I Am Going to Kill as Many Local Songbirds as I Possibly Can



Thanks for the link to the wildlife survey. I reported a dead sparrow


We brought our feeder in a few weeks ago after a sick Siskin was hanging around. First I thought he was cute, maybe cold and puffed up to keep warm, brave because he wouldn’t fly away when I came close, and just really liked our feeder because he basically lived on it. After googling “puffy pine siskin” to see more photos of them because they are very cute when they’re dying apparently, and saw it meant they are sick. Took the feeder in and it stayed inside for two weeks, cleaned it and reloaded with new food. Just one day later another sick Siskin was residing on the feeder. This shit is real, people! I took the feeder back in until this plague passes and I hope everyone else does too.


I just scatter a cup full of seed on the ground. Lots of different birds eat it...little birds, crows, ducks, and even squirrels nibble on the sunflower seeds. I don't have a feeder. I just like to watch the ducks fight.