I can’t wait to get my hands on this one, which looks like a cross between Valheim (explore a Viking island while crafting bases) and Shadow of the Colossus (poke giants) with rune-based power-ups that reminds me of Hades. Played alone or in multiplayer mode, you gather resources to build a camp; small waves of enemies attack at night; and every couple of days, a giant appears in the distance, slowly approaching and giving you plenty of time to prepare. I’m honestly not sure what to even call this intriguing hybrid of genres — survival-action-crafting-RPG … royale? And there’s one more interesting note: Developer Norsfell plans to continually introduce new content through “seasons,” which seems to be an increasingly popular way of releasing DLC without making early adopters feel like they only got half a game. Should be particularly good for streamers, so expect to see your favorite Twitch kids giving this one a shot.

Release Date: July 27

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Platforms: PlayStation, PC.

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