Going Viral

Life in the epicenter of an epidemic Trump called "a hoax."

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The Horrors of Online Dating, the Science of Heartbreak, and the Mystery of Gas Station Sex Pills

Welcome to The Stranger's 2020 Love Issue

Seattle's Best Bathrooms for Fucking

If you can't go back to your place and you can't go back to your date's place, what are your other options?

Do Those Gas Station Horny Pills Work?

What happens when you take those over-the-counter "male enhancement" pills? Only one way to find out.

Love Lessons from Terrible Exes

Even a boyfriend who sucks can give you valuable life experience.

Online-Dating Horror Stories

The winners of our essay contest.

Love Hurts

What science says about heartbreak—and how to get over it.

Mixing Things Up

A cocktail class at Cure Cocktail in Capitol Hill makes for a fun date.

Can You Recycle (Used) Sex Toys?

It's not as easy as you'd think.

A Snow Sport That Hurts So Good

Cross-country skiing while high is almost as fun as downhill skiing—and there's a much smaller chance of breaking your neck.

Eating My Way Around the International District

I look for any reason to eat in this neighborhood—or even just stare at food through windows.

This Pot Is Bananas

Can banana cannabis save you from another depressing winter?

Four Seattle Musicians Who Use Pot to Get Creative

"It's the best thing on the planet."

Stoned Skate-A-Roake Is Scary as Hell

The other night, I did three things I never thought I'd do again... all at the same time.

We Regret These Errors

Mistakes were made at The Stranger in 2019.

The Biggest, Stupidest Decade in Seattle History

Bezos shows his balls, Seahawks win Super Bowl, and 18 other events that defined the decade.

Lid I-5 or Get Rid of I-5?

A look at two plans that would totally change the city.

Move to Bremerton

The working-class town across Puget Sound is attracting Seattleites priced out of the city. Like me.

Free Food Worthy of the Gods

After eating a vegetarian burrito given to me by a Hare Krishna on the Ave, I ventured out to Sammamish for a Love Feast.

Avocado Replaces Ice Cream in Seattle's Greatest Milkshakes

Nothing is as comforting to me as blended green bliss. But different places make them differently.

The Comforts of a Really Good Diner

Interbay's new Champagne Diner straddles the line between familiar and luxurious.
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