The 91 Best Things To Do in Seattle This Week: October 23-29, 2017

See local drag legend Jackie Hell at Ponys Un-Masc Halloween party.
See local drag legend Jackie Hell at Pony's Un-Masc Halloween party. Kelly O

Our music critics have already chosen the 31 best concerts this week, but now it's our arts critics' turn. Here are their picks for the best events in every genre—from the 13th annual HUMP! Film Festival to Creating S-Town: A New Way to Tell a Story with Brian Reed, and from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari with a live score to the closing week of Storme Webber: Casino: A Palimpsest. See them all below, and find even more events on our complete Things To Do calendar.

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G. Willow Wilson
G. Willow Wilson used to describe herself as an "upper-middle-class American White girl with bland politics and polite beliefs." That changed when she converted to Islam in college, worked as a journalist in Egypt, and began writing the comic series Ms. Marvel, featuring a Pakistani American teenage girl from Jersey City. Hear Willow discuss the series, moderated by KUOW's Jamala Henderson.

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WA-8 Candidate Brayden Olson and the Case of the Missing Lightsaber

Jedi or Sith?
Jedi or Sith? Brayden Olson Campaign

In early spring of 2012, when WA-8 Candidate Brayden Olson was a young business bro of 24, he was involved in a pretty pedestrian loan dispute that included accusations of a stolen lightsaber and a tire-scraped BMW. In a nominally separate case, he was also claimed as a third party defendant in a wage theft dispute involving the employees of Novel Inc., an educational gaming company Olson started and ran until the last few months of its existence. Ultimately the plaintiff in the loan case, Daniel Irish, an account manager who was brought on to replace Olson as CEO to sell Novel, dismissed all his claims and a settlement was reached with the employees of Novel.

The cases—which I'll lay out in a second—look like a bunch of rich people bullshit to me. But the matter of the missing toy lightsaber that was given to Irish by a friend “who had obtained it from George Lucas personally,” remains a mystery whose contours I'm willing to explore in more depth.

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PNB’s Dark November Mixed Bill: Crystal Pite, Twyla Tharp, Jessica Lang.

Three choreographic visionaries take the stage in PNB’s iconic November program. Audiences are anticipating the second Crystal Pite (Emergence) work to enter PNB’s repertory, Plot Point. Set to the music from Psycho, Plot Point mixes film noir and an insatiable need for story in one mesmerizing work. Twyla Tharp’s made-for-PNB Afternoon Ball returns, along with Jessica Lang’s ode to Georgia O’Keeffe, Her Door to the Sky. Buy tickets and save 20%!

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The Problem with Calling Jinyoung Englund Pro-Choice

Republican state senate candidate Jinyoung Englund.
Republican state senate candidate Jinyoung Englund. GH Kim Photography, courtesy of campaign

In the race for a key state senate seat, Republicans are counting on a particular formula to win: Fiscal conservatism + social moderation.

Republican Jinyoung Englund has focused on promising not to raise taxes and characterizing Democrat Manka Dhingra as a Seattle-style socialist. (She's not.) Meanwhile, Englund has described herself as a social moderate, including her stance on abortion rights.

“I am a true King County Republican, but I’m also a Republican in the millennial generation. I believe in a woman’s right to choose,” she told Publicola in August. At a debate this month, she said: "I am for a woman's right to choose and I do believe women should have the right, if they choose, to have contraception and I have no intention of changing the laws in our state surrounding that." When the Seattle Times Editorial Board endorsed her three days later, they called her "pro-abortion rights."

But calling yourself pro-choice doesn't make it so.

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The Gayest Guide in the World to Seattle's Happy Hours



1221 E Madison St, 206-324-2854

Wander into Pony before the World's Tiniest Tea Dance every Sunday at 4 p.m., and you may have the place to yourself; it can be a bit quiet in the early afternoon, so it's perfect for casual conversation, a low-pressure date, or reading a book if you simply must. Happy hour runs until 8 p.m. every day and all night on Wednesdays—you'll get $2 off wells and drafts, and $7 pitchers of Miller Lite. That pitcher deal is not to be missed, and neither is Go-Go James when he gets on the pole. Plus, there's a patio.

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Indigenous-Led Protest Shuts Down Banks in Seattle

Four people are locked to two tripods blocking business at the 5th and Olive Bank of America.
Four people are locked to two tripods blocking business at the 5th and Olive Bank of America. SB

At 11 o'clock this morning, four people chained themselves to a structure blocking an entrance of the Bank of America on 5th and Olive Street. Two of them locked themselves to the apex of a tripod, suspended at least a dozen feet in the air. The protesters were still there as of 2 p.m, blocking people from entering the bank.

Around the corner of the building was Feanette Black Bear, 65, holding the end of a sign blocking the building's other entrance and a bundle of sage. "We shut down business today!" she said.

For Black Bear, who is Lakota, today's action grows out of what she calls "an awakening for future generations."

"I'm here in support of our future generations, the unborn, and for the people here today, for Mni Wiconi, for treaty rights," Black Bear said, using the Lakota rallying cry heard at Standing Rock last year, and since then, the world over. In Lakota, Mni Wiconi translates to "water is life."

The Bank of America protest is just one of 100 demonstrations taking place across Seattle as part of Divest the Globe, a three-day activism campaign organized by Mazaska Talks, an indigenous-led coalition including Lakota educator Matt Remle and Muckleshoot activist Rachel Heaton, with support from 350 Seattle's Alec Connon. Remle reported on Twitter that at least one other bank was shut down in Seattle.

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And When I Get That Feeling I Want Virtual Healing: Elizabeth Mputu Installation at Interstitial

Courtesy of Interstitial

Ubiquitous “screen time,” instant communication, online bullying, handles yelling at us and at each other, the stress of strained communication, and the maintenance of our virtual selves—all of this certainly inflicts deep mental damage that needs healing. And healing is exactly what the Orlando-based virtual artist Elizabeth Mputu provides in his/her new installation at Interstitial, Georgetown’s own new media gallery. LVLZ Healing Center: IRL Application of Digi-Manifestation is Mputu’s first physical art piece and a worthwhile translation of his/her digital work into the tangible gallery.

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Accuser Re-Files Child Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against Ed Murray. And Now He's Also Suing the City.

Mayor Ed Murray resigned last month.
Mayor Ed Murray resigned last month. CITY OF SEATTLE / THE STRANGER

Delvonn Heckard, the man whose withdrawn child sex abuse lawsuit against former Seattle mayor Ed Murray opened the doors for four more allegations against the mayor and eventually led to his resignation, re-filed his suit in King County Superior Court today.

Read the lawsuit, first reported by Seattle Times, here.

This time, Heckard is also suing the City of Seattle for defamation, claiming it gave Murray a platform to spread lies about him and his lawyers. And while it doesn't name any more defendants, the suit also faults Murray's lawyer, his husband and his spokesperson for pushing a claim that the lawsuit was "anti-gay" and part of a "felonious right-wing agenda."

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New Crowdfunding Project Asks Seattle Residents to 'Pay Rent' on Native Land


If you’re a renter, every month you pay a certain amount (in Seattle, a large amount) to your landlord in order to be able to live on the property that they own. But what about paying rent to the original owners of the land—Native Americans—specifically the Duwamish, the first people of Seattle (a city which is named after Suquamish-Duwamish Chief Sealth)?

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Savage Love Letter of the Day: Potential Perfect Boyfriend Mocks Handsome Gay's Small Cock


I am a pretty handsome gay (I have been told often) and I am dating a really gorgeous man. I am 34 and he is 31. I am bottom only and he is top only. So it's already a good match. He seems sincerely interested in me and we are talking about being together. But here is the thing: He noticed that I have a rather small penis. I must admit that I am a bit under the average and that his dick is quite big and long.

Since he discovered this, he fancies about "humiliating" me about my "small peepee" as he says. He would even like me to show it to his friends once we would have them for dinner. I am not ashamed of the size of my penis because it's how I am made and I can't change it. But I wonder what this idea means for him. I would somehow understand that he would put me down if he would himself have suffered from a "small dick complex", but since he is so well-endowed, I don't fully get it. Is it a frequent turn on for some top guys to imagine that their partner is smaller than them? Is it common? Does it hide something else maybe?

Sexy Person Humiliated

P.S. English is not my mother tongue, that is why this may seem a bit messy. I apologize for this.

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Resist/Recharge: Come Talk Immigrant and Refugee Empowerment With The Stranger and El Centro de la Raza!

Our first Resist/Recharge event with SOMOS.
Our first Resist/Recharge event with SOMOS.

Free Tuesday evening? Swing by St. John's Bar and Eatery on Capitol Hill for the sixth installment of Resist/Recharge, The Stranger's series of talks with community leaders and nonprofits opposed to President Trump's agenda. We've chatted with SOMOS, Northwest Harvest, Greenpeace, 21 Progress, Langston, Totem Star and Red Eagle Soaring.

This week, we're hosting El Centro de la Raza and the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network for a talk on how we can best empower immigrants and refugees in the age of Trump. Don't miss it.

The Best Upscale Happy Hours


I don't know exactly when upscale restaurants started offering happy hours, but I'm ready to kiss the first restaurateur who got that sweet wheel in motion. "Let the discounted food and drink commence," I imagine him saying with a generous twirl of his Monopoly game mustache. No disrespect to foie-gras-laced desserts or hazelnut dust, but high-end happy hours are the greatest thing about fine dining in Seattle. They give the rest of us—who normally couldn't afford these places—a chance to eat there for less.

To come up with this list of favorites, I used a few guidelines: (1) Most of the food should be around $5 to $10 and drinks $4 to $7, (2) it should feature a few substantial dishes that you can make a meal out of, none of this just-plates-of-wee-toasts crap, (3) it shouldn't be offered in a space so tiny that only a special few can enjoy it.

I had to make up these rules to winnow the list, which is clearly a sign we're awash in good things. Lord only knows how long these higher-end restaurants can afford to offer these deals in the age of skyrocketing Seattle rents. Slurp up the half-off oysters while you can.

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Wow, Blade Runner 2049 Was Unbelievably Boring

If I could somehow show how bad the writing was in an image, I would put that image here instead.
If I could somehow show how bad the dialogue was in an image, I would put that here.

What was with that dialogue? Robin Wright saying, "This breaks the world"? Other examples I can't remember now because I died of boredom? Why do producers spend millions on stars and special effects and forget to hire writers?

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Spun Out: 5 Essential Cuts Selected by Local DJ J-Justice

J-Justice: Connecting with dancers is paramount, but so is challenging them.
J-Justice: Connecting with dancers is paramount, but so is challenging them. @twodrsdwn

J-JUSTICE (aka Jason Justice; City Soul)

Current top 5 tracks:

Waajeed, "Shango" (Dirt Tech Rec)
"My homie in Detroit is putting out gritty dance-floor jams on his Dirt Tech Rec label. He produces his own music videos, too."

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Bob Dylan Pays Tribute to Tom Petty by Singing Discernible Words with a Recognizable Melody on a Stage

Two Bob.

Listen, my admiration for Bob Dylan runs incredibly deep. Don't believe me? Read this. Or this. Or even this. And because I love him so much, I feel fine saying that seeing him in concert is a dodgy business.

You're so thrilled to even be in the same room with him (even if that room is a sports arena) that it takes a few minutes before you realize that you actually have no idea what song he's playing. Then someone in the row behind you says "I think it might be 'All Along the Watchtower,' maybe?" and then you're just about able to make out a cluster of syllables that might be "barefoot servants" or something and then the strange arrangement, meter, and general incomprehensibility of the performance come clear.

ANYWAY, this is all to say that you don't go to Dylan because you're looking for clarity. But that's what his audience got on Saturday night in Broomfield, CO—at least for a few minutes when he paid tribute to the late Tom Petty, Dylan's friend and bandmate, by playing a bit of Petty's 1991 hit "Learning to Fly."

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Seattle Food News: Kushibar Closed, Happy Grillmore Open, Happy Hour at Kokakku, and More!

Kushibars wonderfully prismatic pork fried rice.
Kushibar's wonderfully prismatic pork fried rice. Kushibar FB

Kushibar is Kaputt

"Can you please please find out why one of my fav restaurants in Belltown, Kushibar, closed, seemingly without warning?!" a reader recently wrote to ask. Indeed, their closing was not marked with any big announcement or farewell party, simply a message on their website that read, "We are sad to announce that Kushibar is permanently closed. Thank you all for 9 years of business and very fond memories!"

To get the inside scoop, I emailed Cook Weaver's Nile Klien, formerly the bar manager at Kushibar. Turns out, it's a lease thing.

"The lease was up and everyone met to talk about whether to renew or not—the staff and owners—and they all decided maybe it was time to let the old man go," he wrote. "Most of the people are getting rolled into positions at Umi and Momiji, I think, so its a pretty smooth transition."

The fact that not only restaurant employees but actual restaurants are being priced out of the city is a bummer, but at least this isn't another story of workers being left high and dry. And it's not like there's any shortage of good izakaya places in Seattle these days. I know it's probably not nearly as convenient for our crestfallen reader, but might I recommend a consolatory trip to Suika?

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