Murray had a Communications Director?!
Not a very journalistic thing to do to take these shots at a man hardly anybody's heard of with no rebuttal from whom you're attacking.
What is the standard he is using for a great basketball game and can he prove he played it?
What an unfortunate, classless thing to write.
This is the very first time I have ever heard of this guy. I guess I'm not what you'd call a news-politics wonk.
The best revenge is to live w ...

Or snotty blog post, I guess.
eXtrEmLy OnLinE pOAstInG
Great hit job on someone most Sloggers don't know and frankly don't care about. Yet you failed to mention that your own Eli Sanders was hired THE VERY SAME DAY for THE VERY SAME JOB by new mayor Tim Burgess? Shame.
He must be an evil man if the Stranger says so.
Shit like this posting makes me laugh when assholes like Trump get elected. It's fun just to watch the bitches at The Stranger cry like little babies when they don't get their way. Truly the collapse of this Empire is at least entertaining to watch.
Not defending this asshole, but taking down a photo of someone's house, even when the address is public knowledge, was something I was banned from Reddit over. The owner of the house, and person who complained, leading to me being banned? The Stranger's own Dan Savage.
@15 cool story bro
Wow, stay classy, Stranger! I was starting to think that you all wanted to be journalists IRL - thanks for setting me straight. My favorite part is where Sydney complains that he told her she wasn't a journalist in a post that proves she's not.
honestly this is the kind of dynamic I'd like to learn about & exactly the kind of thing that larger media institutions would never "report" on.

It does make me curious what other paper and TV reporters thought of the guy, though. Did he just hate agendarific Stranger reporters?
Ha! I do get that there is some reason the High Fivin’ White Millennial Team has an axe to grind, and this post is without class or integrity. Dude may well be an asshole. That’s a real journalist’s burden to bear, and it’s neither heavy nor interesting.

Glad you put “report” in quotes, because this isn’t reporting.

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