Seattle Is the Second-Most Desirable City for Chinese Millionaires

NEXUS: 382 high-tech, high-rise condominiums priced from below $500,000 to more than $3,000,000.
NEXUS: "382 high-tech, high-rise condominiums priced from below $500,000 to more than $3,000,000." Charles Mudede

The first part of Gene Balk's story, "Chinese millionaires pick Seattle as No. 2 place in the world to live, survey shows," concerns a yearly survey conducted by Shanghai-based Hurun Research. What the survey tries to determine are places or cities that are seen as desirable by Chinese citizens with an "average net worth" of about $3 million. The latest survey found that Seattle surpassed San Francisco for the first time ever to become the second most-desirable city for this class of millionaires. Number one is Los Angeles. But Seattle beat even Sydney, Australia and Vancouver BC, cities whose real estate markets have been heated by surplus Chinese capital.

Now here is the thing: China is a surplus country because for the past 20 or so years it has enjoyed growth rates that are unusually high. Capitalist economies can expect to grow about 2 percent. China is still nearly at 7 percent, and for many years grew at nearly 10 percent. The US, during it's moment in the sun (1947 to 1972), enjoyed growth rates between 4 and 5 percent, but that was an anomaly, and it will never grow like that again because, simply, it accumulated a massive amount of fixed capital. And so, it is a saturated economy. And saturated economies must do two things to keep going: export their surpluses to poor countries (for example, Germany to Greece between 2001 and 2010), or become a deficit country whose consumption is sustained by debt (the US can afford to do this because its dollar is a world currency and its debt sells like hotcakes on the world market).

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Man Who Sued Ed Murray for Alleged Sexual Abuse Claims Murray Defamed Him

A man who says Mayor Ed Murray sexually abused him in the 1980s now says Murray and his legal team have defamed him.
A man who says Mayor Ed Murray sexually abused him in the 1980s now says Murray and his legal team have defamed him. Kelly O

Delvonn Heckard, the man who sued Mayor Ed Murray for allegedly sexually abusing him in the 1980s, has now filed a claim with the city clerk saying Murray defamed him. Heckard is seeking $1 million to $3 million in damages. If the city denies Heckard's claim for damages, he could sue.

The Seattle Times broke the news today:

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The Problem with Jezebel's '150 Worst Albums Made by Men' List

Smash Mouth - it was so hard to pick just one album!
Smash Mouth - it was so hard to pick just one album! MICHAEL TULLBERG VIA GETTY IMAGES

[The following post may be construed as womansplaining, but do know that I was spurred to write it after being convinced to by my boyfriend. If you so wish, though, deduct points from this post due to my gender.]

Jezebel's list of "The 150 Worst Albums Made by Men" contains many truly cringe-worthy entries, but it seems like a missed opportunity to expose the public to even more terrible and incompetent male musicians. Jezebel's list strikes me as a corrective toward many media outlets' blind promotion and uncritical exaltation of male cultural creativity.

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The Grim Reaper Ruined My Make-Out Sesh at Gas Works Park


I definitely considered taking a shower. I finished my run and I peered in the mirror and I thought, "Hmm, looking a little greasy, maybe we brush the hair and do the makeup and change the sweaty shorts."

Then I thought "Nah." I was on my way to play poker with my coworkers, who were all married, or Republicans, and I was not about to waste a hair wash day on a bunch of dudes who leave the seat up.

So I went as-is, hair slick with sweat, legs prickly and pale, deodorant long gone and dead to the summer heat. I put on my Crocs and drove over.

We were on our fifth hand when I got the text.

"Let's hang out tonight."

To add some context, this wasn't just any boy. This was a boy I had a crush on. A boy I had texted to ask out a few weeks prior and received no response.

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Person of Interest: Teddy Fischer, the Mercer Island High School Student Who Scored an Interview with Defense Secretary James Mattis

You saw a photo in the Washington Post with Defense Secretary James Mattis's phone number scrawled on a Post-it note. So you decided to contact him for an interview?
I didn't really think about it; it just kind of happened. I called the number to see if it was him, and when the call went to his voice mail, I hung up and then sent him a text message asking for the interview. I didn't think about the fallout or what would happen if he called back.

How did you and your editor, Jane Gormley, go about shaping the interview?

We knew that I would ask policy-related questions, and Jane would ask human-interest questions, because of our interests. I love reading about politics, foreign policy, and military history, while Jane is more interested in finding stories that can relate to our audience, especially high schoolers. I made a lot of questions up on the spot after we ran out of questions because Mattis kept talking.

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“They Haven’t Done Anything”: Despite City Inspection, Tenants Still Living with Roaches, Mold, Broken Doors

Conditions at an apartment building on Rainier Avenue South, as of this week.
Conditions at an apartment building on Rainier Avenue South, as of this week. HG/Washington CAN

It’s been more than a month since Maria Angeles, who lives with her family in a South Seattle apartment building, went before the city council pleading for attention to their living conditions. Yet, despite the hearing and a city inspection, little appears to have changed at the apartments.

Angeles, her husband Humberto Sanchez, and their two young children live in a one-bedroom apartment on Rainier Avenue South, where their ceilings are dotted with mold, cockroaches crawl along the kitchen wall, and their stove and heater don't work. In the apartment next door, mold grows on the ceilings, electrical outlets are missing or defective, a ceiling light hangs by its wiring, and a gap under the front door allows pests and outside air into the apartment.

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The Problem with NPR's '150 Greatest Albums Made by Women' List

NPR ignored funk dynamo Betty Davis, and thats not right.
NPR ignored funk dynamo Betty Davis, and that's not right. Light in the Attic Records

[The following post may be construed as mansplaining, but do know that I was spurred to write it after being prodded by a woman DJ/producer from Seattle. If you so wish, though, deduct points from this post due to my gender.]

NPR's list of "Turning the Tables: The 150 Greatest Albums Made by Women" has been generating much internet chatter and many arguments, and spurred a handful of counter lists. The Stranger has a history of nitpicking about such lists, and this new one spearheaded by highly respected veteran journalist Ann Powers has also triggered our reactionary impulses. Now, NPR's feature contains many worthy entries, but it seems like a missed opportunity to expose the public to more obscure and adventurous female musicians. NPR's list—composed by several respected music journalists and radio DJs—strikes me as an attempt at canon-building and a corrective toward many media outlets' diminishment/erasure of non-male cultural creativity. But my main problem with the feature is that it comes off as the 21st-century internet equivalent of the Rolling Stone Album Guides of the '70s and '80s. Essentially, it suffers from the same pervasive conservative groupthink as those tomes.

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The Morning News: Jeff Bezos is the Richest Tech Bro in Seattle, Trump Administration Takes Another Swipe at LGBTQ Folks

This asshole again.
This asshole again. ALEX WONG / GETTY

U.S. Department of Justice Argues That Civil Rights Law Doesn't Protect LGBTQ+ Employees from Discrimination: Jesus Christ. "In an amicus brief filed at the US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, lawyers under Attorney General Jeff Sessions contend that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bans sex discrimination, does not cover sexual orientation," Dominic Holden reported for Buzzfeed on Wednesday evening. The DOJ's amicus brief was filed in the 2010 case of skydiving instructor Donald Zarda, who claimed his employer terminated him because he is gay. "The Trump administration’s filing is unusual in part because the Justice Department isn’t a party in the case, and the department doesn’t typically weigh in on private employment lawsuits," Holden noted.

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James Cordon Has a Song In His Heart for LGBT Troops

Corden's team pulled this charming number together in a single day. Nice job!

20 New Seattle Restaurants to Try That Opened in July

Tankard & Tun is Pike Brewings newest adjoining restaurant and oyster bar, complete with a brew deck and an expanded fermentation cellar.
Tankard & Tun is Pike Brewing's newest adjoining restaurant and oyster bar, complete with a brew deck and an expanded fermentation cellar. Pike Brewing Co

July is almost over, and Seattle has plenty of new restaurants to show for it. To help you make sure you don't miss out on any of them, we've compiled them here—including the champagne and macaron shop Lady Yum, Pike Brewing's new adjoining restaurant and oyster bar Tankard & Tun, and the wood-fired-focused Opus Co., which opens tonight. And, speaking of new places you should try, today, Eater named Junebaby (which opened earlier this spring) one of America's best new restaurants.

1. Bar Abajo
A gin focused, cold tapas cocktail bar (think sardines and other salty small plates), located in the former Pintxo space.
Opened July 5

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Free Will Astrology: For the Week of July 26


ARIES (March 21–April 19): Are you feeling as daring about romance as I suspect? If so, I've composed a provocative note for you to give to anyone you have good reason to believe will be glad to receive it. Feel free to copy it word for word or edit it to suit your needs. Here it is: "I want to be your openhearted explorer. Want to be mine? We can be in foolishly cool drooling devotion to each other's mighty love power. We can be in elegant solid-gold allegiance to each other's genius. Wouldn't it be fun to see how much liberation we can whip up together? We can play off our mutual respect as we banish the fearful shticks in our bags of tricks. We can inspire each other to reach unexpected heights of brazen intelligence."

TAURUS (April 20–May 20): You still have a wound that never formed a proper scar. (We're speaking metaphorically here.) It's chronically irritated. Never quite right. Always stealing bits of your attention. Would you like to do something to reduce the distracting power of that annoying affliction? The next 25 days will be a favorable time to seek such a miracle. All the forces of nature and spirit will conspire on your behalf if you formulate a clear intention to get the healing you need and deserve.

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Girls Trip Review: A Turnt-Up Celebration of Black Womanhood


Girls Trip doubles as a $19-million ad for the Essence Festival (I’ll be attending next year), but I was pleased that the comedy isn’t just a Black woman’s rendition of The Hangover, and nor does it contort itself into a cheesy romcom.

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SECB Endorsements for the 2017 Primary Election: King County Proposition No. 1—Approved

Remember the zoo? Vote yes on Proposition No. 1.
Remember the zoo? Vote yes on Proposition No. 1. JEREMY DWYER-LINDGREN/WOODLAND PARK ZOO

Check out The Stranger's full list of endorsements for the August 1, 2017, Primary Election here.

This is a small tax that will send low-income kids to see plays, museums, and baby giraffes. It's also a tax for arts and science programs in schools. Arts and science and schools and giraffes are good.

There's no organized opposition to this tax, but half a dozen backdoor virgins in sensible shoes (the Seattle Times editorial board) will try to convince you to vote no. They are going to tell you we can't afford a silly arts tax when the world is on fire. That's bullshit because beyond "just" arts, Proposition 1 will fund in-class science and cultural-heritage programs. It's bullshit because Proposition 1 will allow low-income people to access places like the Woodland Park Zoo and the Pacific Science Center. It's bullshit because, of the $67 million raised every year under this tax, $24 million will go to small community-based arts, science, and cultural programs. Another $38 million will go to large organizations, but they have to use at least half of that money on public-school programs, serving more people of color and low-income families, and serving more people in suburban and rural King County, and they can't use any of it to build fancy new buildings or buy blow for board retreats.

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Are You in The League?

That nail color, btw, is called Wealthy Salmon.
That nail color, btw, is called "Wealthy Salmon." The League Photo

Are you one-half of an aspiring power couple? Do you dream of making babies with another rich person? Does the limitless freedom of Tinder bother you? More importantly: Are you in The League? If you (or more plausibly, someone you know) are in The League, we have a question for you...

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Blabbermouth Podcast: Trump Attacks Transgender People, John McCain Screws Over Americans Who Need Healthcare

Ive come back from the grave to vote against your healthcare.
I've come back from the grave to vote against your healthcare. WIN MCNAMEE / GETTY

Dan Savage is back to talk with Rich Smith and Eli Sanders about Donald Trump’s new ban on transgender people serving in the military and John McCain’s not-very-mavericky return to the US Senate. (Where McCain cast the deciding vote in the latest chapter of Obamacare repeal madness.)

After that: the Democratic Party has a new slogan! And some new policies to go with it! Not everyone in thrilled.

And finally: What to do about “beleaguered” Jeff Sessions?


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