The Evergreen State has a phalanx of immigrant-rights warriors fighting back against the president's cruelty.

Features Feb 12 4:00 AM

Do Shit Alone

Having no one to go to a show or gallery or movie with isn't a good excuse to not do it.

Features Feb 12 4:00 AM

Welcome to Seattle—You're Surrounded by Violent Volcanoes

A few things you should know about Mount Rainier, Glacier Peak, and Mount Baker.

Features Feb 12 4:00 AM

Seattle's Most Powerful Politicians

Who's got the clout?

Features Feb 12 4:00 AM

Seattle's Comfort Food

The local tradition around teriyaki.

Features Feb 12 4:00 AM

How You're Going to Die

Seattle is a beautiful and healthy city. It's also a ticking time bomb.