Charles Mudede

Charles Mudede

Charles Mudede—who writes about film, books, music, and his life in Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, the USA, and the UK for The Stranger—was born near a steel plant in Kwe Kwe, Zimbabwe. He has no memory of this birth, but he does remember noticing himself in the mirror for this first time—it happened on May 3, 1972. Mudede is also a filmmaker: Two of his films, Police Beat and Zoo, premiered at Sundance, and Zoo was screened at Cannes. Mudede directed Thin Skin, and has written for the New York Times, Cinema Scope, Ars Electronica, C Theory, and academic journals. He also wrote the liner notes for Best of Del Tha Funkee Homosapien: Elektra Years. Mudede has lived in Seattle since 1989.


Why Are People So Weird About Eating Bones? I Eat Them Whole

I Love Sucking Them with My Mouth, Probing Them with My Tongue, and Crushing Them with My Teeth

The Cloud Appreciation Society

Women's Breasts, a Memorable Police Report, and People Who Love to Stare at Fluffy White Things in the Sky

Young, Poor, Lucky

A Tunnel, an Elevator Shaft, and Living on the Edge

The Animal in You

With Bestiality About to Become a Felony in Washington State, Charles Mudede Looks Back at the Crime that Shocked the World

Topography of Terror

Seattle's Freeway Park is a garden of earthly delights—for the city's crazed murderers and inhuman rapists! A sprawling maze of dark corners, towering

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