Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Six: Collective Soul

NOT. CHRISTIAN. Even though everything in their music is a Bible reference.
NOT. CHRISTIAN. Even though everything in their music is a Bible reference.

This is a tough one.

When I was a freshman in college, I had a huge, goofy crush on a seminarian. I know. I wanted to lead a man of god away from the chaste embrace of the mother church. I mean, whatever—at that point, all I had done was nervous and unsatisfying hand stuff, so mother church can stop being so paranoid.

He was sweet and silly and very devout, he loved Five Iron Frenzy, and we were getting along just fine until he asked if I loved Collective Soul and I said yes.

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Ballard's Lucky Envelope Brewing Unveils Two Beers for Chinese New Year

Buddhas Hand Citron IPA is one of two beers unveiled this Saturday.
Buddha's Hand Citron IPA is one of two beers unveiled this Saturday. Lester Black

We don't often think of China when we look for the origins of beer, but an archeological analysis published by Stanford researchers last year shed light on ancient brewing history that points to the Chinese as some of the earliest people to brew beer—around 5,000 years ago.

The findings inspired Barry Chan, brewmaster for Lucky Envelope Brewing, to start experimenting and figuring out how that ancient beer would have tasted. The researchers were able to use chemical analysis of those brewing vessels to give rudimentary ratios of the different grains and starches that were used. So Chan had a basic guide to the beer's content that included barley but also more unusual ingredients like Chinese squash, a grain called Job's tears, and dried lily flowers.

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Spread the Love: Now Accepting Submissions for Reader Valentines


Perhaps you plan to wine and dine your Valentine's Day date at a fancy schmancy restaurant, have already pre-ordered a few dozen roses for the occasion, or maybe you've ran up the bill on your AmEx account for a big sparkly rock or bear skin rug. (The latter being a frequently searched term by folks in Washington Googling Valentine's Day related gifts last year.)

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Where To Watch The 2017 Oscar-Nominated Movies In Seattle

Will Hollywoods obsession with musicals make La La Land the big winner? Will stunning drama Moonlight get the praise it deserves?
Will Hollywood's obsession with musicals make La La Land the big winner? Will stunning drama Moonlight get the praise it deserves?

Whether you're going to an Oscars party next month or planning on half-watching with some popcorn at home, the best way to enjoy the Academy Awards is to have seen all (or most) of the movies beforehand. Luckily, many of the movies nominated for the February 26th awards show are still playing in theaters around Seattle—including La La Land (which received a record-tying 14 nominations) and three films nominated for best picture that aren't directed by white people (Fences, Lion, and Moonlight). Click through the 16 options below to see specific movie times and trailers, and check back for other films that will be playing in Seattle in the coming weeks but haven't had movie times announced yet (including Toni Erdmann and I Am Not Your Negro, playing in February at SIFF). You can also check out our complete movie times calendar for more options, or our Things To Do calendar for everything happening this week and always.

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1. 20th Century Women
Variety film critic Owen Gleiberman made an important point about the year Mike Mills’s latest film, 20th Century Women, is set, the year 1979. That year “was the last moment of calm before the counterrevolution—the takeover of the culture by money fever, fashion, and Reaganite unreality.” Because 2015 is beginning to look much like 1979, Mike Mills, who is famous for directing Beginners, may have made the right movie at the right time. 20th Century Women also has a much-praised performance by the great Annette Bening. CHARLES MUDEDE
Playing at: SIFF Cinema Egyptian, Meridian 16, Guild 45th
Nominated for: Original Screenplay

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Protecting Legal Weed from Trump

The Representatives have one mission: to keep weed legal and make the industry better.
The Representatives have one mission: to keep weed legal and make the industry better. The Stranger

An unhinged narcissist has been inaugurated, and his pick for the top law-enforcement officer in America—a man with both a racist record and views on pot that are so archaic they make Ronald Reagan look like Rick Steves—will most likely be confirmed this month. Could things for our state's nascent legal pot industry get any worse? Should we all start stockpiling cheap ounces before the Feds shut everything down?

Not so fast. Despite the awfulness at the top of the ticket, November's election was a historic step forward for legal weed. Voters in four states legalized recreational weed, including the world's sixth largest economy: California. Voters in four other states decriminalized medical cannabis. That means a staggering 68 million Americans live in states with recreationally legal cannabis, and 135 million Americans (or 63 percent of the country) live under some form of legalized cannabis.

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Alleged Shooter Reached Out to Milo Yiannopoulos for an Autograph: "I'm Outside In Line to Your UW Event."

Milo Yiannopoulos at the Young British Heritage Society Launch Event In London
Milo Yiannopoulos at the Young British Heritage Society Launch Event In London Image courtesy of Barcroft Media

Tuesday, January 24, 10:04 a.m. The 34-year man who was shot at the Milo Yiannopoulos demonstration on Friday night at UW is a Seattle computer-security engineer named Josh Dukes, according to an article in the Seattle Times. In the article, Dukes’ lawyer stated that he was at the event to protest Yiannopoulos, and “wishes to express his empathy for the person who shot him.”

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Quincy Jones, Macklemore, Portia Sabin to Deliver Keynote Speeches at Upstream Music Fest + Summit


Billionaire Paul Allen's Upstream Music Fest + Summit has tapped legendary soul-jazz composer/arranger/producer Quincy Jones, Grammy Award-winning/thrift-store-frequenting rapper Macklemore, and Kill Rock Stars president/cultural anthropologist Portia Sabin to deliver keynotes speeches at its inaugural event, which happens May 11-13 at several downtown Pioneer Square venues. According to Upstream's website, these talks, which will serve as the foundation for the event's conference agenda, "are intended to spark smaller, more focused break-out sessions where attendees can dig into themes of globalization, data and analytics, streaming, and industry collision and how they relate to their artistry or industry."

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Food News: The Dunnes is Done

Photo courtesy of Clever Dunnes

My Liver is So Happy About This

Clever Dunnes Irish House will be leaving the Olive Way space they've occupied for seventeen thousand years at the end of the month, they recently announced via Facebook. I haven't visited the creaky old place since I was young and dumb and non-diabetic enough to drink Jäger, but I'm sure I have a ton of happy non-memories there. However, for some, the Dunnes was a de facto living room and I'm sure they're bummin' pretty hard right now. Condolences to all the regulars, enjoy one more week of drinking cheap booze and complaining about how much the Hill sucks now.

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Trump Pushes Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines Forward; What You Can Do to Resist

An activist locked to Dakota Access pipeline construction equipment in early September.
An activist locked to Dakota Access pipeline construction equipment in early September. Sydney Brownstone

While it should not come as a shock to anyone, this is some bullshit: Donald Trump, who lost the popular vote by 2,864,974 votes, has signed orders to revive the Keystone XL pipeline and to push forward the Dakota Access pipeline which was brought to our attention this summer by the protesters at Standing Rock. From the NYT:

Critics denounced Mr. Trump’s decisions. “Donald Trump has been in office for four days and he’s already proving to be the dangerous threat to our climate we feared he would be,” said Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club. [Here's their press release on the subject—eds.]

Environmental activists vowed to keep fighting the projects. “This is not a done deal,” Bill McKibben, founder of, the group that led the protests against the Keystone pipeline, said in a statement. “The last time around, TransCanada was so confident they literally mowed the strip where they planned to build the pipeline, before people power stopped them. People will mobilize again.

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America's Next Top Model Recap: Missing The Mark

Not everyone can dip low.
Not everyone can dip low. CBS Television Distribution. Collage by author.

Okay, it's time to air some grievances. We had our chance. This week's episode, X Marks The Spot, was the night when cycle 23, the mildly anticipated remake of America’s Next Top Model, could’ve had its very own WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU meltdown. Ashley Graham stared down Marissa—our tough, sexually-fluid, ultimately disappointing ingenue—and, with matronly anger in her eyes, Graham said...

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What Really Happened at the Milo Yiannopoulos Protest at UW on Friday Night


The first sign I saw was funny, which augured well. "REPEAL NEWTON'S LAWS," it read, and was in the hands of a slight, genteel, curly-haired boy who was standing right in the middle of the action. Not that there was much action to begin with.
Though subsequent reports would focus exclusively on a gunshot that injured a man later in the evening (read the latest updates here), the crowds that massed on Friday to either attend or protest a lecture by the medium-talent pro-fascist gay blogger Milo Yiannopoulos at UW's Kane Hall were generally well-behaved.

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I, Anonymous: Angry White Man (Slight Return)


I tried to break up the fight you started with three teenagers on the bus. I didn't hear what happened before you leaped out of your seat and lunged at them. No matter what was or wasn't said, act like a fucking adult! You are 35, they are 15! If it takes a grown man to restrain you from punching a kid, then something is wrong with you.

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The 2017 Oscars Nominations are Here, And Are Not So White

Moonlight has the second-most nominations in this years Oscars.
Moonlight has the second-most nominations in this year's Oscars.

The 89th Academy Awards, which will be broadcast by ABC on February 26, is not as white as the 88th edition. That is for sure. Three of the five big films (Fences, Lion, and Moonlight) are not directed by white people, and the documentary on 20th century black literary giant James Baldwin, I’m Not Your Negro, is nominated for best documentary. Nevertheless, the film that dominates this year’s Oscars is definitely La La Land, which has a record-tying 14 nominations and is a pretty white film. The only other thing worth mentioning is that Seattle has a little action in these here Oscars. It’s by way of Viggo Mortensen’s nomination for best actor in the movie Captain Fantastic, which was shot in Seattle because of an incentive program offered by Washington Filmworks. Sadly, this program was killed late last year by the GOP-dominated state senate. Yes, these Trumpian times are dark indeed.

Here are our reviews of the prominent films in this year's Oscars.

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The Morning News: Federal Way Lawmaker Calls Protesting Trump "unAmerican" and "unChristian"

Washington State Senator Mark Miloscia is up for re-election in 2018.
Washington State Senator Mark Miloscia is up for re-election in 2018. WALEG

Welcome to Your Fascist USA: Washington State Senator Mark Miloscia, a legislator who has consistently opposed LGBTQ civil rights and women's access to healthcare, took to his Facebook page to "shame" the millions of people who exercised their First Amendment rights over the weekend. He called the protests and women's/womxn's marches across the country "ugly, unAmerican, and unChristian protest activities." For good measure he added, "For Shame! For Shame!"

Bonus: When former state representative Dawn Morrell asked Miloscia to check his white male privilege in a Facebook comment, Miloscia accused her of making a "racist, sexist" slur.

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Jaki Liebezeit, Can's Legendary Drummer, Dies at 78

Liebezeit (upper right): instantly identifiable, eternally unforgettable.
Liebezeit (upper right): His drumming style is instantly identifiable, eternally unforgettable.

Jaki Liebezeit, regarded by many reasonable people as the greatest rock drummer ever and best known for his phenomenally complex and funky work for German progressive-rock legends Can, passed away January 22 from pneumonia. He was 78.

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