Slog tipper Dan says Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant near Re-bar* has suddenly closed:

Went to ReBar on Saturday and walked by Habesha Ethiopian, the place was cleared out. Tables, chairs, everything gone. We just ate there on Monday the 24th and everything seemed normal. Just really weird that it shut down so suddenly.

The staff were very nice and the food was cheap and good. A great combo! We would go about twice a month before shows at ReBar. The staff knew this and were always curious what shows we were seeing. Trying to explain Collide-O-Scope, BaconStrip, and Dina Martina to them was always interesting.

About two months ago, they had closed off one side of the restaurant. It was actually a separate space to begin with that they expanded into years ago, but obviously their volume of business didn’t require the space now and so it was again separated.

It just struck us as very odd that there were no notes saying they were closed, or moved, or that the tax man shut them down etc. Poof. Everything was cleared out.

*What is that neighborhood properly called? Some places on the internet list it as Belltown, which seems wrong, and then some list is as South Lake Union, which also seems wrong. I'd call it downtown, I guess?