Didn't college Republicans used to mostly be about shut the fuck up, take personal responsibility, get out of bed an hour earlier, make a nickel and enjoy the good life? I can understand that sort of Sammamish Republicanism, even as it sees the world as less complicated than it really is. But this utter scum bag evil provocateur overtly racist shit they are obsessed with nowadays ... wtf ... what rock did these kids crawl out from under ...
So the right wingnuts attracted 20 people to their "rally" ...impressive!
"Police exercised tighter control over who was allowed to enter a fenced area staging the Patriot Prayer rally. They acted as de facto doormen, only giving entry to people approved by the College Republicans."

Welcome to the New USofA. Gonna build us a wall fifty feet tall.

Kick everybody out. Then keep everybody in.
Two dozen wingnuts. Big party.
For the record, anybody attacking anybody in alleys should be prosecuted.

Canceling other campus events is... not necessarily the worst emergency response? but if two dozen wingnuts get Black History Month events canceled, something needs to change. If these events inevitably harm students, then UW needs better lawyers.
//The Stranger is not concerned with anti-white hate.//

Isn't that kind of a shocking thing to say though? If an organization is to be against hatred, then arbitrarily exempting a group (a racial group, no less) from the protection against hatred constitutes a bigotry more prominent than anything Allsup seems to have said.

I was there, and there was a National Socialist flag being held, but it was on the Antifa side (a Syrian government flag--Red, White, and Black bars with two green stars--representing the Ba'ath party, which is a pan-arab Nationalist Socialist platform). The people screaming "Nazis go home!" didn't seem to notice, nor did the journalists.

According to the Stranger, this isn't biased sensationalism and ideological blindness. It's more journalism. There's a big difference, apparently.
Hsieh couldn't answer a basic question @57 minutes. Would he advocate for his own group of east Asians in America? Is such a thing justifiable? If yes, then this legitimacy has to be extended to average whites as well, who will soon be a minority-- just like everyone else. As a society, we have to be able to calmly and rationally grapple with this issue.

In fact, we cannot expect Whites to *not* advocate for themselves, as a distinct group, when they are losing their majority status. And we cannot have this vitally important dialogue if we respond by yelling "Nazis" at them.

This is simply how things will be in an increasingly multiracial society. The left needs to face reality, this is the future and the new normal.
2 dozen demonstrators is basically a non-event.

The only event that has been taking place is the resistance to neo-fascism.
It's all so predictably anti-climatical, which equates to boring.
Good to see that Tony Bell finally got his chance after constantly threatening people with bodily harm in Portland for the last year and a half. Looks like it didn't go exactly as he assumed it would, though, lol.
A couple of dozen right wingers and a couple of hundred violent anti-free speech Brown Shirt goons. And Seattle's only newspaper there supporting the goons.
Pretty well sums of the state of Leftist Amerika.
What passes for “conservative” today is so inane: stupid people, looking for the reasons that their lives are so dull, being lead by cynical people who know why, and are determined to keep those people in their place.
"Didn't college Republicans used to mostly be about shut the fuck up, take personal responsibility, get out of bed an hour earlier, make a nickel and enjoy the good life?"
Most people are about that. Maybe not here...
The Right-Wing nuts and "Centrist" are being hypocrites with this story. They ignore the Trump wanted a dictatorship style military parade and wants ALL his staff to pledge loyalty to him like some sort of king. Let's not forget he has been open to reducing free speech of anyone not kissing his butt. @11. You better be sarcastic because if not, you are ignoring that the Right is 4 times more violent then the left according to studies. You are such a ignorant person for being so wrong and refusing to listen.@ 13. What are you trying to say? that only crazy comservatives can enjoy life be being racist and sexist ?
@15. I’m pretty sure joey Gibson was harassed out of a job by Portland antifa. For the crime of organizing free speech rallies. Is his organization guilty of having a stupid name? Yes. Are there dirtbags attracted to his rallies for the wrong reasons? To quote DT, yes, from both sides.

His beliefs are pretty bland, advocating free speech, religious freedoms... but he gets called a nazi and drummed out of a job for standing up and speaking his opinions in the public square. Who in their right mind would follow that path? And why is it such a difficult path to follow?

Do you actually believe that if someone came out with an even more palatable or toned down message that antifa and the radical left would let THEM speak? Any dissent is nazi dissent. Free speech is hate speech. Diversity is only fine if it’s not related to thought. This is part of your party (my former party) that is determined to take over the narrative.

How fucked up is it that you feel like YOU should be choosing your ideological opponents speakers for them. Control issues? That’s an affirmative all the way around.
Sounds every bit as exciting as the Nunes meme, er, memo.
Does Chevy Swanson identify as gay--'cause I might have news for him.
@18. Why are anarchists, criminals, and devout believers in the most murderous ideology known to man drawn you your party? Because there’s a spectrum and there are extremes at both ends.

No one is taking anyone’s free speech, sure, but if the price you have to pay for said speech is losing your ability to provide for your family...I’d argue it’s not really free, now is it?

What studies?
"...Sammamish Republicanism..."

Sammamish voted Obama, Obama, Clinton. The Republican Party is being completely taken over by bumpkins and racists. It's appeal to rich people is dwindling by the day, unless photos of dead fetuses gets you hard.
The Stranger did an excellent report on this event.

Over a hundred people murdered or severely injured in the last four years by right wing extremists. Their hate speech incited the stabbing deaths and injuries of people coming to the defense of two women of color on the Portland rapid train system by a white supremacist not long ago.

It would be foolish to underestimate their violent practices.

When they say that some women deserve to be raped then that is a serious attack on all women. Be prepared to defend ourselves and don’t let history repeat itself i.e. nazi Germany.
Don’t count on the police for defense against them.
They use their hate speech to attract more white boys to their fascist movement. Its a way to recruit more members.
@12 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Well said. You nailed it for the win again.
@20 Call me Scott: My guess is that Chevy Swanson is as Catalina Vel-DuRay @12 beautifully summarized: he is among the "stupid, looking for reasons that [his/ their] life is so dull, being led by cynical people who know why, and determined to keep [Swanson and others] in their place."
I agree: if Chevy identifies as gay among white homophobic neo-fascists, he's in for quite an awakening.
" no opportunity to have a dialogue.... because the cops aren’t listening". Cops aren't there to have a dialogue with you.
"Anti-white hate" sounds like it's just another way of saying "white genocide," which is something only the racial purists think is a real thing. So yeah, despite what criticisms we may make about the Stranger, they are not concerned about anti-white hate because they aren't stupid.
"Proud Boys". Who knew there was an organization for gay fascists? SAD!
I remember a Frank Miller graphic novel where there was a gay Nazi group called Aryan Thrust.…
@22Agreed on the one point. That’s gotta be a first.

Racism isn’t sanctioned by our government. And it’s not about to be. People who have racist beliefs exist in every society. It’s best to expose those to daylight and let them shrivel and die. It’s not a belief system that stands up to rationale or empirical evidence. It’s a malignant feeling based in fear and hatred.

The push for the government to provide more for its citizens is fine until you begin to enslave and murder one set of people to benefit the other. Those are the roots of your ideology of “economic extremism” that have born the same deadly fruit over and over again throughout the 20th century. Any better than racism? By the body count, racism isn’t even close.

And like the conservative scumbags that flirt with ethnonationalism, liberal scumbags do a little dance with the opposite extreme and let them think they’re the frontline of some imaginary defense. So let’s not pretend one side is pure and the other is not. They’re both guilty of encouraging extremes and the one difference that I see is that people today have forgotten that the hammer and sickle stands for the exact same thing as the swastika...totalitarian oppression, injustice, and murder.
@27. Link to evidence or stfu.

Muffy are you in love with the stays quo or just trolling. Why don’t you stfu.
status quo
@ivy. Status quo as in knowing 20th century history? Sure.

Stfu? Right after you cite credible sources for lil smoky’s BS.
Oh, Sweden you say? The parliamentary democracy? The country with a population barely larger than NYC? The monoracial Sweden? The country with HUGE natural resources in minerals. The same Sweden that has virtually no defense budget?

Yeah. Let’s compare that Sweden with Russia, China, Venezuela. Seems like the one success story is all you’re looking at.

It’s hard to take people like you seriously when you’ve never read a book on what socialism is, what it’s ideological tenets are, and how you are aping them at every turn yet are too ignorant to know that your “ideas” are old ones, with shit results.
So the administration spends 50k on security for a couple of dozen racists - and while canceling legitimate activities because THOSE activities are controversial?

AND .. while police act as thee personal doormen of these fanatics - but allow them, on the other hand, to walk over and start fights with the counter-protesters?

How many of the counter-protesters were arrested and how many of the racists were arrested?

This is really sickening.

To the person quoted in the article who felt like it didn't make a difference that they were there as counter-protesters, let me assure you - if you're even reading comments here - or for others who might carry him a message - THAT IT SURE DID. Because what we saw on social media videos and pictures - was how great you all looked marching into that plaza chanting, "Racism isn't welcome here!" in a great, big, booming and echoing chorus - along with shared more aerial-like photo snaps (overviewing the scene) showing how greatly you outnumbered this tiny group of nutty racists. It was SO heartening, on social media, to see you there - and the same for this video with this wonderful woman speaker on the UW campus.



Thanks for emphasizing what the protesters accomplished against the Nazis.

Because what we saw on social media videos and pictures - was how great you all looked marching into that plaza chanting, "Free Speech isn't welcome here!" in a great, big, booming and echoing chorus -

Don't forget Venezuela.

@38: You think Sweden is a socialist success story? My god people will just say any stupid bullshit.

Sweden's success in the 20th century is a result of a capitalist system which featured the lowest taxes in Europe for years. They became more of what we would consider a "socialist democracy" in the 1970s, where wages, job creation, and entrepreneurship took huge falls.

Policies around openness to trade and business freedoms (not even close to socialist tenets), are used to compensate for high taxes and strict labor laws.

Sweden is a capitalist country under what is referred to as the "Nordic Model." It is more or less a combination of free market capitalism, comprehensive welfare policies, and national collective bargaining. It is not socialism, or even anything close.…

Why don't "socialists" ever know what socialism is? Why don't people pretending to be smart on the internet ever take ten seconds to research anything?

Oops, forgot to post this link, it gives a very brief overview of Sweden's political struggle in the 1930s when socialist democratic parties/policies were beginning to become viable, the Keynesian welfare policies around the "Fordist Boom" of 1945-1975, and the years following.

No one will read it, but you can't say I didn't try.…
"comprehensive welfare policies, and national collective bargaining"

"not socialism"

Of course, the usual suspects claim that peacefully protesting neofascist gatherings is an attack on free speech by communists. You aren't fooling anyone, racist scumbags.
@46: Exactly, you clearly have no idea what socialism is, just like I said.

@48: Ah yes, that awful inner demon that forces me to post academic links that prove you wrong about Sweden. Such unbridled horror.

Anyway, your argument depends on Sweden being socialist, which is clearly untrue. I know your unearned ego disallows you to admit being wrong, but a shameless goalpost shift is as close as you get, so I'll take it!
@33 "economic extremism"

because inequality unseen in a century, the tax havens with trillions of stashed money, the taking back of most welfare gained during the New Deal, oligarchs buying politicians and on is "middle of the road" or something according to you?

@49 talking about shifting goalpost: so this means we aren't "commies" or "far leftists" anymore for wanting regulations and living wages? phew, good to know.

@50: Is this your first comment thread ever? You don't seem to understand how they work.

@51: I never said wanting regulations or living wages made you a communist or a "far leftist." In fact, I am saying the exact opposite.

You need to find the person that actually said those things if you want to argue about them.
@53: Which arguments were straw men or in bad faith?

You originally got butthurt because I "interrupted" your argument with a short "screed" of researched facts that you were wrong about.

So which arguments were straw men or in bad faith? I am very curious.

Rupert Murdoch spent 8 years and billions of dollars defining socialism as anything Barack Obama and the Democrats want.

Here you go, in one post, fucking all that shit up for him.

He's going to be pissed when he finds out.
@55: Good, Rupert Murdoch is an asshole. At least he will be dead soon.
Isn't it odd how so many of the arguments Teddy makes correcting people happen to coincide with what you see on right-wing sources?
@57: Like what?

Like National Review for starters.
Muffy dear, we have vast mineral resources, and we only have a huge military budget because we're a nation of insecure dick swingers who are dumb enough to be taken in by jingoism.

We could be Sweden if we weren't for the large number of idiots in our population, and the way we cater to their stupidity.
Thanks for the the old-timey tour, granpaw Bub. Fun fact: We paid off the world wars, and even had a "peace surplus" on the way until Bush II decided that we needed to attack the wrong country for 911.

But it made for good country music, and I'm sure you know how the idiots love country music.

Spare me please. These people aren't godly, nor are they patriots. They're fascists. They're simply just the latest knuckleheads who believe that the bile they exude equates to some higher purpose. Unfortunately for America, their disgusting view that anyone who isn't a white christian conservative is the enemy is shared by the current occupant of the White House, and the Orange Man's sycophants in Congress. Fascism requires an enemy to justify the fascists' reason for being. That's why the UW 'rally' happened. They knew it would spark a counter protest of liberal idealists. The violence played into their hands to solicit sympathy for their 'struggle'. Remind you of any historical figured? Say from the 1930s?

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