Weve got a light show tonight.
We've got a light show tonight.

We're experimenting with Slog AM/PM formats as we meet the present moment. Today, Slog PM will work as a live blog starting at 3:30 p.m. The most recent updates will be at the top of the post.

Our small but mighty team is working hard to bring you coverage from Seattle's ongoing protests and policy discussions in response to the killing of George Floyd. If you are able, please consider supporting our work.

11:45 PM

It's the end of the day so we'll be hopping off this post: Time for Slog AM.

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A group of arts organizations and small businesses on Capitol Hill have created a mutual aid network dedicated to sustaining the protesters: Carolyn Hitt, owner of Blue Cone Studios and bartender at Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar, kicked off the movement on Tuesday. Since then, Rancho Bravo, Bang Seattle, Optimism Brewery, and SeattleShare have joined the cause. Each place offers different services at different times—water, bathrooms, food, phone charging stations, first aid.

Two officers just took a knee: Not sure what level of cops we're talking about here.

Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards is calling for the firing of the four officers involved in the death of Manuel Ellis, reports the Tacoma News Tribune. He died in March from oxygen deprivation while being physically restrained by cops. He called out “I can’t breathe" while being restrained, reports New York Times.

10 PM

Most of the crowds have unified around 11th and Pine: Earlier today there were marches throughout Seattle: around the CD, at Garfield High, and across Capitol Hill. At this point, the groups have mostly consolidated around 11th and Pine. The group following Seattle hip-hop artist Raz Simone just got to the intersection:

Some news from Councilmember Herbold:

Come watch our live-stream: Here. Stranger art critic and former radio jockey Jasmyne Keimig is talking everyone through the protest. Put it on in the background while you read.

9 PM

This just happened: Lights said “Stop Killer Cops” + “Defund Police, Invest in Communities" + "We Can't Breathe."

Here's who's doing the light show: Backbone Campaign. Rich has a picture in the second tweet here:

Ongoing coverage:

  • Tear gas is getting into Capitol Hill apartments. We talk with some residents about it.
  • Read Rich Smith's overview of Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County's current demands for Seattle.
  • Putting mourning bands on police badges is defacing public policy, argues Charles Mudede.
  • Research says violent cops cause violent protests.
  • Need some self care tonight? We suggest watching the long lost film Losing Ground, made by pioneering Black filmmaker Kathleen Collins.
  • Here's a rundown of Monday's umbrella incident.
  • Here's how to protect yourself from tear gas.
  • And how to message people at protests even without internet access.
  • Catch up on last night's protest coverage here.
  • Here's a guide to resistance events, black-owned restaurants, and other ways to stand against racism in Seattle.
    7:30 PM

    Raz Simone is here again: Last night he was at 11th and Pine until late into the evening ramping up and also deescalating the crowd.

    A huge group of protestors made their way through the Central District: David Gutman, who is with the group, says the march has been "entirely peaceful" and hasn't seen a single cop.

    We’re getting two new coronavirus testing sites: in Sodo (3820 6th Ave S) and North Seattle (12040 Aurora Ave. N) via the city of Seattle and UW Medicine, reports the Seattle Times. They are available to anyone who lives, works, or spends time in Seattle and open on Monday, potentially expanding the number of tests by 1,600 a day. You can make your appointment online or by calling 206-684-2489.

    6:30 PM

    While there's a big hub at 11th and Pine... groups are currently moving around the city. One large group just left and appeared to be heading toward the youth jail on Alder Street. Lots of movement as some groups come and go from 11th and Pine.

    5:30 PM

    There's also a protest in South Seattle:

    There's a petition to kick the Seattle Police Officer's Guild (SPOG) out of the King County Labor Council: The King County Labor Council represents more than 150 unions and 100,000 workers. According to KUOW, "over 500 black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) union members have signed" a petition to get SPOG out of the labor council "to distance the local labor movement from policing, which is one element of 'systemic racism in American society.'"

    It's day seven of protests in Seattle: Capitol Hill is still going strong.

    4:40 PM

    Canada's Green Party leader calls on country to allow U.S. asylum seekers: Since the country is "no longer safe."

    Speaking of the U.S. and our silly (read: terrible) ways: Sen. Rand Paul just held up a bill that would have banned lynching and make it a federal crime. He's the lone holdout. Legislation that would prevent the president from nuking hurricanes was also unveiled since, you know, that's a thing that needs to be addressed.

    Los Angeles just ended its curfew: Welcome to the club, LA. It was the "widespread peaceful conduct" at demonstrations across the city that brought the curfew to an end, according to Mayor Eric Garcetti.

    Dallas protester lost his eye: Brandon Saenz, 26, was hit with a non-lethal sponge round while protesting police brutality in Dallas. Saenz lost his left eye because of the hit.

    Greece throws down in solidarity: They're not fucking around in Athens.

    From the Minneapolis City Council president: "We are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department."

    3:30 PM

    SPD is going to do something about the mourning badge thing: The Seattle Police Department tradition of honoring fallen officers by putting a black strip on officers' badges—right over their badge numbers—has drawn Seattle's ire this week. Finally, after outrage about accountability and transparency, Chief Carmen Best announced that she would be issuing a directive to change the policy to allow badge numbers to be visible. This could take a "day or two," according to Best.

    Mayor Jenny Durkan addressed the city: She had some nice words to say about the peaceful protest last night where no tear gas was fired for the first time this week (thanks, SPD) and about her conversations with Omari Salisbury, the journalist who filmed the now-infamous pink umbrella video from Monday. She cited that Salisbury advised SPD to get better speakers so the crowd could hear what SPD was saying. Durkan is going to try to make that happen. "When we come together and listen we can move forward," she said.

    Love Slog AM/PM?

    It's Omari's birthday today:

    On a different note: Biden's VPs

    News in the Ahmaud Arbery case: Ahmaud Arbery was killed in Georgia while he was jogging. Evidence revealed in court on Thursday that Arbery "was repeatedly boxed in by two pickup trucks as he desperately tried to escape." He was then shot in the chest by Travis McMichael, according to the driver of the second pickup truck, Roddie Bryan. McMichael fired three times. Bryan said McMichael said the n-word after he had shot Arbery, standing over his body.

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