The White Privilege of Protesting Stay-Home Orders During a Pandemic



Just last week Vox was telling us being able to stay at home was white privilege. Now I’m confused.


These assholes will get sick and/or get other people sick and die and/or kill other people. Fuck every single one of them. They are SO FUCKING STUPID, going out and demanding the end of the "tyranny" of having to participate in a societal lock down to save lives, all in the name of a man who is so deranged and delusional that he believes he is the king of this country.

@1 BOTH are, it's really not that difficult to understand. Having a six figure salaried job at Amazon that lets you sit on your ass at home while other people have to go to work and risk their lives IS PRIVILEGE. Going out in a group with guns and defying government mandates not to gather in groups because of a worldwide pandemic, an international (and in this case national) public health crisis to whine and bitch about how your rights are being violated IS PRIVILEGE. Dumb ass white people LOVE to paint themselves as the victims of oppression every opportunity they get. And Trump goads them on and will lead them to their deaths like Jim Jones and they will follow until their very last breaths.


Black and Brown people ALWAYS wantin' to put us poor White men Down. What'd WE ever do to Them?!

(Other than enslave and then terrorize for hunderds of years and then Boldly invent for-Profit prisons to re-enslaven them in) (Brilliant?) (yes!).

Let the stupid show themselves out
but make them first Justify endangering
Medical Staffs and the Citizenry at large.


While I do get tired of Mudede's 'Racism-Screed-Of-The-Day,' I do have to agree with him on this one.

It's sort of like imagining a gun-rights rally with black people walking down the street brandishing AR-15's. The government would send the National Guard after them.


If they were black or hispanic they would have been arrested.

Just saying.

Oh, sure they had a few "tokens" amongst them, but that was so the Russian media can pretend Fox is not their arm of Pravda.


There is no such thing as 'White privilege.'

I should Know -- I'm White.


@8 I thought white privilege was simply the ability to use a condom.


@12 What about upper middle class, professional honkies who can work remotely from their nice single family homes?


Buy the Word
buzzy nutz
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Those they are willing to sacrifice (not their own).


"Today I learned that race mixing
and social distancing are communism."
Ben Hauck 🔥🌹

And I learned that Fascists
hate Commies AND Socialists!

AND that 'Life' is Cheap.



Well, not Unborn life.
That shit's Precious
more Precicous than
any Woman that Carries it.


"Never wanna hear All Lives Matter from anyone again."

--Riall “401kthxbye” Johnson
Bingo, Riall

Caption for 2,500 elbow-to-elbow Protesters protesting enforced distancing during Pandemic pic, above.

I nominate each and every one of them Darwin Awards Winners!

Oh, and any Collateral Damages done by willful social distancing Scofflaws Will be Punishible by a fine of not more than $5,000 and one year in jail, first offense; second offense, $50,000 and ten years in the Slammer. Three Strikes, you OUT, bro.


@sarge -- you out too



@4, @5, & @14: So, Buzzy Nutz--did you run into Joey Gibson at the Twitler hate rally on Sunday? Then Joey backed over you and you still don't know what hit you? Zip your fly and get a tetanus shot once in a while--maybe that would stop all the buzzing.
@21: Holy shit, Sarge! The TRUMPVID-19 must have gotten you, too---you sound positively rabid.


They do these protests on weekdays to make people think they're actually part of the M-F/9-5 crowds? They hate being told they're NON-essential? The business owners/managers don't want to tell protesters that if they can't get the crowds to come back into their stores/bars/restaurants, the owners/managers will send every last one of those employees home early? Welcome to Biting Reality, all you blue collar, low wage workers!


It’s sad to see this observation reduced to insults about racists and your eyes it’s not about skin color or religion or politics-it’s about the rich vs the poor-the ultra wealthy use politics, media,religion and race (among other things) to keep us fighting among ourselves so we wont revolt and rebel against the status quo.They hoard wealth for power and use it to incite hatred between anyone and everyone as a distraction so we wont see the truth: That they represent and are the root of everything that is wrong with society. It is the wealthy that are your enemy not each other. #JustSayin


I was at a Big Box store yesterday and saw exactly two groups who weren't taking any precautions AT ALL, including dragging their preschool kids with them. Hint: they weren't white, and they're from a population that is being hit really hard by this virus. I'm sure their lack of concern was my fault, as a white man. /s


Data, people! Please focus on the data.

There were anti-mask protests in 1918/1919, resulting in relapse of infections, and stricter mask-up measures. History repeats, for the uninformed, and Darwin.

Some cities flattened the curve, others like Philadelphia, didn;t

The statistical likelihood of infection of protest attendees is 80% to 95%,depending on how one extrapolates the graphs in this report

Here are day-of-protest death statistics
Reference, will update in 5 days

-Wisconsin: 4,199...211 dead
-Michigan: 30,791... 2,308 dead
-Virginia: 8,053... 258 dead
-Texas: 18,260... 453 dead
-Minnesota: 2,213... 121 dead
-Florida: 25,492... 748 dead
-SC: 4,264... 119 dead
-Georgia: 17,669... 673 dead


@27 wins the thread, yes, the ultra wealthy and rich are pitting us against each other. Those funding the protests are the likes of Koch brothers and the (Betsy) Devos family, who have everything to gain from reopening.

Suprisingly, Charles did not focus on this. Must be 4/20.



It really doesn't matter that the Koch's and their ilk are behind this - it's not exactly like anyone paying attention would find this surprising. But, that these people are so easily persuaded, time and again, to do things that are clearly against their best interests (in this case health, personal safety, and even lives) speaks volumes about the unfortunate anti-intellectualism and knee-jerk jingoism that, frankly, has been pervasive in this country practically since it's founding.