Your narrative is failing. Blood is in the water and the activist class is in full panic mode.


And here I just punched "send" on my comments to Nathalie's post on this group - but those comments remain germane.


@1 "Activist class." Get real. The people behind these PACs are as much activists as anyone else. They just happen to be reactionary, NIMBY, pro-corporate activists, which is apparently okay by you.


"NIMBY, pro-corporate activists, which is apparently okay by you."

Who do you think pays most of the taxes in this town to fund your failed war on homelessness?

The activist class and homeless industry are $1billion a year businesses according to the Puget Sound Journal and they are in full panic mode because the voters are finally seeing what we have here is a junkie-bum crisis, not a "evil Amazon" crisis.

So keep on panicking. It's fun to watch.


@3: Rich Smith and Nathalie Graham are Index Newspapers LLC pro-corporate activists. OMG!


Nice job on the stock photo usage though!


I don't particularly like the way Moms for Seattle has gone about most of their activities and the photo shopped flyer was an incredibly boneheaded move, but was expecting something more sinister here than just that they're getting support from a group of local hacks who've (gasp!) worked on Democratic senate and mayoral campaigns. No Karl Rove lurking in the shadows, just a link to a messy divorce case by Dotzauer and some pretty standard entity structures to keep different projects under separate companies. I guess the "shadowy group" narrative had to go forward though even if the facts didn't really align.


"several decidedly non-mom consultants are shaping this PAC's message"

Is there some requirement that PAC's or IEC's must be operated exclusively by their constituents?

For instance, the SEIU 775 independent expenditure committee is using Eckrosh Marketing as a media management consultant. The folks running that consulting firm do not appear to be unionized healthcare workers. So, some decidedly non-healthcare workers are shaping this IEC's message. Does that merit some investigative journalism on the part of the Stranger?


What's clearly bogus is their claim to be "a group of concerned Seattle moms who joined together to launch a new Political Action Committee." We now know these "concerned moms" didn't actually do the work of putting this PAC together. They didn't just get support from local hacks. The super-rich women who donated are clearly proxies FOR the local hacks. Why else would they try to hide it? If not sinister, then certainly deceptive.


The Stranger continues to pre-manufacture any necessary post-defeat rationalizations. Now we get a breathless story about how local political operatives dare to act like — wait for it! — political operatives. Yawn.

Meanwhile, a sitting Seattle City Council Member has promised all of her votes to a private organization, most members of which appear not to be residents of Seattle, and she’s accepted large amounts of money from outside our city. The Stranger has endorsed her re-election.


"...and she stepped on the ball!"


15 LOL. Nice reference.


Remember when Tensor ranted for almost three days and dozens of posts about how innocent Dave Meinert was and how Sydney Brownstone was trying to frame him. Ah. Good times.


@17: And the relevance of your silly little fictional anecdote to this year’s election campaign finance is um, what, exactly?


Fictional? HAHAHA.

Ah. Yes. "Fake news?" The swan song of trolls and lunatic the world over.

Here's a refresher in the sort of hysterics and cognitive knots our trolly troll Tensor can tie itself with:

Check that performance out! I mean if you can stomach the non-stop rapist apologia and attempts at impugning a fantastic reporter.

What is its relevance? Well. Golly. The total lack of credibility and sanity for one. The inability to admit when one is wrong for another. And of course yet again claiming actual journalism is the problem.


@19: And yet, you have still provided no quote from me on that topic, let alone an explanation of why that topic is relevant here.


Who are the "moms"? Name three.


So it looks like Nick Hanuaer and his Civic Ventures got his minions to pimp out a couple of stories for the Stranger.

Does anyone else not see the irony of them going after the wealthy backers of this mom's pac, while Nick sits safely insulated in his mansion in his gated community just outside the borders of Seattle? Where he doesn't have to suffer the consequences and live with the taxes he proposes and the vagrant enabling policies he wishes to inflict on the those of us just to the south of him?


@11- I bet your mother wishes she had a time machine and a coat hanger.


If you found the names of everyone involved in the registration papers for the various legal entities that have been set up to create the organization, then they're not trying to hide their involvement.

I mean, it's nice to see someone at The Stranger taking their very first tentative steps into journalistic legwork, and that should be encouraged, but you don't have a story here yet. You haven't told us anything that couldn't easily be found by anyone who's figured out how to navigate a public government web-site.


If the people who "successfully" perpetrated the "Save 35th" campaign (in that they screwed bikers, but sure didn't keep their precious parking, but are apparently happy anyway) have done anything positive, it is to make me instantly suspicious of anyone they or the people who put up those signs support. This article at least helps me explain those feelings. Keep up the good work.


Always funny to watch partisan hacks pick and choose which dollars in politics are evil and which dollars in politics are justice.


@28 You know, we do have a lot of laws on the books that tell us some dollars in politics are fine, and some are crime. We debate just about everything else covered by our laws, and we do so with unabashed partisanship, so why do you expect this be an exception?


@21- I can name 4 and the previous article named several of them. These are moms who felt the need to something about the City failing to do something meaningful about homelessness, crime and drug abuse. The Stranger audience might be up in arms because of their economic status, but I applaud them for trying to do something.


@30 Er, maybe I'm a little thick, but what, exactly, are these women trying to do about homelessness, crime, and drug abuse?

From what I've seen, all they've tried to do so far is promote some council candidates whose policies are more favorable to the wealthy than those of their opponents. They haven't put forward or even endorsed any policy proposals addressing homelessness, crime, or drug abuse.


@29: He said nothing about desiring an exception. He said it was fun to watch.

I agree. The Stranger’s naked hypocrisy is both amusing and worthy of criticism. All of this huffing and puffing over a well-regulated and regulation-compliant PAC, when The Stranger has actually endorsed a sitting Council Member who has, in writing, promised all of her votes to a private group — a private group which funds her family, and resists all public scrutiny.

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