20 New Seattle Restaurants to Try That Opened in July

Tankard & Tun is Pike Brewings newest adjoining restaurant and oyster bar, complete with a brew deck and an expanded fermentation cellar.
Tankard & Tun is Pike Brewing's newest adjoining restaurant and oyster bar, complete with a brew deck and an expanded fermentation cellar. Pike Brewing Co

July is almost over, and Seattle has plenty of new restaurants to show for it. To help you make sure you don't miss out on any of them, we've compiled them here—including the champagne and macaron shop Lady Yum, Pike Brewing's new adjoining restaurant and oyster bar Tankard & Tun, and the wood-fired-focused Opus Co., which opens tonight. And, speaking of new places you should try, today, Eater named Junebaby (which opened earlier this spring) one of America's best new restaurants.

1. Bar Abajo
A gin focused, cold tapas cocktail bar (think sardines and other salty small plates), located in the former Pintxo space.
Opened July 5

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Free Will Astrology: For the Week of July 26


ARIES (March 21–April 19): Are you feeling as daring about romance as I suspect? If so, I've composed a provocative note for you to give to anyone you have good reason to believe will be glad to receive it. Feel free to copy it word for word or edit it to suit your needs. Here it is: "I want to be your openhearted explorer. Want to be mine? We can be in foolishly cool drooling devotion to each other's mighty love power. We can be in elegant solid-gold allegiance to each other's genius. Wouldn't it be fun to see how much liberation we can whip up together? We can play off our mutual respect as we banish the fearful shticks in our bags of tricks. We can inspire each other to reach unexpected heights of brazen intelligence."

TAURUS (April 20–May 20): You still have a wound that never formed a proper scar. (We're speaking metaphorically here.) It's chronically irritated. Never quite right. Always stealing bits of your attention. Would you like to do something to reduce the distracting power of that annoying affliction? The next 25 days will be a favorable time to seek such a miracle. All the forces of nature and spirit will conspire on your behalf if you formulate a clear intention to get the healing you need and deserve.

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Girls Trip Review: A Turnt-Up Celebration of Black Womanhood


Girls Trip doubles as a $19-million ad for the Essence Festival (I’ll be attending next year), but I was pleased that the comedy isn’t just a Black woman’s rendition of The Hangover, and nor does it contort itself into a cheesy romcom.

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SECB Endorsements for the 2017 Primary Election: King County Proposition No. 1—Approved

Remember the zoo? Vote yes on Proposition No. 1.
Remember the zoo? Vote yes on Proposition No. 1. JEREMY DWYER-LINDGREN/WOODLAND PARK ZOO

Check out The Stranger's full list of endorsements for the August 1, 2017, Primary Election here.

This is a small tax that will send low-income kids to see plays, museums, and baby giraffes. It's also a tax for arts and science programs in schools. Arts and science and schools and giraffes are good.

There's no organized opposition to this tax, but half a dozen backdoor virgins in sensible shoes (the Seattle Times editorial board) will try to convince you to vote no. They are going to tell you we can't afford a silly arts tax when the world is on fire. That's bullshit because beyond "just" arts, Proposition 1 will fund in-class science and cultural-heritage programs. It's bullshit because Proposition 1 will allow low-income people to access places like the Woodland Park Zoo and the Pacific Science Center. It's bullshit because, of the $67 million raised every year under this tax, $24 million will go to small community-based arts, science, and cultural programs. Another $38 million will go to large organizations, but they have to use at least half of that money on public-school programs, serving more people of color and low-income families, and serving more people in suburban and rural King County, and they can't use any of it to build fancy new buildings or buy blow for board retreats.

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Are You in The League?

That nail color, btw, is called Wealthy Salmon.
That nail color, btw, is called "Wealthy Salmon." The League Photo

Are you one-half of an aspiring power couple? Do you dream of making babies with another rich person? Does the limitless freedom of Tinder bother you? More importantly: Are you in The League? If you (or more plausibly, someone you know) are in The League, we have a question for you...

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Blabbermouth Podcast: Trump Hates Transgender People, and John McCain Hates Everyone with Healthcare

Ive come back from the grave to vote against your healthcare.
I've come back from the grave to vote against your healthcare. WIN MCNAMEE / GETTY

Dan Savage is back to talk with Rich Smith and Eli Sanders about Donald Trump’s new ban on transgender people serving in the military and John McCain’s not-very-mavericky return to the US Senate. (Where McCain cast the deciding vote in the latest chapter of Obamacare repeal madness.)

After that: the Democratic Party has a new slogan! And some new policies to go with it! Not everyone in thrilled.

And finally: What to do about “beleaguered” Jeff Sessions?


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White Woman Slapped Police Car Before Being Shot By Cop, Says Report


According to a search warrant obtained from Hennepin County District Court by Minneapolis Public Radio and the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the white woman, Justine Ruszczyk, allegedly killed by a black Somali and Muslim cop, Mohamed Noor, slapped the back of his patrol car just before the shooting. If this is the case, then the signs appearing around Minneapolis that say "Warning: Twin Cities Police Easily Startled" must be taken seriously. And it's not just the cops in the Twin Cities, but all over the US. Cops are the kind of human animal that's easily startled and scared to death.

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What We Know About the Controversy Over Jon Grant's Time at the Tenant Union

Jon Grant at a campaign event earlier this year.
Jon Grant at a campaign event earlier this year. nate gowdy

In an attempt to revive a controversy that first surfaced earlier this month, Seattle City Council candidate Sara Nelson called a press conference today to slam her opponent Jon Grant over his tenure at the Tenants Union of Washington State.

Ballots for the primary election are due in six days.

Standing in the lobby of City Hall, Nelson used publicly available documents from a civil rights case involving the TU to paint Grant as untrustworthy, emphasizing that her opponent has touted his work at the organization as qualifying experience for a city council seat. "Seattle voters deserve to make an informed decision that's not based on empty claims," Nelson said. But Nelson also made claims about Grant and his time at the TU, some founded and some without definitive evidence.

For instance, Nelson claimed the TU "fired" Grant and, "in a brazen, coercive, and unfair move," he asked staffers for campaign contributions during a 2015 staff meeting. In recent weeks, The Stranger has not been able to verify either of those assertions. Former board members, who have signed non-disclosure agreements, would not comment on whether the organization fired Grant or he left voluntarily. Grant denies asking for campaign contributions during a staff meeting and says he left the organization on his own accord. Nelson said today she has not spoken to the former employees or board members referenced in the documents but "it is a conclusion I stand by."

The Fremont Brewing co-owner, who has been endorsed by the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and the Seattle Times, trails Grant and another candidate in the race, Teresa Mosqueda, in fundraising. Grant says Nelson's claims are a political stunt.

Here's what we know:

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How Washington's Congressional Delegation Are Responding to Trump's Ban on Transgender Soldiers

Representative Pramila Jayapal called Trumps ban on transgender soldiers hateful. Rep. Dave Reichert and his other Republican colleagues have yet to comment.
Representative Pramila Jayapal called Trump's ban on transgender soldiers "hateful." Rep. Dave Reichert and his other Republican colleagues have yet to comment. U.S. CONGRESS, JAYAPAL CAMPAIGN

ICYMI: President Donald Trump announced this morning that he plans to bar transgender people from serving in the United States military. In a series of tweets, Trump cited medical costs as the reasoning for his bigoted bill.

We all know Trump's claims of inflated medical costs are bullshit—and so do Washington State’s Democratic congressional representatives. Their Republican colleagues were mum on the matter.

In a statement, Representative Pramila Jayapal condemned Trump's declaration and said the ban "creates a second class of citizens." She also called out her Republican colleagues for "doing nothing to stop the president as he tries to shred the Constitution, tweet by tweet."

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Two Terrible Healthcare Bills Down, One More to Go, Probably... But Who Fucking Knows with These People?

Two pale miseries colluding to kill.
Two pale miseries colluding on how best to kill people. Mark Wilson / GETTY

The plan to completely repeal Obamacare just died on the floor of the Senate. One sad laugh is that more Senators voted for the full repeal than for the Better Care Reconciliation Action, aka "the Senate bill," aka the bill 13 white men wrote in total secrecy over the course of two months.

But the full repeal and BCRA were expected to fail—too much death for the so-called "moderates" on the one hand, not enough death for the Tea Party's grim reapers on the other. All hope for the GOP rides now on the “skinny repeal,” which would remove just the right number of regulations from the ACA to send insurers running from healthcare markets in the poorest parts of the country. And, of course, as always, McConnell can and probably will decide at the last moment to switch out the "skinny repeal" for a bill he's crafting behind closed doors, with a trembling Capito and Heller beside him.

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Hoodoo Love Is a Thunderous Play About Black Magic, Black Pain, Black Love, and Especially Black Women

Its also about to close. Buy your tickets now!
It's also about to close. Buy your tickets now! Margaret Toomey

To prevent men from taking credit for ideas that were not their own because #menaretrash, women on President Obama’s staff used a method called “amplification.” Whenever a woman would make a point, other women would repeat it, which turned the focus back to the idea’s author and forced the men to acknowledge their contributions. In the right hands, amplification can be an effective form of activism and resistance, and Sound Theatre Company’s 2017 season, called “AMPLIFY! Raising Women’s Voices,” is pretty upfront about its intentions.

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Seattle Rap Altruist Raz Simone Methodically Builds a Musical Empire in Sodo

Raz Simone is playing the longevity game.
Raz Simone is playing the longevity game.

In an age when brief pops like retweets and viral videos reign supreme, Seattle rapper Raz Simone has chosen a more maintainable route—one where numbers aren't the driving force but the viability of making art is. Simone's is a trek that susses out the complete character and depth of his work in music, and his mission is one of personal and creative sustainability. "My career," he explains, "is going to be a longer battle. But it's going to be very worth it."

Over the past 12 months, Simone has released or recorded dozens of new tracks; purchased a building in Sodo he calls "Headquarters" for his label, Black Umbrella; and has toured with local pop star Macklemore, personally bringing along dozens of his own fans for the ride. And the prolific lyricist most recently released his latest single, "Rarehttps://www.thestranger.com/music/2017/07/26/25307405/seattle-rap-altruist-raz-simone-methodically-builds-a-musical-empire-in-sodo," an aggressive-yet-tender six-minute track promoting ideas of autonomy while also honoring the legacy of friends who have passed away.

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The University of Washington and Seattle U Are "Voting Deserts"


During Seattle’s 2013 general election, voters 65 and older had seven times more voter clout than 18 to 34-year-olds. While 73 percent of registered voters over the age of 65 voted, just 35 percent of voters ages 18 to 34 did so, according to a Portland State University study.

In other words, the data shows that millennials aren’t casting their ballots. College students, as it turns out, appear to be among the worst culprits for nonvoting.

The study accounted for “voting deserts,” or neighborhoods where the turnout was less than half of the citywide average—which was 44 percent in 2013.

Data maps show two distinct clumps of voting deserts, both of which share one glaring commonality. They house Seattle’s two largest colleges: Seattle University and the University of Washington.

The orange blotches, called voting deserts, represent neighborhoods where the voter turnout was less than half of the citywide average. Purple blotches represent voting oases where the voter turnout was significantly higher than the citywide average.
The orange blotches, called "voting deserts," represent neighborhoods where the voter turnout was less than half of the citywide average. Purple blotches represent "voting oases" where the voter turnout was significantly higher than the citywide average. Portland State University

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Savage Love Letter of the Day: What Should He Do with the Skeletons in His Porn Closet?


I am in a one-and-a-half-year relationship with potentially "the one." Here's the thing: I have an old sex tape that I made with an ex that I sometimes like to watch when I masturbate. The ex means nothing to me, but the video is kinky and hot. However, I'm afraid that my now girlfriend will someday stumble across it (I have it pretty well hidden) which will hurt her and make her angry with me. Should I get rid of it? What should I do?

Venereal Images Deliver Ecstatic Onanism

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I Had a Profound Theatrical Experience at a Talkback, of All Things

Mud runs through July 30 at the Slate Theatre, which is located inside the old Immigration and Naturalization Service Building, coincidentally the very same building in which director Rose Cano became a naturalized citizen.
Mud runs through July 30 at the Slate Theatre, which is located inside the old Immigration and Naturalization Service Building, coincidentally the very same building in which director Rose Cano became a naturalized citizen.

I expected the 30-minute teaser and subsequent discussion of eSe Teatro's production of Mud to be mildly interesting, if not 100 percent boring, as is the case with most if not all extracurricular theater activities. But during the talkback portion of the event, a woman wearing a yellow dress burst into tears. Then in response, one of the actors in the show burst into tears. Then many members of the audience burst into tears. And then there was me, a confused and conspicuously white man sitting nervously in a folding chair in a roomful of Latinas.

I had stumbled into one of the most profound theatrical experiences of my career as a critic: I could feel sadness and understanding and support filling the room, but because everyone was speaking Spanish, I had no idea what the hell was going on.

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