Dash-cam video shows SPD officer Adley Shepherd striking Miyekko Durden-Bosley in 2014.
Dash-cam video shows SPD officer Adley Shepherd striking Miyekko Durden-Bosley in 2014. SPD

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A Seattle woman left bruised and concussed after a 2014 arrest has settled federal claims against the city and the police officer who punched her.

Miyekko Durden-Bosley and her attorneys will be paid $195,000 in exchange for dropping a lawsuit brought by Durden-Bosley in 2015. The police officer who punched the handcuffed 23-year-old, Officer Adley Shepherd, is still on the city payroll.

"I remember being thrown into a car and trying to catch my balance and then being punched," Durden-Bosley said in a 2014 interview. Shepherd said she kicked out at him, hurt his jaw, and he struck back. The punch broke bones around her eye. Here's the video (skip to 2:40):

The Washington State Patrol investigated the incident and found "it was not clear whether [the] kick connected with the officer, even after the video was enhanced by the FBI and a private video company." King County prosecutors declined to charge Shepherd.

Shepherd taught a use-of-force class at the SPD the same month he punched Durden-Bosley.

The Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG), true to form, has blasted the City Attorney's office on its Facebook page:

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Once again the City Attorney's Office decides to reward a person for the absolute wrong reasons. This woman feloniously assaulted a police officer, and force was used to stop her. Not the first time she assaulted a police officer or resisted arrest. Evidently in Seattle, crime does pay $$$$.... Sad state of affairs

Shepherd remains on leave. The Seattle-King County NAACP has called for his firing.

Earlier this month, the city settled a lawsuit brought by teacher Jesse Hagopian over a pepper-spraying for $100,000.