Unions Shelling Out $95,000 to Support Teresa Mosqueda

Teresa Mosqueda, former political and strategic campaign director of the Washington State Labor Council, has support from nearly every labor union in town.
Teresa Mosqueda, former political and strategic campaign director of the Washington State Labor Council, has support from nearly every labor union in town. courtesy of campaign

More money is flowing into the race for an open citywide seat on the Seattle City Council. A few weeks after business interests bought $82,000 in ads supporting Sara Nelson, a new labor-funded independent expenditure campaign looks poised to spend even more in support of Teresa Mosqueda.

The newly registered IE campaign, Working Families for Teresa, reports raising $95,000 from several of the city's most influential unions.

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Lots to Love in HBO's The Defiant Ones

Old school The Defiant Ones; new school  The Defiant Ones
Old school The Defiant Ones; new school The Defiant Ones Stanley Kramer Productions, HBO

The history of music culture changed forever in the 1980s when Andre Romelle Young, aka Dr. Dre, became active in the Los Angeles music scene. Beginning with the romance-themed, Prince-like wardrobe and makeup looking World Class Wrecking Cru, Dr. Dre blazed a trail unlike any other. His story is one half of the four-part HBO documentary series The Defiant Ones, which also focuses on Dre’s business partner Jimmy Iovine, a music legend himself.

As a hiphop kid I first became aware of Iovine when, as head of Interscope Records, he partnered with Death Row Records to release the classic Dr. Dre solo album The Chronic in 1992. Iovine’s credits since the 1970s read like a recording industry all-star team—John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, U2, and Nine Inch Nails. It was this supreme ear for talent which led Iovine to Dr. Dre in the early 90s.

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Seattle Can't Stop Building Luxury Apartments Like a Crackhead Can't Stop Hitting That Pipe

Homeless in Seattle, the socialist hellhole.
Homeless in Seattle, the socialist hellhole. Charles Mudede

Seattle Times' breakdown of the current construction boom is depressing. We are building apartments like never before, but almost exclusively for the luxury class—9,000 apartments are set to open this year alone in Seattle, and none of them are for people who earn working-class and even middle-class wages. The average rent of an apartment is currently $2,400, and so you need "to make $96,000 a year" not to be rent burdened. Meaning, if you earn nearly $100,000 a year, 30 percent of your income will go to your apartment. Many who earn that kind of money are young and in the tech sector, and so also have college debt. After taxes, they are not sitting as pretty as you might think.

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Police Reports Illustrated: Man Gives Sweets, Gets Sour

Callan Berry
Callan Berry

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The Top 19 Acts to Check Out at Capitol Hill Block Party Today

See Run the Jewels at 10:45 pm on the Main Stage.
See Run the Jewels at 10:45 pm on the Main Stage.

During Capitol Hill Block Party, which starts today at 4 p.m., more than 100 local and international music acts will fill the Pike/Pine corridor for the 21st edition of one of Seattle's biggest music festivals. On our Capitol Hill Block Party calendar, you can see the complete schedule that's sortable by venue and date, find a printable version of the schedule, and read descriptions about and listen to music from every artist. If that's overwhelming, look no further—below, you'll find just our critics' picks for Friday, sorted by genre. Plus, to make it even easier for you, we've even made you a Spotify playlist for all of these artists —find it at the end of the list. For more, check out our critics' picks for Saturday and Sunday. Don't have tickets yet? You can grab them here.

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Gifted Gab
Gifted Gab’s gift of gab is solid. With roots in Seattle’s hiphop crew Moor Gang, Gab is blessed with a strong lyrical bite as she raps about her love of blunts and the annihilation of her punk-ass enemies with unrepentant swagger. Gab calls her hypnotic style “girl rap”—and she swiftly and supremely struts her stuff along the likes of Lauryn Hill, Lil' Kim, and Missy Elliott. AMBER CORTES
(Neumos, 8:15 pm)

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Ticket Sale Alert: Joe Biden


Because he knows how much he's missed, Uncle Joe Biden will be touring the nation to discuss his life experiences and insights into politics. He'll come to Benaroya Hall on December 3 as part of the American Promise tour. Tickets are on sale as of 10 a.m., each of which includes a copy of his new book, Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose.

Sean Spicer Quits Post As White House Press Secretary

This pugnacious, dissembling leprechaun will no longer be the mouthpiece of American tyranny.
This pugnacious, dissembling leprechaun will no longer be the mouthpiece of American tyranny. Alex Wong / Getty


Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, resigned on Friday morning, telling President Trump he vehemently disagreed with the appointment of New York financier Anthony Scaramucci as communications director.

The Times goes on to say that Spicey thought his appointment was "a major mistake."

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Morning News: Sean Spicer Quits, State Legislature Breaks Down Over Water Rights


Update: In the same minute that I hit "publish" on Morning News, the NYT broke the news that Spicey is OUT and Wall Street apologist Anthony Scaramucci is IN. What what WHAT. Glenn Thrush: "The president requested that Mr. Spicer stay on, but Mr. Spicer told Mr. Trump that he believed the appointment was a major mistake, according to a person with direct knowledge of the exchange."


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King County's "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" Can No Longer Say They're Health Clinics

Birth control: a medical necessity.
Birth control: a medical necessity. ISTOCK / AREEYA_ANN

Members of the King County Board of Health voted to pass a proposal today to require limited service pregnancy centers to post signs notifying consumers that they are not health care facilities. King County Council member Kathy Lambert was the only member to vote "no."

These clinics, also called crisis pregnancy centers, are controversial because some centers are operated by anti-abortion groups, members of which have reportedly given women medically inaccurate information and employed scare tactics. Currently, there are about 60 crisis pregnancy centers in Washington State, with about eight such centers operating in King County.

King County Council member Rod Dembowski, who chairs the county health board and sponsored the proposal, called today's vote "a major step forward" for women who may be in crisis. Seattle City Council member Lorena González says mandating these limited service pregnancy centers post these signs is a "critical public health issue."

"Transparency isn't burdensome, it's a requirement," González said.

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Seattle Subway Picks Cary Moon for Mayor, Seattle Times Snubs Lorena González

Transit nerds like Cary Moon.
Transit nerds like Cary Moon. nate gowdy

The nonprofit transit advocacy group Seattle Subway endorsed urban planner Cary Moon for mayor.

In their statement, the group gushes over Moon's promises to prioritize transit improvements over single occupancy vehicles and to speed up Seattle light rail projects with city money.

Seattle Subway was instrumental last year first in pushing for a big, ambitious light rail package and then in campaigning for the $54 billion Sound Transit 3.

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Culture News: STIFF Opens Today, Nacho Bell Opens Tomorrow, and Troubles Stir at SoundCloud

Im at the combination art-install and Nacho Bell.
🎶 I'm at the combination art-install and Nacho Bell. 🎶 Mary Anne Carter

Nacho Bell Opens at the Factory Tomorrow: The idea came to Mary Anne Carter in a dream, and now she's making it into a reality at the Factory. At this semi-functional installation of a 1990s-era fast food restaurant she's calling Nacho Bell, the artist will serve nachos made of crushed up Taco Bell tacos at the bar. Visitors can add traditional and non-traditional toppings such as nacho cheese, Cheetos, Doritos, Jalapeños, and other things that end in "os." Poster-sized "fire sauce" packets, graphic art, and postmodern masterpieces will line the walls. There'll even be a booth for you to sit in, where you can escape the Block Party crowd and ponder why fake, purple ivy was ever a decorative feature at a taco restaurant.

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Today in Heart-Warming: A Music Therapy Program for Trauma-Affected Children Announced in Honor of Chris Cornell

Cornell and his wife, Vicky, at the premiere of The Promise in April
Cornell and his wife, Vicky, at the premiere of "The Promise" in April TARA ZIEMBA VIA GETTY IMAGES

Today would have been Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday—and so far, it’s been a lot of sad news (Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park and friend of the late legendary grunge singer, committed suicide). But here’s a bit of news that will help ease the pain of a rough day: Seattle non-profit Childhaven has announced a new music therapy program for children in Cornell’s name.

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SL Letter of the Day: Cheater No More.

Originally posted on June 3, 2015.

I'm a 35-year-old divorced man. I've been on plenty of dates since my marriage ended, but I invariably get asked this question on or before date #2: "Why did you get divorced?" This is where everything goes to shit. I'm honest: "We got divorced because I cheated on my wife. A lot." This usually catches my date off guard because I'm "not the kind of guy I'd have thought could do that." But I can hardly get past date #2 after this, because this information is "too much to handle." Sometimes my dates will admit to having cheated too. Not even other cheaters are interested in seeing me again. I was a good husband and father for seven years. But after four sexless years of marriage, I strayed. Crying myself to sleep every night took its toll, and I self-medicated with casual sex with attractive women. Two years and 20 women later, I got caught. I don't hide the facts; I own my mistakes. I've grown and learned from my mistakes. But it's hard for most women to see past "cheater." In my mind, anything less than complete honesty would validate the belief that I'm still a lying cheat. But complete honesty is kicking my ass and ruining potential relationships.

Forthright About Cheating, Then Silence

My response after the jump...

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Savage Love: Come Again

Joe Newton
I'm a 35-year-old straight woman, recently married, and everything is great. But I have been having problems reaching orgasm. When we first started dating, I had them all the time. It was only after we got engaged that it became an issue. He is not doing anything differently, and he works hard to give me oral pleasure, last longer, and include more foreplay. He's sexy and attractive and has a great working penis. I am very aroused when we have sex, but I just can't climax. It is weird because I used to very easily, and still can when I masturbate. I have never been so in love before and I have definitely never been with a man who is so good to me. Honestly, all of my previous boyfriends did not treat me that well, but I never had a problem having orgasms. My husband is willing to do whatever it takes, but it's been almost a year since I came during vaginal intercourse! Is this just a temporary problem that will fix itself?

My Orgasms Are Now Shy

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The Best Movies Playing in Seattle This Weekend: July 20-23, 2017

Dont miss Endless Poetry, a film thats equal parts goofy and gorgeous, plus violent and theatrical.
Don't miss Endless Poetry, a film that's "equal parts goofy and gorgeous, plus violent and theatrical."

This weekend at the movies, you can revisit the badass classic Blade, watch Alejando Jodorowsky's Endless Poetry, or catch blockbusters like A Ghost Story. Below, you'll find all of our film critics' picks—click on titles for movie times and trailers. You can also check out our compilation of outdoor movie screenings, our special events-filled film calendar, and our full movie times page, which includes film times for the blockbuster Dunkirk. If the Christopher Nolan war film isn't worth watching, it's at least worth reading the review by Jonathan Raban.

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E.T. the Extra Terrestrial / Starship Troopers
SIFF is presenting a series of double features on Thursdays this summer. Celebrate nostalgia and escape to an air-conditioned movie theater while you revisit old favorites and cult classics. This week's double feature is all about aliens: the cute kind (E.T.: The Extraterrestrial) and the somewhat less friendly, buggier type (Starship Troopers).
SIFF Cinema Uptown

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