Dead or Alive Vocalist Pete Burns Has Died

The late Pete Burns radically changed his appearance several times during his 57 years.
The late Pete Burns radically changed his appearance several times during his 57 years.

Pete Burns, androgynous vocalist for the popular UK dance-pop group Dead or Alive, died yesterday, at age 57, of cardiac arrest. Burns, who has been cited as an influence on Boy George, had a huge hit in 1985 with his band Dead or Alive—the uproarious disco cut "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)", a song I heard dozens of times while clubbing in Detroit around the time of the song's release. Love it or hate it, the track's an incredible ear worm. Just writing about it will lodge it in my brain for hours.

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Savage Love Letter of the Day: Mom's Boundless Boundary Issues


I'm a 26-year-old female living with my parents. Quick backstory: I failed out of college the first time I went, moved in with my abusive ex for three years, then moved back in with my parents because they offered to pay for college if I lived with them. I just graduated (finally), I have a steady job now, and I'm moving out soon. But my mom has no concept of boundaries at all. I smoke weed and she hates it. She doesn't want to know when I go to buy or smoke some weed but she doesn't want me to lie to her either. She asks me where I'm going when I leave the house. I can't just not say anything.

Recently I left my phone at home. She brought it to work for me but saw a text from a name she didn't recognize. Instead of being a normal mother of a 26 year old, she freaked out and demanded to know who I was texting (after thinking about it and getting more and more angry). So I told her it was someone I was having casual sex with (which is the truth). Cue panic. Apparently I'm not respecting myself and I'm going to be an "old shoe" (her words) by the time I'm married.

How do I talk to my mom about the fact that she needs to respect my boundaries? It's exhausting to lie to her, but she obviously doesn't want to hear the truth. She doesn't want to hear that I'm having sex, so I don't tell her. But that's not ok with her either, apparently. I'm really conflicted. My mom makes me feel like shit but I know she's disappointed in me because my life is not where I or her expected it to be. But I feel like I definitely don't need to tell her who I'm having sex with, and I don't have to justify my actions to her. Help.

Daughter's Angry Mom Needs Evading Daily

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The Stranger Endorses Tony Ventrella for US Representative Congressional District No. 8


Weirdest. Race. Ever. Democrat Tony Ventrella, the former KING 5 TV sportscaster, jumped into this race to take down Eastside Republican congressman/empty suit/empty head Dave Reichert until, not too long before the primary election, Ventrella dropped out for "personal reasons." But it was too late to take Ventrella's name off the primary ballot. He received more than 22,000 votes—the most of any Reichert challenger—and Ventrella's zombie candidacy lumbered on to November.

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Someone Vandalized a Pronto Bike Station in the U-District

Take that, shareable bikes... Doug Nellis

Slog tipper Doug Nellis writes: "This is what I was greeted with when I went to pick up a Pronto bike in the U District this morning. The seats and tires had been slashed on the seven bikes parked in the bike share station. Thanks, assholes."

Pronto general manager Demi Allen tells us police are on the case—this has been a pattern at a few Pronto stations in the area—and they "definitely have leads." He believes the vandalism is the work of someone who may have a mental illness, not some malicious pro-automobile fanatic, and he doesn't think it has anything to with whoever has been sprinkling tacks on the new Westlake bikeway.

Bernie Sanders Is Crushing It, Raising Millions to Flip the Senate and Promising to Oppose Clinton if Necessary

First there was this in today's Washington Post:

Sen. Bernie Sanders, a loyal soldier for Hillary Clinton since he conceded the Democratic presidential nomination in July, plans to push liberal legislation with like-minded senators with or without Clinton’s support if she is elected—and to aggressively oppose appointments that do not pass muster with the party’s left wing.

Sanders told the Post, “I will be vigorously in opposition, and I will make that very clear." He said other senators, including Elizabeth Warren, are planning legislation to create a $15 federal minimum wage, free public college, and to aggressively address climate change. The whole article is worth reading.

Sanders said he would not stay silent if Clinton nominates the “same old, same old Wall Street guys” to regulatory positions that are important in enacting and overseeing the financial reforms that he supports.

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The Stranger Endorses Joe Fitzgibbon for Legislative District No. 34, Representative Position No. 2


We've said it before and we'll say it again, Joe: Call us. Let's get together, dive into some state budget docs. Maybe on a late night when you're feeling particularly tense? When a back rub might make you feel better?

Bow chikka wow wow.

The SECB's crush on Fitzgibbon has endured even as new SECB members have come and gone. But all SECB members past and present agree that Joe Fitzgibbon is the dreamiest lawmaker in Olympia.

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Uber Urges Voters to Support Sound Transit 3

Ride-sharing doesnt replace mass transit. It supplements it.
Ride-sharing doesn't replace mass transit. It supplements it. Sound Transit

Attention light rail skeptics who claim Uber's self-driving cars and carpooling services are going to solve traffic and make trains unnecessary!

Today, the ride-sharing company endorsed Sound Transit 3, the massive light rail expansion measure on your November ballot.

In a blog post, the company's Pacific Northwest general manager explains how ride-sharing supplements, not replaces, mass transit:

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One of Our Favorite Food Essays: Angela Garbes Bonds With Her Family Over a Whole Fried Catfish

Vince Cruz

I come from a family of chronic over orderers. If you've ever been to a Filipino family party, or just a Tuesday night dinner at a Filipino household, you understand. My husband likes to tell the story of the first time he went to dinner at my parents' house. There were four of us, and my mom and dad served a dinner of salad, pancit, baked salmon, and white rice. Oh, and two racks of smoked pork ribs.

At restaurants, our usual formula for ordering is one dish for every member of the party, plus an extra one just to be sure we don't starve. A few months ago, on the day before New Year's Eve, five members of my family—me, my husband, our 1-year-old daughter, my mother, and my father—found ourselves at Rainier Restaurant and BBQ (which, to be clear, is neither on Rainier Avenue nor a barbecue restaurant) in Rainier Valley. The address is 6400 Martin Luther King Jr. Way South. The restaurant has a loyal following for its great Vietnamese food. It also has the distinction of being one of the places Anthony Bourdain featured in the Seattle episode of his Travel Channel show The Layover, where it stood out among the other "classic Seattle" spots visited, including Canlis and the Walrus and the Carpenter.

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The Stranger Releases its 2016 Newsroom Diversity Report in Advance of #JournalismSoWhite

Panelists from the #JournalismSoWhite event at Town Hall.
Panelists from the #JournalismSoWhite event at Town Hall.

Tomorrow is the #JournalismSoWhite talk at a Town Hall. The panel discussion is being led by local journalists: Reagan Jackson, writer and editor, South Seattle Emerald/Seattle Globalist; Tyrone Beason, writer, Pacific Northwest Magazine/Seattle Times; Monica Guzman, 2016 Nieman Fellow; Andrew Simon, Director, Fellowship Program and Creative Projects, Grist; and Venice Buhain, President of AAJA Seattle Chapter. Enrique Cerna of KCTS will be moderating.

We're happy to now be able to release our own findings.

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Elizabeth Warren: "Get This, Donald. Nasty Women Are Tough. Nasty Women Are Smart. And Nasty Women Vote."

In case you haven't been paying attention, the Most Stressful Election of All Time has weirdly become Xanax Xanadu, at least when it comes to the White House. Even Republican boogeyman Karl Rove "said on Sunday on Fox News that he no longer believed Mr. Trump had a realistic path to victory against Mrs. Clinton." Actual quote: "I don’t see it happening." Sucks not having the threat of gay marriage to scare voters with, as you did in 2004, eh Karl?

Ive got news for you, Donald Trump. Women have had it with guys like you, Warren also said.
"I've got news for you, Donald Trump. Women have had it with guys like you," Warren also said.

Clinton's lead is so strong (particularly among women), and Trump's prospects do dismal, that Clinton is out there campaigning for Senate races, including North Carolina, where my mom lives—my mom who was undecided two weeks ago about who to vote for, but has since chosen Clinton. (Phew!)

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Walkinshaw vs. Jayapal: 7th District Race Heats Up (Also: Why I'm Ignoring the SECB and Voting Walkinshaw)

Brady Piñero Walkinshaw kindasorta went negative Pramila Jayapal over the weekend. Jayapal is holding a press conference at 1 PM today to respond to the ad, above, and its companion website

As far as negative ads go, this is pretty weak tea, thin gruel, watery cum, etc. (Now this is a negative ad.) At her presser Jayapal will no doubt condemn Walkinshaw for going negative—she'll go negative on him for going negative on her—but responding to the actual facts will be more difficult. Because it's a fact that Jayapal skipped more votes than 95% of her colleagues; it's fact that FiscalNote, a non-partisan goo-goo org whose clients include Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Governor's Association, ranked Jayapal "in the bottom 98% of legislators in the WA Senate" and called her "very ineffective"; and it's fact that Jayapal skipped a vote on the state budget to spend an extra day on the East Coast so she could attend a fundraiser (in fairness: her vote wasn't needed, the budget passed, and until we have publicly-financed elections pols gotta raise money); and it's a fact that Jayapal doesn't live in the 7th District.

The SECB endorsed Jayapal. But the SECB endorsed a "yes" vote on Initiative 732. Half of the SECB posted a dissent on I-732 last week—backers of the climate change initiative responded to their dissent on Slog this morning—and I figured, hey, so long SECB members are publicly dissenting from our legally-binding (on everyone but us) endorsements... I might as well go rogue and announce that I'm voting for Brady Piñero Walkinshaw and I think you should ignore the SECB and vote Walkinshaw too.

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Read Eli Sanders's Pulitzer Prize Winning Story, "The Bravest Woman in Seattle"


The prosecutor wanted to know about window coverings. He asked: Which windows in the house on South Rose Street, the house where you woke up to him standing over you with a knife that night—which windows had curtains that blocked out the rest of the world and which did not?

She answered the prosecutor's questions, pointing to a map of the small South Park home she used to share with her partner, Teresa Butz, a downtown Seattle property manager. When the two of them lived in this house, it was red, a bit run-down, much loved, filled with their lives together, typical of the neighborhood. Now it was a two-dimensional schematic, State's Exhibit 2, set on an easel next to the witness stand. She narrated with a red laser pointer for the prosecutor and the jury: These windows had curtains that couldn't be seen through. These windows had just a sheer fabric.

Would your silhouettes have been visible through that sheer fabric at night?

Probably. She didn't know for sure. When she and her partner lived in the house, she noted, "I didn't spend a lot of time staring in my own windows."

Everyone in the courtroom laughed a small laugh—a laugh of nervous relief, because here was a woman testifying about her own rape, and the rape and murder of her partner, and yet she was smiling at the current line of questioning, at the weird perceptual cul-de-sac to which it led. She appeared to understand why people might need to hear these answers, though. What happened to her and Butz in that house in the early morning hours of July 19, 2009, is hard to comprehend. A juror, in order to ease into the reality of what occurred, might first need to imagine how the man picked these two women. At least, then, there'd be some sort of arc to the story.

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The 38 Best Concerts to See in Seattle This Week: October 24-30, 2016

Stranger Genius winners Industrial Revelation will play a show with Earshot Jazz Festival Resident Artist DVonne Lewis and Triplified this week.
Stranger Genius winners Industrial Revelation will play a show with Earshot Jazz Festival Resident Artist D'Vonne Lewis and Triplified this week. Kelly O

Halloween weekend is quickly approaching, but there's more going on in Seattle this week than just haunted houses and costume parties—there's also plenty of excellent live music from local and touring bands. This week, we've got everything from public fornication wizards to pop-punk punning to a high-note-belting queen of the RuPaul variety. See all of our critics' picks below, and, as always, see all of your options on our complete music calendar.

Chance the Rapper with Francis & the Lights
In scant years, the unsigned Chicago rapper Chancellor Bennett, son of a Chicago politico, has become the undisputed (young) people’s champ in hiphop—his earnest, optimist everybro stance and his nasal, half-sung SuperBall flow are in the DNA of half the under-22 rappers you hear. (The mini-universe of new Midwest talent sprinkled among his songs—folks like Smino, Noname, and Saba—all deliver compellingly on their own.) He sells out stadiums at home, makes online music retailers give his music away, and influences Grammy rules to change. His is a necessary check to the pervading darkness of the last few years in rap, favoring psychedelics and exploration over opiates and escape. His heavily sanctified 2016 LP Coloring Book bridges rap microgenres and drags them to church with him on Sunday morning, without sounding preachy, coming off All Lives Matter–y, or even really breaking a sweat. God help this man. LARRY MIZELL JR.

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The Stranger Endorses a "YES" Vote on Initiative No. 732


If you could do something right now to fight climate change, and that something was endorsed by more than 50 climate scientists at the University of Washington, you'd do it, right? Of course you would.

You'd also do it because we told you to. But mainly, you'd do it because filling in the "yes" oval for Initiative 732 is one thing—not everything, but one important thing—that we all can do right now to keep this planet livable. This measure will levy a carbon tax on Washington's major producers of planet-warming emissions, making our state a leader in grassroots-driven efforts to combat global warming.

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Food News: Catfish Corner Returns to the CD, Bruce Nafalty Comes Out of Retirement, and FlintCreek Cattle Opens

Yessssssss. Catfish Corner is coming back to the Central District.
Yessssssss. Catfish Corner is coming back to the Central District. Kelly O

Catfish Corner Comes Home to Central District After a Sojourn to South Seattle

Jackson's Catfish Corner, the beloved fried-fish restaurant that used to be at MLK and Cherry and then moved down to South Seattle, is coming back to the CD. The original owners' grandson, Terrell Jackson (on the right, above), is in charge. The short version: After getting priced out of the CD and doing pop-ups around town, Jackson found a space in South Seattle, only to lose the lease. But Jackson has managed to find a new spot—and in the old neighborhood no less! The new Catfish Corner will open at 123 21st Avenue, near Yesler (taking over G.R.E.A.N. House Coffee and Cafe space).

In her 2015 review of Catfish Corner, Stranger food critic Angela Garbes wrote that her favorite thing on the menu was bits and pups ($6.95)—small nuggets of fillet served alongside four creamy, garlicky, beautifully brown hush puppies.

Angela also singled out their glorious, homemade pink tartar sauce as tangy, smoky, and spicy all at once, strangely un-tartar-like, and wholly addictive.
When Angela visited last summer, she tried a whole fried catfish, "which comes with the added bonus of a crunchy, oily tail, as well as soft bones from which you can suck little bits of juicy flesh." Kelly O

Angela also singled out Catfish Corner's "glorious" homemade pink tartar sauce. It's "tangy, smoky, and spicy all at once, strangely un-tartar-like, and wholly addictive."

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