Sara Porkalob!
Starring Sara Porkalob and four other scorching-hot theater actors. Tickets here.

The Stranger is innovating like crazy as we try to respond to life in the stupidest country in the stupidest year on earth.

Spring Seattle Restaurant Week is back April 1 – 30. Showing support has never been so delicious!
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One of the crazier—and by crazier, I mean MOST AMAZING—things we've tried so far is Gay Misérables, a streaming theater spectacular that actually has nothing to do with Les Misérables.* If you don't like Les Miz, you will be right at home in this show. If you don't like SPD, you will REALLY be at home in this show.


We just thought it was a funny title for a show featuring queer theater actors and music. Each cast member got to pick two or three songs to cover, out of all the songs in the universe, and The Stranger hired Steven K. Tran to create original arrangements and karaoke tracks (and Steven has a brief appearance in the show as well).

All of them are geniuses, and they will blow your mind. And tonight's the night! After its original presentation during Pride weekend 2020, we proudly present the encore presentation of the show everyone's been talking about all summer.

In addition to the songs, there are also interviews with each cast member about their lives as actors, and as queers, and as activists.

One of them has already performed on Broadway, and another of them will be performing on Broadway when this long national nightmare is over (assuming there still is a Broadway when this long national nightmare is over).

We probably should have charged more for this show, but we kept the prices low because the world is ending. The price is $10 to $50, on a sliding scale, pay what you want—a screaming deal compared to usual theater prices.

In addition to Sara Porkalob, the cast includes:

Justin Huertas!
Justin Huertas!

Danny Kam!
Danny Kam!

Nicholas Bernard!
Nicholas Bernard!

Rachel Guyer-Mafune!
Rachel Guyer-Mafune!

And music director Steven K. Tran!
And Steven K. Tran!

What more could you want? An actual theatrical trailer? Coming right up!

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* There are some inside jokes for theater nerds who know Les Miz, but you don't need to understand them to enjoy the show.