Do you know what's been missing from your life since the Super Bowl? No, it's not football. And it's certainly not images of Taylor Swift watching football. It's an excuse to eat nachos by the shovelful. 

Well, we have good news, people of Seattle: Starting Monday March 4 through Sunday, March 10, The Stranger will celebrate the return of NACHO WEEK!

That's right! For one week only, Seattle's fave restaurants will be serving up specially crafted, full-sized plates of inventive, delicious nachos. And while it's not a competition, you can bet your butt that these fun-loving chefs will be coming up with the most creative nacho combinations imaginable! And best of all? Every delectable plate is only a measly $10 each. 

Reminder: The Stranger’s various food weeks are a great way to shine a light on local eateries that may not get the attention they deserve, as well as supporting the investigative reporting and fun arts and entertainment news we bring you every dang day. 

FIND OUT EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT NACHO WEEK (INCLUDING PICS AND LOCATIONS) HERE. But before you set out on the most delicious week of your life, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Nacho Week takes a ton of work—especially from Seattle's beloved servers, cooks, and bartenders! Let 'em know you appreciate it with words and especially money!

Each Nacho Week location has more than just fantastic nachos—you'll also find excellent drinks and sides! Buy a glass (or two) of something equally delicious to wash down those delectable 'chos!

Look, everybody loves nachos, so everybody's gonna wanna eat nachos, right? That means certain locations might get a little hectic. There will be lines—but if a place is too busy, just come back the next day, or hit another Nacho Week spot!

The Stranger’s got you covered with Nacho Week updates, reviews, and tips on Instagram, (just search the #strangernachoweek hashtag for loads of up-to-the-second info). And make sure you're signed up for The Stranger newsletters to stay up to date on ALL the news and events in town.

Thank you so much for partaking in and enjoying The Stranger’s food weeks and for supporting small local businesses. YOU'RE THE BEST. And, as always, if you appreciate The Stranger’s daily efforts to keep you informed and entertained, please consider dropping a small contribution so we can keep it going!

Don't miss the delicious fun of The Stranger's NACHO WEEK: kicking off MONDAY March 4 through Sunday March 10! Your mouth will love ya for it!