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News May 24 9:00 AM

Sound Transit Board Rejects Dumb Light Rail Proposal from Amazon and Vulcan

Bruce Harrell Is Capable of Doing Good Shit

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News Apr 4 4:43 PM

New Seattle Transportation Levy Just Dropped

Harrell Half-Asses Another Hugely Important Once-in-a-Decade Plan

Transportation Mar 28 10:00 AM

Baltimore's Key Bridge Wasn't Built for 21st Century Capitalism

To Be Fair, No American Bridges Are Built for 21st Century Capitalism

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Transportation Jan 29 2:08 PM

Seattle Is Now in Its “I Give Up” Stage

There are No Buses, There Is No Money for the Public, and the City Council Caved to Corporate Overlords—Seattle's Public Spirit is Dead

Transportation Nov 14 10:13 AM

A Marxist Analysis of Seattle's Bad Light Rail Behavior

I Also Want to Bring Up This Bad Business of Confusing Bags with People

Transportation Jul 14 4:30 PM

How the SDOT Hates Humans Every Day

Eco-Blocks, Flex Posts, Speed Bumps—They're all Designed to Protect Machines over People

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Enviro Jun 22 3:17 PM

Washington State Should Be Proud That It Has the Most Expensive Gas in the US

In Fact, It Should Cost Even More than It Already Does

Transportation May 26 3:05 PM

Why Do People Wave at Passing Trains?

Are They Having a Nervous Breakdown?

Transportation May 25 4:05 PM

Bike and Bus Lanes Are Causing More Pollution?

Dismantling This Argument Is Not Only Not Interesting, but a Complete Waste of My Time. Instead, This Post Will Be about the Philosophical Function of the Automobile.

Transportation Mar 13 4:58 PM

Why Seattle Doesn't Give a Fuck About Pedestrians

Cars Have Become an Excuse for State-Sanctioned Lawlessness

Olympia Apr 27 4:20 PM

Transformative Transportation

Washington’s $17 billion transportation package is a big deal, but we’ve still got a long way to go.