Were doing this again.
We're doing this again. Kelly O

Probably not exactly what the Seattle Times Editorial Board meant when they urged Ed Murray to get out of the mayoral race and make way for "better mainstream candidates." Former mayor of Seattle Mike McGinn is running for mayor again.

As Mayor Ed Murray is embroiled in allegations that he sexually abused teenagers in the 1980s, which he denies, McGinn made the announcement on Twitter this morning:

To be honest, that slogan and logo look so half-assed, I assumed his tweet was a joke. ("Keep Seattle." What the fuck does that mean?) I was wrong. McGinn will host a press conference this morning at his home in Greenwood that, according to an announcement sent out by McGinn's political consultant, "follows this morning’s announcement of his candidacy for Seattle mayor."

A bicycle-riding former Sierra Club chair who won the mayorship in an underdog campaign, McGinn was beloved by many in Seattle's left (including this newspaper). But he also faced criticism that he was ineffective and had a confrontational relationship with the city council. Now, with a more progressive city council and Black Lives Matter activist Nikkita Oliver representing the city's far left, what will a new McGinn-Murray rematch look like? We're about to find out. Stay tuned for more details later this morning.