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Stranger writers look at the many ways that geekdom manifests around Seattle.

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How to Make Friends in Seattle

This city has the social skills of a sheet of black ice. But I recently had a breakthrough.

What's the Worst Thing About Seattle?

We asked around.

Nude to Town: Where to Wear Your Birthday Suit in Public

Places in Seattle where it's totally cool to take it all off.

You're Pronouncing It Wrong: A Guide for Newcomers to Seattle

What "Puyallup," "Leschi," and "geoducks" are, and how to say them.

How to Ride Public Transportation and Not Annoy Everyone Else

If you are new here, we need to clear a few things up.

Don't Believe the Lies—People Dance in Seattle

Well, they do at these parties.

If You’re New to Seattle, Here’s What You Need

Welcome to The Stranger's 2019 New to Town Issue.

Food We Can't Live Without

Finding dishes you love around town takes a while. Get a head start with these recommendations.

I Have a Thing with Cancers. Not the Disease, the Sign.

Taurus vs. Cancer: A nutty romantic odyssey.

Dating Gone Wrong

The slapstick comedy of trying to go on dates when you have a 1-year-old.

The Power Couple Running Seattle

What we know about the mayor and the art scholar.

Places I Have Masturbated

This is not a complete list.

Are Your Date Nights Getting Uncreative? Try Mystery, and Let Them Do the Work.

It requires a leap of faith.

A Bracelet for People Who Are Tired of Dating Apps

It's kind of like a wedding ring for single people.

Love, Sex, Masturbation, Dating, and the Most Secretive Power Couple in Seattle

Welcome to The Stranger's 2019 Valentine's Issue.

A Beginner's Guide to Snowboarding While Stoned

Can smoking weed help you on the slopes?

Smoking CBD Joints Brings Out a Strange Side of Me

Especially if there's a little THC mixed in.

A Stoner's Guide to Orbeez, the Magical Toy Taking Over the World

I got high and ordered 90,000 brightly colored little balls. Then I couldn't get them out of my apartment.

Hey, Stoner, Make a Film and Win a Ton of Cash

Submit your short stoner film for the inaugural SPLIFF Film Festival by March 1.

Everyone Should Put Weed in Their Butt

I get extremely painful periods. Pot suppositories changed my life.
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