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This part of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is run by Trump.
This part of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is run by Trump. Charles Mudede

Gov. Jay Inslee Announces Airline Safety Measures That Do Not Do That Much: The problem is part of an airport is under the state's jurisdiction and the other part is under the jurisdiction of a president who has spectacularly mismanaged the pandemic crisis. So, all of Inslee's safety guidelines just die when "passengers cross through security." But what about temperature checks? Can Inslee at least do that?

Mike Faulk, Inslee's Press Secretary:

The governor has called for the federal government to implement a uniform national standard to protect workers and travelers in our aviation system, which includes this as one part of passenger screening protocol. It is unacceptable that we still don’t have a national system from this administration. States have limited options on this issue because federal law preempts our authority in some respects and places certain restrictions on the use of airport funding, but we’re stepping up to create baseline requirements where we can.

Many airlines, including Alaska and Delta, have run temperature screening pilots at SeaTac and across the country. While many workplaces across Washington have implemented temperature screenings as part of their safety protocols, it is not currently mandated for any other industry

If We Can't Do Temperature Checks: Then why even bother suggesting dogs that can sniff out the very deadly virus. Four such dogs are working right now at Helsinki airport. They are said to have nearly 100% accuracy.

The Guardian:

A dog is capable of detecting the presence of the coronavirus within 10 seconds and the entire process takes less than a minute to complete, according to Anna Hielm-Björkman of the University of Helsinki, who is overseeing the trial.
Why can't we have COVID-19 dogs at Sea-Tac? Why? Because it is the American way to make life as uninteresting as possible.

Amazon's Delivery Drivers Were Deprived For Long Stretches of Time: Of "the majority of their income," which is in the form of tips. Yes, this means they live not paycheck-to-paycheck but tip-to-tip. Seattle Times is certainly kind when it calls this deprivation of sorely needed income as nothing more than a "glitch."

Speaking of Tips:

Why We Must Bring to an End Stupid Stories Like This: "This cashier loaned a customer $12. A grateful community repaid the cashier more than $11,000." And it's in the Washington Post. An act of surprise or unexpected charity is catnip for the mainstream press. It is the kind of feel-good that reminds us of what Blanche DuBois famously called "the kindness of strangers." But when a story of this type appears on our screen, the proper reaction should be to vomit on our computer.

It's truly horrible. All of these people working for almost nothing. Always short on cash. Fifty percent of Americans have no wealth to speak of. How is this even possible? And yet I'm expected to smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside upon reading that a Walgreens cashier with only $20 in her bank account helped a customer who was short $12 for something she needed to buy. When the kind act was returned with $11,000, the story went national. But nothing is more shocking than the fact a working American has only $20 in her account.

The Protests Are Hurting Tourism? Or, some people are still thinking about going places? So, you mean to say that men and women from all over America are getting into planes and flying to Seattle to spend, say, a romantic weekend under the Needle? Or maybe to watch fish being thrown? Imagine that! Flying high above the country of 205,000 pandemic dead (and counting) for a vacation in the 206. All I can say is I stand amazed, KOMO:

From protests to COVID-19 to wildfire smoke, Seattle continues to be in the national spotlight. And now, some worry about the impact recent violent protests and riots have had on Seattle's image, which has typically centered on such items as the rain, its coffee, or the Space Needle.

As Expected: The press is ragging on last night's BLM protests.

What Does Jason Rantz Not Know? Who it's hard out here for: "City of Seattle hired a former pimp, but will fire up to 100 cops."

Ivar’s Gets Real: The iconic Seattle business closed the doors of Ivar’s Acres of Clams, which is on the waterfront, and the Salmon House, which is on Lake Union, and went into hibernation until the pandemic is hopefully on its last legs, which Ivar's reckons will be in the Spring of 2021. There was just not enough inflow to meet (let alone rise above) outflow. Trying to make money during a pandemic is not at all easy for brick-and-mortar businesses. This basic understanding has, nevertheless, failed to penetrate the heads of many American leaders.

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