Upstream Music Fest May Be a Big Success, But Also May Not Be One. Discuss.

If You Do Go, Here Are the Shows We Recommend


This will be quite the Pioneer Square "Joint Cover Charge" weekend.  Well, Thursday through Saturday anyway.  Why Thursday-Saturday instead of Friday-Sunday?  And on Saturday, why don't the outdoor acts start sooner than 4pm? 
 I sure miss those PS joint cover nights with as many as nine bars participating.   The J&M, Central and 88 Keys are the only regular live music joints left in PS.   For Upstream: "Stage" was the Catwalk.  "Comedy Underground" was a Fenix Underground.  "88 Keys" was Fenix Aboveground.   Is "Flatstick Pub" where Swannie's was?   Doesn't look like they're using Box House which was Ned's, The Last Supper Club and a Fenix for a short time, the former Doc Maynard's, or the sausage place that was Larry's Greenfront and Crimson. 
   The OK Hotel houses public support functions.  Colourbox is rugs.  Old Timers' is kilts.  The New Orleans is vacant.
   It'll be interesting to see how the other Upstream spaces work for live music
I don't totally get the "They are Walmart" analogy.

I found some bands I'd like to see (all playing at the same venue on the same day). But it would cost $48+ to see them. That doesn't seem like Walmart.
The marketing has been terrible. This infographic is the first thing I've seen with pricing and it still isn't clear to me what the venue is. Pioneer Square is a neighborhood, not a venue. Is everything packed together like CHBP or is it spread out? Where's the main stage? Paul Allen means well but this is a confusing, disjointed mess and about a month or two early.
From the more recent Upstream posting (that didn't have comments enabled):

"With 300+ artists performing at Upstream it’s a lot of band for your buck."

Do they realize we can't actually see all 300+ bands? Or is it typical at fests like these to listen to one song by a band and run off to another venue?