Three Dead, One Injured, Suspect in Jail after Mukilteo Shooting

One of the victims was reportedly the alleged gunmans ex girlfriend.
A relative of a witness told NBC that one of the victims was reportedly the alleged gunman's ex-girlfriend. Jaromir Chalabala/Shutterstock

A shooter fired into a party of 15 to 20 teenagers and young adults last night, KING 5 reports. Three people are dead, and one has been injured and is being treated at Harborview.

Here's more from NBC:

Susan Gemmer told The Associated Press that her 18-year-old granddaughter, Alexis Gemmer, hid in a closet to escape the gunman. She was hanging out with friends from Kamiak High School at the home in Mukilteo when a young man showed up with a rifle.

Gemmer said that according to her granddaughter, the gunman shot two people at a fire pit before going onto a roof and firing more shots from there.

The identity of the 19-year-old suspect has not yet been released. We'll update when there's more.

UPDATE: The AP and Seattle Times report that the 19-year-old suspect in the shooting, Allen Christopher Ivanov, was booked into Snohomish County Jail today. He has not yet been charged. Police are not actively looking for any other suspects.

At a Saturday afternoon briefing, [Mukilteo Police Officer Myron] Travis said he could not confirm that the people in the house might have been high school- or college-age. He said he had no information on that. He gave no information on the victims’ identities, even generally, and none on the suspect’s identity. He did say the suspect would make a court appearance Monday.

Travis said the victims’ names won’t be released until after the Snohomish County Medical Examiner identifies the victims and notifies their families.

Vote Ruth Kagi for Legislative District No. 32, Position 2

Ruth Kagi
Ruth Kagi
Oh boy. This was a tough endorsement interview—not because it's a tough choice among the candidates, but because all the candidates together seemed to represent everything wrong with politics in 2016.

The lineup: establishment incumbent Democrat Ruth Kagi, Bernie organizer Wesley Irwin, no-show libertarian Alex Hart, and Republican David Schirle.

You cannot not vote for Kagi…

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Your Weekly Roundup: Hillary's Great Week, Your Great Weekend

Your roundup of this week’s most widely-read, shared, and discussed stories.

Obama and Hillary
Obama on Hillary: "No matter how much people try to knock her down, she never, ever quits." Nate Gowdy

• Hillary Clinton officially received and accepted the Democratic nomination this week at the party convention, becoming the first woman to be a presidential nominee (of a major party, no one has forgotten to asterisk). On the ground in Philadelphia, photographer Nate Gowdy has been taking stunning photos of President Obama, Michelle Obama, Al Sharpton, and other notable attendees and delegates. Re-live the rest of our DNC coverage here.

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Last-Minute Plans: 71 Free, Cheap & Easy Things To Do In Seattle This Weekend

The traditional Seattle Seafair Torchlight Parade this weekend will be complete with clowns, pirates, horses, and giant helium balloons.
The traditional Seattle Seafair Torchlight Parade this weekend will be complete with clowns, pirates, horses, and giant helium balloons. BEASTER725/FLICKR

Panicking because you haven't planned what you're doing this weekend yet? We've got you covered, with cheap (under $10!) and easy entertainment options all weekend long, from various Harry Potter and the Cursed Child release parties to outdoor movies (including New Belgium Brewing's Clips Beer & Film Tour), and from a light and art festival in Volunteer Park to the Seattle Dragon Boat Festival. See all of your options below, and, if you have a slightly larger budget, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

1. The Angry Beaver Grand Re-Opening
Seattle's only (and thus, greatest) hockey bar celebrates its grand re-opening with live music from the Kennedy Brothers, drink specials, and plenty of poutine to warm even the coldest of mounties.
(Greenwood, free)

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Jason Bourne: Punching and Chasing, Part Five

JASON BOURNE “Vroom vroom! Beep beep! I gotta get to Ben’s house!”
JASON BOURNE “Vroom vroom! Beep beep! I gotta get to Ben’s house!”

Poor Jeremy Renner. Bounced out of the Bourne franchise, Conan O’Brien/Tonight Show–style, Renner’s nowhere to be seen in the fifth movie based on the character from Robert Ludlum’s espionage books, and the fourth to star Matt Damon—although, oddly enough, for a movie named after Damon’s character, Jason Bourne could’ve used a lot more of him.

Instead, director Paul Greengrass and his co-scriptwriter Christopher Rouse (also the movie’s editor, interestingly) focus on a coterie of supporting characters…

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Democrats Have a Thing With Balloons. (Especially Bill).

It was a moment for the ages.

A historic nomination.

A ceiling-crashing speech.

A historically-significant white pantsuit.

And a banger of a balloon party.

As Thursday night drew to a close, giant balloon descended slowly, and in ever-increasing numbers, and enveloped the stage at the Philadelphia Convention Center with an unceasing cascade of rubber, trapped air, and patriotic colors.

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Man Drives to His Death in Last Cab to Darwin


A cab driver named Rex who has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer drives across the harsh, repetitive Australian outback—spending days in the car, traveling all the way to Darwin—to take advantage of newly passed right-to-die legislation. He is a white man in love with a black woman, which starts as a secret source of painful shame; the social stress and perceived judgment cause him to hurt the one he loves most…

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Uber Reportedly Hired an Intelligence Firm to Investigate Union Politics in Seattle

The Seattle City Council voted in December to allow Uber and Lyft drivers to unionize.
The Seattle City Council voted in December to allow Uber and Lyft drivers to unionize. HG

When the Seattle City Council passed an unprecedented law allowing ride-share drivers in Seattle to unionize last year, everyone knew a lawsuit was coming. But it's unlikely the politicians and labor leaders involved in the law expected this: an Uber-funded investigation of local union politics by a CIA-linked intelligence company.

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SL Letter of the Day: In Demand

Originally posted on September 17, 2014

I'm the bisexual everyone loves to hate because I want to be in a poly relationship with both a man and a woman. I am a woman who is into commitment, loyalty, love, trust, and honesty. I am not looking to cheat on anyone. But I discovered after one failed marriage to a man and one long-term relationship with a woman that I want to be in a romantic, sexually committed relationship with a man and a woman at the same time. This could possibly involve three-way sex, but probably not. It is more about sharing my life intimately with both a man and a woman. Unfortunately, I don't know if I will ever find that perfect balance because so far all my potential serious partners have been turned off by the idea that I want to be with two people and believed that I should "get over it" and just be in a monogamous relationship with them—straight or gay. Should I keep searching? Is what I want as valid as what other people want? If so, how do I broach the subject without turning people off?

Love Them Both.

My response after the jump...

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I, Anonymous: Good Dog, Mean Lady


My wife, the dogs, and I were having a nice walk along the trail that circles the park. Both dogs were leashed and fully in our control. We stopped to let our French bulldog poop and, being a responsible dog owner, my wife was bagging it while I kept an eye on our English bulldog. From out of nowhere, I hear a woman behind us ordering my wife to move our Frenchie out of her way. I turned around, and this woman yelled at me…

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Trump Says You Have to Vote for him Even if you Don't Like Him

Hey baby, you wanna be Chief Justice?
"Hey baby, you wanna be Chief Justice?" Debby Wong /

You know that quintessential '80s villain archetype who sidles up to a lady and thrusts his body against her and coos, "hey baby, you know you want it" like he's God's gift to women? That's basically what Donald Trump just did in Iowa.

"If you really like Donald Trump, that's great, but if you don't, you have to vote for me anyway," he bellowed at the crowd. (It's around the 1:20:00 mark in the video below, though I don't recommend watching it while eating.) "Have no choice, sorry, sorry. Sorry," he added, laughing. "You have no choice."

His explanation for that: "Supreme Court judges." Let's set aside the minor technicality that there ARE no Supreme Court judges — they're justices, which are different — because he is as correct as any broken clock. Yes, the next president will get to shape the Supreme Court. It's a big deal. So what's Trump's plan?

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It’s Time to Cheer Up About Hillary Clinton

Cheer up. And vote for Hillary.
Cheer up. And vote for Hillary. Nate Gowdy

YOU LOVED Bernie Sanders. You loved his policies and you loved him. You love that in the backstabbing Hollywood for ugly people that is politics, he seems like a real human. You voted for him in the primary, and you wanted to vote for him in the general. But you’re a goddamn adult, and you’re making peace with the fact that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was the one to accept the Democratic nomination at the Democratic National Convention last week. You know the alternative is Trump, and you know how a two-party system works, and you’re going to vote for Clinton in November, but you’re not, like, excited about it.

Well, cheer up, Gloomy Gus. I hear you. I’ve been you. And I’m here to help.

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Motherhood in Bad Moms as Hollow as Motherhood in "M.I.L.F.$"


With Bad Moms, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (yes, two dudes) have created a small and limited world for two-dimensional female characters to run wild in. Despite strong performances from Kristen Bell and the great Kathryn Hahn, who play the highly caricatured roles of Kiki ("sad and lonely stay-at-home mom") and Carla ("feral, drunken, single mom"), Bad Moms is a very bad movie.

"We all work too damn hard trying to make our kids' lives amazing and magical," the protagonist Amy (Mila Kunis) screeches to Kiki and Carla after a long day and a bottle of Scotch…

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How Hillary Was Shrunk

Late last night, when the house finally fell quiet, I listened to Hillary Clinton's speech. In the middle of listening, my husband recommended we press pause on Hillary 2016 and switch over to another broadcast: Hillary 1969.

What happened next shouldn't surprise anyone. Of course the student sounds different from the politician. But I wasn't prepared for how different.

Of course I don't expect a presidential candidate to sound like a newly graduated WASP hippie-llectual.

But the different in tone and style is astounding.

In 1969, she speaks fluidly. Her speech is a straight view into her mind. She sounds comfortable at the mic, as if she were born on a podium and was capable of living authentically there.

In 2016, she speaks in blocks. Each one is a weight. She must carry. For the American people. She does not say anything interesting, and she does not say anything interestingly. This is her mask.

Hillary has a reputation as a poor orator, but she was gifted in 1969. She was precise, sincere, confident, and it could be thrilling to listen for how her thinking would turn as she spoke.

How many Americans would have voted for a woman like that to be their president?

This is no diss on Hillary. (My vote will be for her in November.) This is maybe a reflection of the effects of political life on a brilliant young woman between the years 1969 and 2016 in America.

UPDATE: Before I wrote this, I hadn't seen this NPR story from yesterday that puts Hillary's 1969 speech in context. It's even more of a contrast than I knew.

The remarks you hear on that partial recording above are in part extemporaneous, in reaction to the commencement speaker, an African American senator who told the students to be grateful for the progress already made and not to push too hard with more protests.

Hillary responded by saying, off the cuff, that the protests were the young generation's attempt to transform politics from "the art of the possible, to the art of making the impossible, possible."

Her speech made national news. The New York Times quoted Hillary as saying that young people were "searching for a more immediate, ecstatic, and penetrating mode of living."

"Every protest, every dissent, whether it's an individual academic paper or a parking-lot demonstration, is unabashedly an attempt to forge an identity in this particular age," she said.

Wow. Again, it's not just what she says. It's how she says it.

Guest Editorial: I Support Pramila Jayapal for Congress to Expand Opportunity for Women of Color

I stand on Pramila’s shoulders.
"I stand on Pramila’s shoulders." Jayapal Campaign

Elections are personal and political for me. That’s because my life is a demonstration of what far too many women of color face in the world. I became political because of what I faced myself—and what I saw others face.

I am a proud Latina. While I was in college with a full load of classes, I relied on a $7.85 an hour job as a barista to pay for my rent, food, and other necessities. I had no paid sick days—I remember a few shifts when I took orders in between throwing up in the bathroom just so I wouldn’t lose needed hours. I struggled to balance my coursework while living paycheck to paycheck.

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