Every second Thursday, rain or shine, the streets of Capitol Hill are filled with tipsy art lovers checking out galleries and special events for Capitol Hill Art Walk. On our Capitol Hill Art Walk calendar, you'll find a bunch of great options for the Valentine's Day edition, but, below, we've compiled our critics' picks—the shows you shouldn't miss. Follow the links for more details and images, check out our complete visual art calendar for even more events, including the shows still on view from the Pioneer Square Art Walk.

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22nd Annual Juried Exhibition
Every year, the PCNW presents a juried exhibition with work chosen from submissions from around the world. This year's jurors will be Lara Behnert, who leads Starbucks's global art program, and Conor Risch, senior editor of Photo District News. The artists come from as close as your Seattle neighborhood to as far as Anchorage, Zabierzów, Poland, and Beijing. Two frequent contributors to The Stranger, Nate Gowdy and Kelly O, are also featured.
Photographic Center Northwest

Anastasia Rudenco
Moldovan-born, Ukraine-educated artist Rudenco engages with natural imagery and visual storytelling in gouache, acrylic, and ink. If you have a taste for whimsy, foresty colors, folklore, and animals, make this one of your stops.

The Art of Tarot III Group Exhibition
Seventy artists from the world round interpret the tarot deck in the little gallery's latest tribute to esoterica. 
Ghost Gallery

A Beautiful Ghost
Taking the title of John Foxx's song as inspiration, Brian Despain, Rick Araluce, Nanette Cherry, Kai Carpenter, Travis Louie, Jeff Jacobson, Sail, and Bella Ormseth paint eerie and lovely scenes.
Roq La Rue

Ben Hanawalt: Northacres
Hanawalt relies on intuition, chance, and even errors to push his oil paintings into new territories: "What were mistakes and blemishes are now redirections—removing paint has become just as important applying it."
Victrola (Pike Street)

Blake Blanco: I Am Andy Warhol
There's something unnerving about Blake Blanco's portraits of Andy Warhol. Though they are based on Polaroids taken of the famed artist, the images transfer to a paint medium makes them look a bit unstable. Or watery. Like we are looking at Warhol through dewy glass. While I've never really understood or been entranced by Warhol as a figure, there's something about Blanco's portraits that are compelling. In his statement about the show, Blanco tells us: "My goal with these paintings is to bring them into a new light, introduce a narrative, and explore the realm between realism, and neorealism." JASMYNE KEIMIG
Cupcake Royale

The Intimate Values of Inside Space
Artist and realtor Alexander Keyes will combine a real estate open house with an art pop-up in a show about "the poetics of space," as defined by philosopher Gaston Bachelard. It will be an exploration by Serrah Russell, Sara Long, Robin Arnitz, Philippe Hyojung Kim, Natasha Marin, Ling Chun, Lauren Dake, Kelly Bjork, Jennifer Zwick, Alexander Keyes, and Alex Harris of "how their own domestic space — both current and those residing in memory — have imprinted upon their character and psyche."
Private Address

Kevin Goodrich: Speaking in Tongues
Printmaker, sculptor, and painter Goodrich is "fascinated by the abundance and repetition in a society saturated with imagery," and his work reflects this preoccupation with mass media and the value of objects. 
Joe Bar

Love Is a Four-Letter Word
Witty local artists Brittany Kusa, Brandon Vosika, Genevieve St. Charles, and Ralph Houser will make the Art Walk and Valentine's Day weird and sweet with depictions of "love, heartbreak, bananas, ponies..." No matter your feelings about the holiday, this should be a boisterous good time.
The Factory

Maxx Follis-Goodkind
See moody and surreal works by Maxx Follis-Goodkind, a founding member of the Ballard art collective Push/Pull.
Other Coast Cafe

Rich Stevens's Requiem for Burgerland
Burgerland, despite its appetizing name, is nowhere you'd want to go. Maybe you would have in the beginning, when a burger-headed prophet performed burger-related miracles for a burger-headed populace. But now the burger-heads are running amok in acrylic and mixed media. At this celebration of Rich Stevens's five-year project, Stevens's alter ego Jumpnacious Tambingo will conduct Mass, and Tarsier will provide music. 

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