Hannah Krieg

Hannah Krieg

Hannah Krieg is a staff writer at The Stranger covering everything that goes down at Seattle City Hall. Importantly, she is a Libra. She is also The Stranger's resident Gen Z writer, with an affinity for Tik Tok to match.

Recent Articles

Ranked-choice Voting Won in Seattle. Now What?

Just Gotta Design a New Ballot That Doesn’t Suck, Make It Idiot-Proof, Update the Tabulation System, Figure Out How to Report the Results, and Make Sure Everyone Knows What the Hell’s Going On

Council Votes to Take More Money from You but Not Amazon

Good Luck Picking Up the Working Class Vote Next Year, Everybody

News Nov 29 2:16 PM

New Maps, Same Seattle Politics

New Council Districts Probably Won’t Usher in Antifa Takeover in 2023

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News Nov 23 2:34 PM

Council Delivers on Promise Not to Please Everyone in Budget

A Look at Wins and Losses for Key Seattle Stakeholders

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News Nov 22 10:28 AM

Council Rejects Progressive Tax Increase to Fill $140 Million Budget Hole

Shelters, Sidewalks, and Bridge Maintenance Will Have to Wait

News Nov 18 3:05 PM

Green Housing or a Cutesy Volunteer Day?

These Are the Dumb Fights Some of You Voted to Have, Seattle

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News Nov 17 10:54 AM

Seattle’s Unhoused Feel Unheard in the City’s Budget Process

They Demand Safe Lots and an End to Sweeps, but They Don’t Think They’ll Get It

News Nov 15 10:31 AM

Care, Not Cops

Following School Shooting, Students Eye $9 Million Cut to Seattle Police Department to Pay for Counselors

News Nov 14 11:12 AM

Big Business to Play Nice in Seattle’s New Quest for Taxes

Though the Chamber Threw Tantrums for Years, Progressives Are Still Willing to Work With Them

News Nov 9 4:04 PM

Two Children Held in Jail in Connection with Ingraham High School Shooting

One Suspected Shooter, One Allegedly Found with the Shooter's Gun