Last Night at the DNC: Live-Slogging Hillary Clinton's Speech

Hillary Clinton campaigning in Washington state in March.
Hillary Clinton campaigning in Washington state in March. Alex Garland

Hillary Clinton formally accepts the Democratic nomination tonight after a week of convention proceedings.

Stranger staffers will be live-reacting to Clinton's speech, which her daughter Chelsea will introduce.

Who will be talking? Editor-in-chief Tricia Romano; editors Sean Nelson and Rich Smith; reporters Ansel Herz and Sydney Brownstone; and love columnist Dan Savage.

Live-streaming of tonight's proceedings here. Clinton's speech is scheduled to begin at 7 PM PST.

For our quick takes and commentary, follow along.

How Many Republicans did Obama Turn Into Democrats Last Night?

I cant stop reading that slogan as Stronger To Get Her.
I can't stop reading that slogan as "Stronger To Get Her." Evan El-Amin /

Tonight's the night! When Hillary walks out on stage to say hello, she'll have the attention of the whole country — but after Obama's warmup yesterday, some members of the audience might be a bit more receptive than they expected to be, much like Adam the black Power Ranger. (I'll explain that in a moment.)

A low rumble of shock has been rippling through conservative circles for the last 12 or so hours, with Republican commentators stunned to have actually enjoyed some of the things Obama had to say. After years of insisting that theirs is the party of fiscal responsibility and dignity and trust, it's suddenly become awfully difficult to make that claim with a straight face. They're starting to realize that there's a party that speaks to their values — and it's not the one represented by a tax-dodging bankruptcy-declaring pro-wrestling grifter.

"Great speech. And we made it easy for him," said Rory Cooper, a Republican strategist. Rich Lowry at the National Review tweeted, "American exceptionalism and greatness, shining city on hill, founding documents, etc—they're trying to take all our stuff." And Bush spokesman Tim Miller wrote, "Will a Trump apologist explain to me why an 18 yo watching the conventions would want to be a Republican? We're giving away a generation."

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Café Society Is Not the Worst Film Woody Allen Has Ever Made

“Are you excited to star in a Woody Allen movie?” “I guess.”
“Are you excited to star in a Woody Allen movie?” “I guess.”

Woody Allen makes movies with the speed and precision of a short-order breakfast cook. Year after year, he churns out pancake after pancake for an undemanding diner crowd, with Café Society the 47th pancake he's written and directed in roughly as many years. As pancakes go, it's round and warm and tasty. It's a pancake! What else were you expecting? Pour some syrup on it and eat up.

As a movie, though, Café Society is a little harder to rate…

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Seattle Hiring Private Investigator to Hunt for Police Whistleblower

This is fun.
This is fun. Ysbrand Cosijn/Shutterstock

City Attorney Pete Holmes, like Mayor Ed Murray, is attempting to blame the rejection of the city's latest contract offer by the Seattle Police Officers Guild on a leak to The Stranger, and his office said Wednesday the city is hiring a private investigator to hunt for the source for the leak.

The current contract imposes onerous limits on the ways the city can hold its rank and file cops accountable for misconduct; the new contract would have relaxed some of those limits, without wholly doing away with them. The union's membership soundly defeated the proposal, 823 to 156, after months of secret negotiations to reach the deal between the city and SPOG's leadership.

In a statement, Holmes announced an inquisition to identify my source(s):

Rejection of the collective bargaining agreement by members of the Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) threatens to set back Seattle’s federally-monitored police reform efforts. Unauthorized disclosure of a key, confidential document during union voting likely influenced the outcome; it is thus important that the City make every effort to identify the source of the disclosure as we determine our next steps...

Appropriately, this investigation will be conducted by the Seattle Ethics & Elections Commission (SEEC), under its broad investigative and enforcement powers. The City Attorney’s Office (CAO) fully supports SEEC’s investigation and will take several internal measures to increase the possibility of identifying the leak.

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The 22 Best Movies Playing in Seattle This Weekend

Dont miss Black Girl, Ousmane Sembenes feature debut, and what can be considered to be the first great African film by a black African director.
Don't miss Black Girl, Ousmane Sembene's feature debut, and what can be considered to be the first great African film by a black African director.

There are so many films to watch in Seattle this weekend. Whether you want an outdoor festival vibe at New Belgium Brewing's Clips Beer & Film Tour, or you're looking to combine a movie and live music at Puget Soundtrack: Fungal Abyss Present The Devils, we've got you covered. Some of these films will probably be easily watchable online at some point in the near future. Some of the events are unmissable, impossible to recreate, and your only chance to see them is now. Don't risk it; get out to the theater. For even more choices, check out our complete movie times listings.

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1. Jason Bourne
Director Paul Greengrass and his co-scriptwriter Christopher Rouse (also the movie’s editor, interestingly) focus on a coterie of supporting characters, including Alicia Vikander as a smooth-skinned computer surveillance whiz, Vincent Cassel as a deadly “asset” (translation: assassin), and Tommy Lee Jones as a melted jack-o’-lantern who’s also head of the CIA. They’re all tracking Bourne, who discovered his real identity in 2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum and feels bad about all the people he killed, so he’s taken on the life of a wandering bare-knuckle boxer, punching large men for cash throughout Eastern Europe. NED LANNAMANN

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Dig! Documents America’s Last Great Psych-Rock Rivalry


As tempest-in-a-teapot music documentaries go, Dig! is entertaining—especially if you like the good psychedelic-rock groups Brian Jonestown Massacre and/or the Dandy Warhols. Was it worth director Ondi Timoner spending seven years in the ’90s and ’00s portraying the transformation of these West Coast bands from BFFs to bitter rivals? Sort of. Dig! did win the Documentary Grand Jury Prize at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, after all…

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Could This Lawsuit Change Photo History? A Photographer is Suing Getty for $1 Billion

Carol Highsmith took this photo of Seattle, gave it to the Library of Congress for public use, and we downloaded it for free after double-checking with Highsmith's attorney that we had her permission. Will Getty slap us with a threatening letter to sue The Stranger if we dont pay a usage fee?
Carol Highsmith took this photo of Seattle, gave it to the Library of Congress for public use, and we downloaded it for free after double-checking with Highsmith's attorney. Will Getty slap us with a threatening letter to sue The Stranger if we don't pay a usage fee?

As reported by Carey Dunne on Hyperallergic, the photographer Carol Highsmith has filed a lawsuit against Getty Images because in December, she got a letter from Getty "accusing her of copyright infringement for featuring one of her own photographs on her own website."

That's how she learned that Getty was sending the same letters to other people trying to use her images.

She's donated tens of thousands of those images to the Library of Congress, and believed that meant they were in the public domain, and therefore usable by anyone.

So she's turning the tables on Getty, and suing them for copyright infringement—to the tune of $1 billion.

Now, Highsmith has filed a $1 billion copyright infringement suit against both Alamy and Getty for “gross misuse” of 18,755 of her photographs. “The defendants [Getty Images] have apparently misappropriated Ms. Highsmith’s generous gift to the American people,” the complaint reads. “[They] are not only unlawfully charging licensing fees … but are falsely and fraudulently holding themselves out as the exclusive copyright owner.” According to the lawsuit, Getty and Alamy, on their websites, have been selling licenses for thousands of Highsmith’s photographs, many without her name attached to them and stamped with “false watermarks.”

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Washington State Fines Volkswagen $176 Million Over False Emissions Reporting

Not so cute anymore.
Not so cute anymore. Bjoern Wylezich /

Waaaaooow. In addition to a $2.7 billion environmental remediation fund that Volkswagen agreed would be disbursed to states over false vehicle emissions reporting software, today the Washington State Department of Ecology announced that it has fined the carmaker $176 million in state environmental penalties.

Here's more from Ecology:

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SL Letter of the Day: Unicorn Hunters

Originally posted on June 2, 2014.

I am a single woman, 31, in LA, and on OkCupid. (We all are.) I've gotten a number of unicorn requests. (Maybe because I mention being a subscriber to the Savage Lovecast magnum version in my profile?) I've never responded—until the other day. One unicorn request stood out. I wrote back. They seem like cool, smart, interesting people (a 40-year-old liberal married couple). Their profile is funny, and they're quite attractive! And here I am, not doing anything else or anyone else... and I'm thinking... this could be cool. It could be an awesome experience. Why not play around while everything is still slim and perky? But! I have some concerns!

1. Uh... what now? I gave them my number, but I can't say that I'm definitely a YES on this. I'm also not a NO. What happens now? We meet for drinks? Then what?

2. I've never even had a one-night stand. I've pretty much always had boyfriends. I don't know what my question is here, it's just something I've been turning over in my head. I just don't want to feel like a hooker! (Not that there's anything wrong with being a sex worker!)

3. I'm not bi. I don't say that I'm bi on my OkCupid profile. I cannot imagine a scenario in which I would want to put my face in someone's twat. (I know you understand the feeling.) But I don't think I have any issue with being on the receiving end. (Maybe? I've never been a unicorn!) I've done the college playing-around-with-girls thing—topless make-outs for a boyfriend's viewing pleasure—but nothing crazy.

I think, if I meet them, and if it goes well, I should ask them what their thoughts are about this, if they've done it before, what their boundaries are, etc. I would confirm that if anyone feels uncomfortable, everyone involved has the green light to call a stop to the whole thing. I'd also lay out my limitation in regards to the wife. But... should I go for it? What should I do or say?

Future Unicorn Nervously Guessing At Logistics

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Breaking News: It's Not True that President Obama Only Eats 7 Almonds

Easily the weirdest fact to emerge about the president in the last year has just been cleared up.
Easily the weirdest fact to emerge about the president lately has just been cleared up. Jose Gil /

As everyone knows, it's not possible to eat just seven almonds. That's a fact. Almonds are so delicious, especially Blue Diamond Roasted Salted almonds, that it's scientifically impossible not to stop until you've eaten at least 30. Which is why it was so weird to read in the New York Times last month that Obama's "friends say his only snack at night is seven lightly salted almonds."

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Savage Love: Interabang

I'm 28 years old and live in the Midwest. I'm intersex, but I identify as female. I am not out about being born intersex. Due to surgeries and hormones, I look like a fairly attractive female. I have been hanging out with a chill hetero guy, and things are getting very flirty. Is it unethical of me to not disclose my intersex-ness to him?

In New Terrific Erotic Romance

"We all have to make decisions about what we disclose to partners or potential partners and when we disclose it," said Alice Dreger, historian of medicine and science, sex researcher, and author…

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The O'Jays Tell Trump Campaign to Get Off Their "Love Train"

The OJays, justifiably repulsed by Republicans hijacking their music.
The O'Jays (Walter Williams, Eric Grant, Eddie Levert), justifiably repulsed by Republicans hijacking their music.

The Trump campaign used and appropriated without permission "Love Train" by soul-music group the O'Jays, and the band's members are not at all happy about it. Eddie Levert and Walter Williams denounced the deployment of their uplifting 1973 anthem "Love Train"—changed to "Trump Train"—at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. More recently, Rep. John Mica (R-FL) appropriated the O'Jays' 1974 hit “For the Love of Money” without the artists' consent. Consequently, the O'Jays' attorneys delivered a cease-and-desist letter to Mica and Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Your use of our clients’ signature song, and utilizing the original recording constitutes a patently false implication that Mr. Levert and Mr. Williams have endorsed you or your political agenda or Mr. Trump’s agenda. Our clients unequivocally do not endorse you, your agenda nor your party’s views or those of Mr. Trump. On the contrary, Mr. Levert and Mr. Williams have actively opposed these ideals... We hereby demand that you and any person or entity with which you are affiliated with, immediately and permanently refrain from exploiting our clients’ proprietary material, using the recording of the song “For The Love of Money,” or any of our clients’ other intellectual property rights.

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Seattle Times Apologizes to Readers Over Clinton Screwup


The Seattle Times included an apology to readers online Wednesday and in print Thursday. The paper, like many others, led Wednesday with an image of former President Bill Clinton on the night Hillary Clinton officially became the Democratic nominee and the first woman in the running for the White House representing a major party.

There were discussions between various Times reporters on Twitter yesterday about how they could have handled the front page differently, but it's great to see that in the end, the leadership of the paper fully owned its mistake—a far cry from how the Times has handled other controversies.

Don't Boo. Vote: A Night Out at the DNC

Tanya Selvaratnam and Farai Chideya
Tanya Selvaratnam and Farai Chideya get swagged out.

On Day 3 of the DNC, I sat at a stool and counter overlooking the second-level seating and pulled out my little notebook and a pen. A man standing next to me commented, “You’re writing your notes.” He was surprised to see someone not typing them into a phone or computer. He asked where I’m from. I said, “I live in New York.” He said, “Then I’m your lawyer.” I said, “Huh?” He was Eric Schneiderman, the Attorney-General, and badass who’s going after the fake university bearing the name of the other presidential candidate. Senator Tim Kaine was on the convention stage, charming even the doubters with his stories of being a Jesuit schoolboy and with his fluent Spanish: “Somos americanos todos.”

Eric mentioned that he and Kaine were classmates at Harvard Law School. I said I went to Harvard. He asked, “What did you study?” I responded, “The history of law in China.” Then he asked, “Do you speak Chinese?”... in Chinese! I didn’t know the Attorney-General of my home-state knew Chinese. I was able to say in Chinese, “I can but not fluently.”

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Greenwood's Angry Beaver Hockey Bar Finally Reopened

Its like the one on Bobs Burgers! said Tim Pipes, owner of the Angry Beaver hockey bar, of his window banner.
"It's like the one on Bob's Burgers!" said Tim Pipes, owner of the Angry Beaver hockey bar, of his window banner. ASK

Four months after an explosion caused by a natural gas leak leveled three businesses on Greenwood Avenue and 85th Street, Angry Beaver, the neighborhood's resident hockey bar, is finally reopening.

Bar owner Tim Pipes, hockey fanatic and former Torontonian, said he could not be more relieved.

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