The White Man Who Was Inside the Black/Rasta/Mammy Puppet at the Fremont Parade Says He Is Not a Racist

This is Poquita. Her maker is some misunderstood white puppeteer.
This is Poquita. Her maker is some misunderstood white puppeteer. ryan

Yesterday, I received a letter from someone who claimed to be the maker and puppeteer of the large mammy-looking thing that participated in the Solstice Parade on June 17. Though he did not provide his name, the president of the Fremont Arts Council (FAC), Susan Harper, confirmed the authenticity of the email. It was written by the man who made the puppet that many, including myself and FAC, see as racist. Harper, however, would not release his name. She thinks that is his business; and that their business, as an organization, is to figure out ways to prevent puppets of that nature from participating in future events. "I want to have a conversation with Black Lives Matter and other groups," Harper said over the phone, "so we can figure out a process, a way to check puppets that are deliberately racist as well as those that are not."

As for the letter from the anonymous puppeteer (who is white), Harper said he clearly isn't asking for forgiveness; he is only denying what he did. She has invited him to participate in the racial sensitivity training that FAC wants to institute.

And now, the letter:

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Bold Type Tickets is Hiring an Account Representative


Want to work with ticketed festivals, venues, theaters, food and drink events, and apocalyptic animatronic mini-golf experiences? Do you have direct sales experience?

Bold Type Tickets works with thousands of the best events around the US and Canada. We're looking for an Account Representative to lead outreach in Seattle and Portland, and to help existing event partners in these cities get the best promotion possible with The Stranger and the Portland Mercury.

Is this you? Is it someone you know? Here's the scoop, apply today!


CBO Report On Senate Health Care Bill: 22 Million Will Lose Health Insurance

And tens of thousands will die—annually—as a result. NYT:

The Senate bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act would increase the number of people without health insurance by 22 million by 2026, a figure that is only slightly lower than the 23 million more uninsured that the House version would create, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said Monday. Next year, 15 million more people would be uninsured compared with current law, the budget office said. The legislation would decrease federal deficits by a total of $321 billion over a decade, the budget office said.

A smaller deficit and tens of thousands dead. And Democrats? Can we please stop calling Trumpcare "mean" and start calling it what it is? Take your pick: homicidal, lethal, murderous, the Ted Bundy/Jeffrey Dahmer of health care plans. Throwing "mean" back in Trump's face is cute but it doesn't quite capture how dangerous and awful AHCA/BHCA is. People will die. Fucking say so.

Record Review: SZA Releases a Gorgeous Debut LP, Ctrl


I started listening to SZA—born Solána Imani Rowe—about a year ago, and feel embarrassingly late to the game. For the past few years, her star has steadily been on the rise: She’s released a couple of critically acclaimed mixtapes, an EP through Top Dawg Entertainment, and co-written with big-name artists like Rihanna (see the track “Consideration” on 2016’s Anti). And earlier this month, SZA finally dropped her full-length studio debut, Ctrl.

Truthfully, I couldn’t be more pleased with the album if I tried, and I am trying by repeatedly listening while reading the lyrics and singing along. Not one of these 14 gorgeous songs is skip-worthy—they’re all just so easy to listen to. The record’s release was preceded by three stellar singles: “Love Galore” featuring Travis Scott, “Broken Clocks,” and “Drew Barrymore,” which has a brand-spankin’-new music video with a cameo from Drew Barrymore herself.

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The 38 Best Things To Do This Week: June 26-July 2, 2017

Dont miss Yayoi Kusamas Infinity Mirrors, a highly anticipated exhibit that Emily Pothast describes as one of the must-see experiences of the summer.
Don't miss Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors, a highly anticipated exhibit that Emily Pothast describes as "one of the must-see experiences of the summer." Cathy Carver

Our music critics have already chosen the 27 best concerts in Seattle this week, but now it's our arts critics' turn. Here are their picks for the best events in every genre—from Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors to Rough Draft with Woodford Reserve Whiskey to Ijeoma and Ahamefule Oluo in Conversation. See them all below, and find even more events on our complete Things To Do calendar.


ToMayTo vs. ToMahTo - Chef Battle #4
Two mkt. chefs will battle to see who better serves that ambiguous fruit, the tomato. Their theater of war: your taste buds.

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I, Anonymous: Get It Straight


Dear straight people who come to queer nights: Look, I know we have great style, we're super fun, and we throw rad parties—but that doesn't mean you're invited.

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SL Letter of the Day: One Asshole Move

Originally posted on September 30, 2015.

I've been dating this guy for almost two months. It's been pretty good, except the sex isn't really the best. I have this other male friend who has had a crush on me. Long story short: My friend made a move on me the other night. I told him I couldn't, and he knew why, but to be honest, I was insanely turned on by his forwardness. He apologized, but a week later we hung out, and I told him that it really intrigued me, and we ended up having crazy cool sex—satisfying in all the ways the guy I'm dating isn't. I haven't told the guy I'm seeing about this and I don't plan to. But I feel guilty. I keep rationalizing that we have never had a talk about exclusivity, and I therefore have no obligation to him. I want to keep fucking my friend, but I also enjoy dating this other guy. Am I an asshole? Am I obligated to disclose that I'm not interested in monogamy with him?

Too Many Intrigues

My response after the jump...

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New Seattle #VisionZero App Shows Car-Related Collisions and Costs In Local 'Hoods Since 2006

Charles Mudede

Are there are no children in Phinney Ridge? There are signs like the one pictured above ('Drive Like Your Pets Live Here') all over my neighborhood, Columbia City, but instead, they say: 'Drive Like Your Children Live Here.' But maybe this is all about to change in Columbia City and other parts of South Seattle that are being gentrified. Kids in poorer neighborhoods play on the street. It is used as a public space in a way that it's not in middle- and upper-class quarters. Nevertheless, in rich and poor, south and north parts of town, fast drivers are universally bad. They kill pets, and their owners; they kill children, and their parents.

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Spun Out: 5 Essential Cuts Selected by Local DJ Biome

Biome cares most about weird, unrestrained, de-corporatized fun.
Biome cares "most about weird, unrestrained, de-corporatized fun." Kristen Dalen; shades by BZR


Current Top 5 tracks:

K-Hand, "Eternal" (!K7)
"You can catch K-Hand at TUF FEST this summer!"

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Seattle Food News: SAM's New Pop-Up Cafe, Sun Liquor Pike Street Says Goodbye, 13 Coins Will Close and Reopen, and More!

Calders Eagle lingers in the background but all I can see is this fabulous panini.
Calder's Eagle lingers in the background but all I can see is this fabulous La Panadería panini: the "Guadalajara”—roasted turkey, chipotle spread, provolone, and caramelized red onions. Natali Wiseman

La Panadería Now Open in SAM's Olympic Sculpture Park

The Seattle Art Museum recently partnered with Ventures, a local non-profit dedicated to supporting minority-owned businesses, to launch a pop-up restaurant at the Olympic Sculpture Park's PACCAR Pavilion. La Panadería, owned by brother/sister team Oscar Fernandez and Felicitas Flores, is part bakery, part luncheonette, and all awesome. The cafe is focused on the foods of the siblings' hometown in Mexico, Zapopan, and serving said food here was a mutual dream of theirs. One that Ventures was able to make come true! The pop-up is currently open Fri-Sun 10am-3pm and will run until Labor Day Weekend. SAM's press release paints them in a particularly appetizing light:

Fernandez and Flores use fresh, natural, and local ingredients. La Panadería’s menu includes handmade tamales, made with non-GMO, locally sourced masa and organic coconut oil instead of pork lard. Savory tamale flavors include red mole, chicken, and a vegetarian or vegan option. Dessert tamales in strawberry and pineapple are also available. A rotating selection of panini feature ingredients such as chorizo, turkey, ham, and tender cactus.

Mmmm, tender cactus. Here's what their window looks like, if you're out searching:

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Should Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole Show Up For a Community Hearing Over Charleena Lyles' Death?

Hundreds rallied and marched last week in response to Charleena Lyles death.
Hundreds rallied and marched last week in response to Charleena Lyles' death. nate gowdy

During a briefing this morning, Seattle City Council members Lorena González and Kshama Sawant sparred over how the city should move forward in addressing the police killing of Charleena Lyles.

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Is Eric Trump Copying Richard Spencer's "Fashy" Haircut?

White supremacist Richard Spencers fashy. Eric Trump just debuted a similar summer style.
White nationalist Richard Spencer's "fashy." Eric Trump just debuted a similar summer style. Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

In urgent fashion questions: Is that a deliberate "fashy" on Eric Trump's head, or did he just accidentally trip into Richard Spencer's favorite haircut?

Bill Nye the Science Guy Loves Him Some Prop. 1

One of sciences great Williams, enjoying the touch tank at the Pacific Science Center.
One of science's great Williams, enjoying the touch tank at Pacific Science Center. Access for All / YouTube

The Seattle Times would have you believe that Access for All, aka Proposition 1 on your August ballot, is just an "arts tax" that's "nice" but not urgent. Bill Nye has paused his busy schedule of speaking the truth about climate change to highlight the opportunities the tax will provide in the realms of science, heritage, and arts education, and to tell you just how necessary this funding really is. Check out these spots:

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Guest Editorial: Parents, Now is the Time to Talk to Your Gay Teen about PrEP


Being a teenager is hard, but being the parent of a gay, bisexual or transgender teenager presents its own set of challenges. The journey is often full of difficult, awkward, and emotional moments, especially when it comes to the topic of sex. As parents, it can be hard to know how to help your children safely navigate experiences that might be very different than your own on a subject that, gay or straight, you and your teens want to avoid.

But these honest conversations about sex need to happen, and they need to include PrEP, or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, the daily anti-HIV medication combination that reduces the chance of infection in people most vulnerable to HIV by up to 92 percent. PrEP will become available to your children once they turn 18—it’s been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for adults since 2012, and recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for uninfected people at risk of contracting HIV since 2014.

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The 27 Best Concerts in Seattle This Week: June 26-July 2, 2017

Local rockers Thunderpussy will provide local support at Search Party on Saturday, an outdoor benefit for all-ages haven Vera Project with 40-plus beers on tap for maximum seasonally mandated sunshine-and-booze absorption.
Local rockers Thunderpussy will provide local support at Search Party on Saturday, an outdoor benefit for all-ages haven Vera Project with 40-plus beers on tap for maximum seasonally mandated sunshine-and-booze absorption. Elmo Wright

In between all the summer holidays and festivals are plenty of sun-soaked moments perfect for reveling in some exceptional local music. This week, our music critics have picked everything from NorCal funk created for a new school audience (P-Lo), to the revamped line-up of a legendary glam rock group (Queen with Adam Lambert), to a musical presentation that will (figuratively) take you to another galaxy (2001: A Space Odyssey). Click through the links below for complete details and music clips, or find even more shows on our music calendar.

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Meatbodies with Wild Powwers
Los Angeles trio Meatbodies are part of the Ty Segall/Mikal Cronin/Oh Sees axis of bands, which gives you a good baseline for what to expect: homespun rock ’n’ roll that’s tuneful, deferent to tradition in a constructive way, and prone to ripping off guitar solos that are both shambolic and showy. Compared to Segall and Oh Sees’ garage-punk rave-ups, though, Meatbodies operate at a deliberate pace—the band has described its sound as “metal on molly.” To that end, the group is touring behind Alice, a loosely conceptual album full of sludgy rockers with psychedelic flourishes. Like those associated acts, Meatbodies play live with vigor and practiced abandon. ANDREW GOSPE

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