A murder happened by my favorite bench.
A murder happened by my favorite bench. Charles Mudede

Young Man Gunned Down By My Favorite Bench in Rainier Playfield: It happened very quickly. There was a car. Shots were fired from this moving car. A young man was hit several times and died. His body oozed life not far from where another young man, Shamar, was shot and killed on July 9. It is not known if the shootings are connected. But there are now two homemade memorials next to the Rainier Playfield, the newest of which is right next to a bench I often visit to relax, drink wine, and think about things like: Why do young people fear death much less than older people? It would make more sense for it to be the other way around: the older you get, the more risks you take because, quite simply, you are running out of time. The numbered days appear to the logical mind as the best for surfing a car, or joining a street gang, or becoming a soldier of fortune. Think about the ants. They send their oldest women to fight battles. It would be like us sending our grannies to Iraq or Afghanistan. But instead, we mainly send young men to their deaths. The man killed next to the bench has not been named yet, but it's reported he was in his early 20s.

Seattle Drivers Spend 58 Hours per Year Looking For Parking: The national average is 17 hours. Seattle, which is finding itself at the top of many lists these days, is the "fifth-most-painful" city in the US for parking. Our drivers waste hours upon hours of their lives "searching for a spot," and waste hard-earned cash on "parking overpayments (to avoid a ticket for an expired meter) and parking fines." As a whole, Americans spend "$20 billion on overpaying for parking every year." Puget Sound Business Journal obtained this information from a study conducted by Inrix, a Kirkland-based transportation analytic company.

A Car Crashed Into a Church: It happened on Federal Way. According to officials, a woman inside the building sustained a leg injury.

Police Suspect Person Killed in Kirkland Crash Was Car Surfing: The accident happened early this morning on I-405. A person was ejected from a BMW with a sunroof after it hit a guardrail. The person spent the last moments of their life flying through the air. The driver did not stick around. The BMW was later found outside the Juanita Apartments in Kirkland. The police are looking for its driver. To get an idea of what car surfing looks like, here is the famous scene from the film Terms of Endearment.

According to Documents Published by the Seattle Times, Mayor Ed Murray Sexually Abused Foster Son: Steven Hsieh provides an excellent summary of this big and very disturbing story.

Considering the Seriousness of Rape Culture in Our Society: Why on earth would Education Secretary Betsy DeVos spend so much energy and time establishing new "legal terms and conditions" for college men falsely accused of rape. It's downright bizarre. How can it be explained? This business of meeting with men's rights groups and advocates for “families whose college sons have been falsely accused of sexual misconduct”—does she just hate women that much?

Let's think about this for a moment. Devos comes from a family that makes loads of money from violence. Her younger brother, Erik Prince, for example, owns a private army, Academi (it used to be called Blackwater). This corporation has multi-million dollar contracts with the government's defense and intelligence agencies, and it currently wants the US military to sell it the long and very lucrative war in Afghanistan. Now it's one thing to fight for your country, for freedom, and what have you; but it's another to make cold cash from war. You have to be dead inside to do that. So, the woman who is doing all she can to expose college women to the violence of rape is also surrounded by money that's dripping in blood. Is there a connection? We need an explanation for her behavior. What can it be? What's behind her insistence that men be heard, be given a voice, when research has shown that as little as two percent of all rape allegations are false (and I even believe it's less than that, and certainly nowhere near 10 percent).

Trump's Presidency Changed When Robert Mueller Was Appointed to Investigate the Russian Connection: The last paragraph in Larry Litman's LA Times post, "Why did Don Jr.'s emails surface? Because Robert Mueller is already changing Washington's lying ways":

...the prospect of genuine legal jeopardy upends the calculation, certainly for Trump’s subordinates, who have future careers to lose, families to raise and, unlike the president, no general insulation from criminal prosecution. It is probable that some powerful people will be going to jail as a result of the Mueller investigation. Among the likeliest candidates are those who don’t realize that the game has changed, and that in the ambit of the special counsel investigation, and the courts of law, a lie is a lie.

The Deficit? Trump's budget chief Mick Mulvaney expects the deficit to grow by a $100 billion this year, and a $150 billion next year. The cause for the rise? Among other things, "a shortfall in tax collections."

Rural America Now Realizing That Trump Is Not Going to Do Anything About Their Infrastructure: Trump's “trillion-dollar infrastructure plan”? It's really $200 billion in real money and $800 billion in dream money. The real money is to come from the government and the dream money to hopefully come from the private sector. So, there really is only $200 billion and it will be spread over the next 10 years. All of this adds up to rural Americans getting shafted by the man they put in power. Their internet will continue to suck, their roads will continue their return to nature, and their water will get murkier and murkier.

Is Idaho Trolling BLM Activist Deray Mckesson? There was an attempted bank robbery in that very white state. The suspected robber was, of course, white. He was caught and arrested. But the image a CBS-affliated TV station used for the incident was of the Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson getting arrested on July 2016 at the BLM protest in Baton Rouge. This was no mistake. The image is famous. File this incident under trolling.

Screenshot of the deleted tweet.
Screenshot of the deleted tweet.