New to Town? Need an Apartment? Looking to Make Friends? The Stranger Is Here to Help

The Stranger's guide to Seattle for people who have just arrived.

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The Secret History of Romantic Customs

Why we kiss, give flowers, write cards, and draw hearts.

Disgusted by Men? Date Women Instead.

Celebrate this Valentine's Day by becoming a lesbian.

Romancing the Stone-Cold Pregnant Woman

How to spend Valentine's Day with a person who's growing another person inside of them.

The Stranger's 2018 Valentine's Day Issue

The secret history of romantic customs, the ugliest outfits drag queens have had sex in, advice for romancing a pregnant woman, tips on not dating men, taste-testing weed chocolates, a playlist for the brokenhearted, and more!

The Craziest Outfits These Three Drag Queens Have Ever Had Sex In

Ugly looks that inspired sexy times.

A Playlist for the Brokenhearted

Why not spend your Valentine's Day wallowing in romantic agony?

Staffing the Accused: Inside the Six-Month-Long Downfall of Seattle Mayor Ed Murray

Their boss allegedly committed sexual assault and abuse. He denied everything. They had to decide: Who do I believe? What do I do?

The High List

Winter activities in Seattle that would be greatly enhanced by being stoned.

High-Brr-Nation: A Guide to Surviving Seattle's Winter with Weed

Where to go and what to do to get through another dreary Seattle winter. (First step: inhale.)

Good Idea: Weekend Road Trip to Canada. Bad Idea: Bringing Weed.

My girlfriend and I got busted by a drug-sniffing dog at the border.

Why Don't Stoners Dream?

Do they not have dreams or do they just not remember them? Here's what scientists say.

Slopes Are for Suckers, Snowshoeing Is for Stoners

Getting high and snowshoeing is great. Just don't wander onto someone else's property.

We Regret These Errors: Mistakes The Stranger Made in 2017

Our annual cavalcade of blunders, typos, and errors in judgment.

Apologies in Advance

So you've sexually harassed someone...
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