Girl, that better not be weed!
Girl, that better not be weed! ONOKY - Eric Audras

It looks like the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) is about to prohibit more cannabis-infused candies that look "especially appealing to children," according to a presentation released by the WSLCB on Oct. 3.

The new ruling states that gummy candies and other brightly colored products will soon be prohibited, along with products likes lollipops and cotton candy. Infused edibles such as beverages, baked goods, capsules, chips and crackers, sauces and spices, and tinctures will still be allowed. There will be some limitations, however, such as baked goods not being able to contain any icing or sprinkles. Chocolate cannot be sold in a shape that appeals to kids—it must be "in the shape of a bar or ball." Sad.

“The only rule change," Brian Smith, the WSLCB Communications Director wrote in an email to The Stranger, "was to further clarify what the definition of especially appealing to children was.”

Smith said the WSLCB received concerns from the public and stakeholders about some candy items they saw being sold in retail outlets.

“The concerns were sent directly to the Board and through their review they too had concerns with some edible candies we had approved," Smith said.

Licensees are permitted to sell products that fall under these categories until either their inventory is depleted or April 3, 2019—whichever comes first.

This rule change on cannabis-infused candy is expected to go into effect on Jan. 1.

“We didn’t seek public comment as our rules haven’t changed," Smith said, "they always addressed prohibiting products deemed especially appealing to children.”

Not much more information has been given to people in the industry—they will know if their products do not adhere to standards if they receive a letter saying so from the WSLCB.

“Fortunately there has only been a few items already approved under new rules and they will be notified in writing,” Smith said.

According to Smith, all processors will have to submit their products and labels for re-approval due to the rule change that goes into effect in the new year. In the time between now and then, the WSLCB will evaluate products submitted to ensure they align with current and future rules.

There will be an informational webinar about the rule change on Oct. 16. Currently, the only criteria businesses have to go off of is what's listed in a powerpoint distributed by the WSLCB.

This is a developing story.