Larry Jackson: The elder statesman in younger days. Jake Kelly


I believe the Governor isn't a Bainbridge native, though they've lived here for some time.
Cool article, Missed a lot from the early part of the 2000s...

More on Justin Maurer
Peter Frankland
The Roach family (Subtle)
The Blood Barn (the Powers Family)
Man oh man oh man
My old man bought me a late model Honda for Gradua-shan
I wanted a McLaren
So I ran, to Seattle, to get a condo.......wan

(Rapid guitar playing....emi....EMI.....)
@2 I do think Justin warrants a serious mention. Also, recent City Council candidate Jon Grant was part of the scene in the late 90s. Good times!
Great on history, but poor on present.

Go look on redfin. Median price for a house on Bainbridge is over $900...... Plus no mention of the current venue spacecraft??
Moved from Hill to Bainbridge 1 year ago. Spent 10 years on Capitol Hill. If Bainbridge is "plastic" then the pike pine of today, with fancy studios hiding behind faux historic facades, is a China doll.
But Pud!
Nice history. I lived on the island from '96 to '07 and remember those disaffected kids well, often smoking weed and making subversive comments in the little belt of trees between the safeway and library, accompanied at times by the biggest rats I've ever seen. Always thought Bainbridge could be much more of a place rather than a product if it had changed its name to Rat Island. At any rate, if there is even an audible echo of hardcore (or for that matter, rock in general) anywhere, there is still hope.

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