Kedai Makan Brings the Flavors of Malaysia to Capitol Hill

But One Restaurant Is Not Enough to Capture the Complexity of the Cuisine


Nyonya, not Nonya.
I was disappointed that they didn't have the Dal and Roti on the menu at the new place. They had some kind of Keralian water buffalo liver on the menu which I thought was a ballsy menu selection. Not that I'd eat liver these days the last dead mammal I intentionally ate was water buffalo.
The Mackerel sounds good, I'll have to try that sometime.
I used to love the smells coming from the old place around the corner. And sometimes there was a pot of what could have been lawn clipping and twigs for all I knew, slowly boiling away with no one in site, which I enjoyed the idea of for some reason.

For a bunch of cultural drifters, they are doing a bang up job. CC next time your back in town you should give them a try.

I'm glad they seem to be doing well for themselves.
@skidmark -- will do! Harapannya lezat!