The Seattle Times had a DC bureau? Who knew?
Seattle Times... The name sounds familiar. Where have I heard it?
@1 I thought the same thing.

My impression of the Seattle Times is a spam of b.s. they pick up from the A.P. plus some obnoxious editorials.
The Seattle Times' contribution to journalism is the huge color photo on the front page of a person or a group of people looking sad or happy while in the background some blurred people are doing whatever it is that made that person or group of people sad or happy.
But it's so far awaaaayyyyy.
It's unfortunate. Of course, we cancelled our subscription awhile back, as I was able to talk my wife into it after they ran the Rossi ads. I hate not having a local daily paper, but subscribing to the Times is like paying someone to beat you and your family up. They have contempt for most people in Seattle and King County, and love funneling our money to the 1%.

I've thought for the past few years that the paper would fold in the second half of this decade, and I think they're right on schedule. That said, they do have some good journalists, and I feel sorry for them.
Well, hopefully they won't dump their best writer unannounced.
The Times is out of DC, now only 50 states to go!
agree with every sentiment here. sf has the same relation to the chronicle. why is this?
Didn't they just spend $4-mil on their website?
This reminds me of when The Stranger shut down its Actual News Bureau. NEED MOAR ADZ!!!
Everyone point and laugh as yet another borough closes down and your rely on your crazy aunt on your facebook newsfeed for news. The informed Republic weeps.
Seattle is now the largest US media market whose daily paper has no Washington bureau — displacing Portland.

So, what Sandiai said.
Though to be fair, it's partly because the Times and Oregonian are independently owned. The Detroit News, for instance, probably wouldn't have one if it weren't shared with other MediaNews papers.
Who needs journamalism when you have a $4 million dollar website?
@6 sums it up nicely. @12 has a good point of course. The Blethens have been doing a disservice to all of us. I feel sorry for the few honest reporters they have left, and they do still have great local stories, but the Times ceased being a service to society quite a while ago (when they endorsed Bush?).
My parakeet will be offended when I line her cage floor with this nasty material.
However, The Stranger is still able to keep its Hooverville bureau going.
Maybe the Times needs to stop publishing and crap out like the PI did. It's not as if they are valuable as a news source.
As bad as the Times is, there is now no journalist watching our elected representatives as they work in DC. This will lead to no good.
Busy redoing the website for bigger ads while the writers leave that does sound familiar.
A local news source is important, but the Times has been such a stinkbomb for just about ever. They were cheerleaders for some of the most awful ideas of our municipal history, including the demolition of the Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square. It's no wonder that people are indifferent to the publication.

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