There were two shooting incidents at CHOP in 48 hours. Three people taken to the hospital and one of them died.
There were two shooting incidents at CHOP in 48 hours, with three people taken to the hospital, one of them dying—and the unknown assailant(s) on the loose. Christopher Frizzelle

A shooting victim at CHOP was taken to the hospital with injuries last night: A photo of them being carried by volunteer medics across Cal Anderson's sports field can be seen here. CHS reports that the "victim was taken to the hospital with a shoulder wound."

This incident follows the shooting death of Lorenzo Anderson, 19 years old, very early Saturday morning at CHOP: That death occurred at 2:20 am the day after Anderson's graduation from high school.

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"First, we would like to acknowledge that no organizations, protests, or revolutions are perfect." So begins a letter from activists and volunteers of CHOP written in the wake of the two shootings. The letter mentions a problem "with drug/alcohol use within CHOP"; proposes "suggested CHOP hours" to lessen the load of "overnight volunteer security"; and it indicates a need for "better communication routes than standard social media."

A newly repainted building inside CHOP. Whatever else happens, I hope this paint job is permanent.
A newly repainted building inside CHOP. Christopher Frizzelle

The CHOP letter: Concludes...

We want to keep fighting and stand our ground. We want to take back the purpose of this all. We want to raise the correct message. We developed a space that could accomplish this. A hub for organizing, learning, and protesting. Before it is dismantled from inside out or vice versa, let's make a collective effort to change. Let's grow from this.

The Stanger has also been following the shootings at CHOP: Here and here. And we will continue to report on both incidents.

How a local gym owner exposed the disgustingness of CrossFit's CEO: I always knew CrossFit was hella annoying, but I didn't realize until reading this what a piece of shit the CEO is. Anyway, he's not the CEO any longer (though he still does own the company). The hero of this story is Rocket Community Fitness, and if I lived in Hillman City I would be signing up as a new member today.

"Consumers are buying way more cheese." Apparently the cheese market is nuts right now.

In COVID news: New cases are waaay up.

Look at this terrifying chart from the World Health Organization.
Look at this terrifying chart from the World Health Organization. Courtesy of WHO

WHO reported the largest one-day increase in infections yesterday: And it's not just because there's now more testing, as the president likes to insist. A former FDA official said yesterday there's "clear indication there is now community spread underway, and this isn’t just a function of testing more."

California set a record yesterday: For "the highest daily increase in the number of infections since March."

And you know what's going on in Yakima, right? Officials believe their skyrocketing cases "to be increasingly driven by what happens outside of the workplace, where masks are often not worn in stores and elsewhere, and holiday weekends result in case counts spiking."

Last year on Pride weekend, right outside the Capitol Hill light rail station.
Last year on Pride weekend, right outside the Capitol Hill light rail station. Christopher Frizzelle

What is Pride going to look like this year? Who even knows. I for one am going to miss all the white Christian men in their 20s and 30s—why is it always white Christian men in their 20s and 30s?—who are so consumed with thoughts of gay sex that they drive all the way to Seattle from Yakima or wherever the fuck to hold up signs and call people faggots. Where do they get the time for this? Well, you know what they say about homophobes: The "research suggests that some who oppose homosexuality do tacitly harbor same-sex attraction."

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One of those stars, Nicholas Bernard: Made a Message to the City this morning. Watch it here.

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Gay Misérables co-stars Sara Porkalob and Justin Huertas: Have also made Messages to the City, which you can watch here and here. It was Sara singing "On My Own" from Les Mis, and rewriting the lyrics as she went, that inspired Gay Mis in the first place.

Maybe you're more of a book person? There's a special live interview with the queer novelist Garth Greenwell on Wednesday at 5 pm, right before the 6 pm Silent Reading Party, where Garth will join as a *special guest.* (You need a separate ticket for each.)

And this weekend, on Saturday morning: Is the first meeting of a James Baldwin book club. We're reading the novel Giovanni's Room together over four weeks. In it, Baldwin, a gay Black writer, imagines white privilege from the inside—from the point of view of a white guy.

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