An Open Letter From Erin Jones to The Stranger


Erin Jones posted an open letter on her Facebook wall in response to the paper rescinding its endorsement and to Sydney Brownstone's article.

Here it is in full:

An open letter:
Today I have been left saddened and in disbelief after reading the Stranger article earlier this morning. I am saddened because I am a longstanding, strong supporter of LGBTQ children and adults and their rights to be treated equally, respectfully and lovingly in their schools and communities. My lesson learned today is that I have work to do as a person and professional to align my language with my lived values. I recognize and regret using overly equivocal wording on issues related to the LGBTQ community that has let friends and supporters down. I am sorry that I used language that could be too easily interpreted as murky.

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Trump Rally Post-Mortem 2: On Reflection, Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Never trust anyone who says trust me this much.
Never trust anyone who says "trust me" this much. Nate Gowdy

You only go to a Donald Trump rally for one reason: to see how afraid you need to be. I went to the Donald Trump rally in Everett yesterday, and here was the answer I got: very very very very very afraid. I know it’s unfashionable among Democrats and “progressives” to acknowledge that fear is an essential component of the electoral process, but guess what: There is a foot sticking through the other side of the door to hell and it’s attached to Donald Trump’s leg. I know the odds against him winning are technically very long, but they are not long enough. They could never be long enough.

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EOD: Stranger Things Season 2 Teaser Is Here

More Stranger Things = More Winona Ryder
More Stranger Things = More Winona Ryder

Good news for devotees of the show that comes closest to evoking the imagination of an early '80s suburban weirdo kid: Netflix announced today that Stranger Things season two is coming in 2017. Apparently it will be set in 1984, so let's hope S02 it stays a little more Night Flight than MTV, a little more Knight Rider than Miami Vice, and a little more Krull than Karate Kid.

I have faith.

Despite Advocates' Proposal, Mayor Convenes Task Force to Talk Some More About Homeless Sweeps

The city regularly forces homeless people sleeping on sidewalks and under freeway overpasses to move along. In some cases, a private company is paid to do that work.
The city regularly forces homeless people sleeping on sidewalks and under freeway overpasses to move along. In some cases, a private company is paid to do that work. Ansel Herz

It was a bold move last week when advocates for unsheltered people, including the American Civil Liberties of Washington, turned down Mayor Ed Murray's invitation to join a task force on homeless encampments and instead introduced a piece of radically pro-homeless legislation. They were doing their best to circumvent the dreaded Seattle process and go straight to a city council vote instead. Today, Murray signaled that he wants to engage in more process anyway.

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Savage Love Letter of the Day: Should've Checked My Email Earlier

You are a fucking degenerate and the fact that you actually have people believing you are giving helpful and knowledgeable advice is shameful. I sincerely hope you kill yourself before you drag any more people into that cesspool of a mind of yours.

Venting Liberally About Dan

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Free Will Astrology: For the Week of August 31

VIRGO (Aug 23–Sept 22): Play a joke on your nervous anxiety. Leap off the ground or whirl in a circle five times as you shout, "I am made of love!" Learn the words and melody to a new song that lifts your mood whenever you sing it. Visualize yourself going on an adventure that will amplify your courage and surprise your heart. Make a bold promise to yourself, and acquire an evocative object that will symbolize your intention to fulfill that promise. Ask yourself a soul-shaking question you haven't been wise enough to investigate before now. Go to a wide-open space, spread your arms out in a greeting to the sky, and pray for a vision of your next big goal…

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The Stranger's Complete Guide to Bumbershoot 2016—Plus, Meet BumberBot!

Find all the details on our complete Bumbershoot calendar.
Find all the details on our complete Bumbershoot calendar.

For the 46th year, Bumbershoot, Seattle's biggest music and arts festival, will take over Seattle Center during Labor Day weekend. To prepare yourself for the madness, find the complete schedule for all three days of the festival, links to listen to music from every artist, a map of the Bumbershoot grounds, and critics' picks on our complete Bumbershoot calendar. Plus, if you want to listen to the music our critics recommend, we've even made Spotify playlists for you (which are split up into pop/rock/punk/country and hiphop/rap/R&B/soul/jazz) with all of their favorite artists.

Need even more recommendations? We've got you covered, with lists of 10 local artists to check out, 10 things to take a chance on, Bumbershoot performer picks, and recommended events for stoners.

But wait, there's more: If all of this information is too overwhelming to read and you'd rather have a robot guide you through it, you're in luck! For the first time ever, if you send us a direct message through The Stranger's Facebook page, our automated BumberBot will respond with information about where and when to see your favorite performers.

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Listen to Seattle Techno Producer Aos's Great Debut, 90 East

Seattle DJ/producer Aoss tracks are getting play from some of the worlds top techno DJs.
Seattle DJ/producer Aos's tracks are getting play from some of the world's top techno DJs. Ceci Corsano-Leopizzi

In 2016, techno's still a male-dominated genre, but women are increasingly making advances in the field. One such artist is Seattle DJ/producer Aos (aka Kayla Waldorf), one of the catalysts of local electronic-music collective secondnature. Waldorf displays a prodigious talent for creating deep, emotive techno that eschews pounding beats while still galvanizing dance floors. Her debut EP, 90 East, dropped yesterday, and I can tell it's going to enliven a lot of DJ sets in the near future. Waldorf's label, Blankstairs, is already noting support from Terre Thaemlitz, Etapp Kyle, Rødhad, Eric Cloutier, Kangding Ray, and other internationally respected selectors.

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Local Veterans Tweet Support for Colin Kaepernick: "I Stand By You"

The #VeteransforKaepernick hashtag is is trending nationally: an unfuckwithable response to claims that Colin Kaepernick is disrespecting the military by refusing to stand for the national anthem to protest police killings and the oppression of people of color. Here's how Kaepernick himself responded to the charge when asked by reporters:

I have great respect for men and women that have fought for this country. I have family, I have friends that have gone and fought for this country and they fight for freedom, they fight for the people, they fight for liberty and justice for everyone. And that’s not happening. I mean people are dying in vain because this country isn’t holding their end of the bargain up.

Self-identified local vets who've joined the effort include Shaun Neal, Seattle:

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End of Summer To-Do List: Drink Water Out of the Volcano Fountain

Seth Goodkind

After saving a couple rats from beating each other to death, why not cool off by drinking the mock spring water spewing from the Mount Rainier sculpture-fountain in Cal Anderson Park? It's not safe, you say? You've seen human beings shit in that water before, you say? HAH. Take your ass back to Cleveland, you tech-bro transplant douchebag. Back in the OLD Seattle, which existed as a discrete and agreed-upon cultural entity before you showed up and ruined everything with your "marketable skills," everyone who lived on Capitol Hill used to fuck in that water and then drink the fuck-water. Made us stronger. And even if the water quality isn't as good as it was in fucking Toledo or "the Bay Area" or wherever the fuck you're from, you shouldn't be THAT worried in the first place. They fill it up with water fresh from the hose often enough. RICH SMITH

Labor Day weekend is upon us. Read on for more things to do before the sun disappears forever.

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Trump Rally Post-Mortem: Cautious Optimism (Or, Don't Worry: He Probably Won't Win)

Is Trump the last stand for bovine white America, or the beginning of a whole new nightmare?
Is Trump the last stand for bovine white America, or the beginning of a whole new nightmare? Nate Gowdy

We’re 68 days before the general election and Trump can’t even fill a stadium in Everett, WA. Though he mentioned more than once his desire and ability to win Washington’s 12 electoral votes, Clinton is 19 points ahead of him in the Elway poll. Why he came here I don’t know. No one else does, either. But maybe he just really likes the mountains? Or the lack of income tax? Or maybe it’s familial—his dad did spend a little time here.

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Los Sures: A Magical Glimpse of Pre-Gentrified Williamsburg


Around the mid-1990s, the US government decided that the best thing for poor people was that they did not live together and were mixed with middle-class people by either vouchers or housing developments. The thinking behind all of this? The problem with poverty wasn't that people were poor but that they were living with other poor people. The result being, the thinking went, that the poor learned only from the poor, learned from people whose values were no better than their values…

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See Nate Gowdy's Photos From the Donald Trump Rally in Everett Last Night

Donald Trump came to Everett, WA to rally his supporters last night.
Donald Trump came to Everett, WA to rally his supporters last night. Nate Gowdy

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump came to rally in Washington state yesterday. (Read Rich Smith's post-mortem of the proceedings.) Nate Gowdy, the photographer behind Bernie Sanders' Time cover and our DNC coverage, was also there, and he took these stunning photos at the event:

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Watch Donald Trump's Speech Last Night in Everett

He appears around the 27:30 mark.

This Week on the Savage Lovecast


Episode 514:

Have a listen to our live show from last spring at Chicago's Music Box Theatre. Also, Dan chats about honesty in relationships with New York Magazine columnist Heather Havrilesky of "Ask Polly."

Also, a gay man saw someone he knows in some online porn. Should he tell the guy?

Tune-in to Savage Lovecast for the answers.

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