Chelsea Manning Gets Her Sentence Reduced Courtesy of President Obama

This (the freeing of Chelsea Manning) is happening in 5 months.
This (the freeing of Chelsea Manning) is happening in 5 months.

In one of his final acts as the current POTUS, President Obama has approved a total of 209 commutations and 64 pardons, which includes shortening the sentence for Chelsea Manning. The 29-year-old one-time army intelligence analyst was arrested in 2010 for releasing a boatload of secrets and sensitive military files to Wikileaks, held in solitary confinement at Virginia's Marine Corps Brig, Quantico for nine months before being being transferred to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and in August of 2013, was ultimately convicted and given a pretty substantial sentence—35 years.

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Savage Love Letter of the Day: What's Allowed In His Spank Bank?


I am quite the follower on social media: Facebook and Twitter in particular. I make no trolling comments, no #MAGA hashtags; I just look with my male gaze. Like critic Laura Mulvey says, it's only natural.

I've lost some interest in pornography, so I use everyday pictures of women, typically selfies. It helps me to know the story behind the face and body. None of these pics are pornographic—just feel-good selfies by young women posted on social media. I don't communicate with these people because that'd be creepy. I'm not worried about whether this is abnormal. I just wondered if people would be okay with this, if people were aware of behavior like mine when they post, and if I should ask for permission to wank to selfies of these "girls next door."

(Not) Anthony Lech Weiner Asking Youngish Starlets

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Person of Interest: Negarra A. Kudumu

Negarra A. Kudumu
Negarra A. Kudumu Stanton Stephens

Negarra A. Kudumu is something like a marvelous cloud of thinking and practices that are constantly processing contemporary art, curation, and critical theory. Her main interest is, to use her words, "the emerging visual culture of the African continent, Iran, South Asia, and their respective diasporas." In her essays and lectures, ideas from a variety of sources (high and low) meet at points that crackle and spark. For example, her lectures and posts on Black Constellation, the local/international art movement that counts Shabazz Palaces among its members, are as rich and insightful as the works by the movement's artists. She is currently manager of public programs at the Frye Art Museum, where she recently organized Those Without Voice, an exhibition of photo and video work created by local high-school students to express their views on social issues.

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Heart-Breaking Doc Goodnight Brooklyn Looks at a DIY Venue Crushed to Death by Vice Media

Every great city needs a space like this...
Every great city needs a space like this... Gravitas Ventures

Goodnight Brooklyn: The Story of Death by Audio could be a prime exhibit in some sour asshole's “look at these fucking hipsters” essay, but if you still sneer at people trying to foster non-mainstream culture away from capitalism's clammy paws, you deserve the bland, toothless entertainment that America's biggest corporations want to spoon-feed you. For anyone who cares about the health of underground music, this documentary about the Williamsburg DIY venue Death by Audio offers an archetypal scenario of altruistic artists MacGyvering their own distinctive ecosystem in a city where it costs four figures a month to rent a closet. What makes Goodnight Brooklyn more interesting than most stories of its ilk, however, is the lethal irony at its core.

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ICYMI: Seattle Has Been Covered in Ice. Instead of Moping, These Folks Played On It

Evan, above, was the second hockey player we saw skating on Cal Andersons reflecting pool.
Evan, above, was the second hockey player we saw skating on Cal Anderson's reflecting pool. ASK

It may have been bitterly cold recently, but it sure as hell beats the grey grossness that's outside today. Plus, there was (supposedly) skateable and walk on-able ice!

Let's remember the good times:

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105 Stranger (Than Usual) Things To Do In Seattle This Week: Jan 17-22, 2017

If you need a distraction on Inauguration Day, head to Elliott Bay to hear humorist Zachary Auburn discuss his book How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety: And Abstinence, Drugs, Satanism, and Other Dangers That Threaten Their Nine Lives.
If you need a distraction on Inauguration Day, head to Elliott Bay to hear humorist Zachary Auburn discuss his book How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety: And Abstinence, Drugs, Satanism, and Other Dangers That Threaten Their Nine Lives. American Association of Patriots

Our arts critics have already recommended 43 great things to do this week, our music critics have picked the 21 best concerts, and we've compiled all of the inauguration resistance events happening, but there are still hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—from the Queer Resurgence on Capitol Hill Poetry Slam and the Britain's Baking Challenge improv show to the The First Annual Cannabis Winter Ball and Dismal Fest. For even more options this week, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

recommended Get all this and more on the free Stranger Things To Do mobile app—available now on the App Store and Google Play. recommended

1. Early Music Underground: The Extraordinary Ignatius Sancho
The Early Music Underground House Band with acclaimed tenor Zach Finkelstein host a night of celebration for the life and legacy of 18th century composer, author, playwright, abolitionist, and businessman Ignatius Sancho. Admission includes a complimentary house beer or glass of wine.

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Radiohead Is Coming to Seattle

Yep, its Radiohead
Yep, it's Radiohead Alex Lake

Sure, I was probably one of the very few Radiohead fans that didn't go all gaga over last year's A Moon Shaped Pool—"Burn the Witch" aside, I thought it was a yawn—but I'd be lying if I claimed I wasn't jumping up and down at the chance to see them live yet again, because goddamn it, those UK lads sure do know how to put on a motherfucking rock show. And they happen to be a favorite regardless of how I feel about their most recent outing. And being a transplant from Florida, I'm pretty stoked that I won't have to drive to Miami (aka South Florida hell) in order to see them, but rather, can hop a bus to catch them a mere three miles from my current Seattle digs.

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Are These Stickers That Promote White Supremacy Showing Up in Your Neighborhood?

White nationalism: Not just for small town America. This sticker was found in Wallingford.
White nationalism: Not just for small town America. Walter McGerry

The above photo wasn't taken in Bumblefuck, Washington. It was snapped in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood, a charming little place west of the mostly liberal University of Washington.

A sticker reading, "'Diversity' is just a code word for white genocide" was slapped onto a photo of female rapper Lizzo, an outspoken body positivity advocate and social justice activist who is confident and comfortable in her Blackness. The sticker covers her mouth, symbolically silencing her.

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Tonight! Join Eli Sanders, Dan Savage, Pramila Jayapal, and Sean Nelson for a Live Taping of the Blabbermouth Podcast


On Friday, Donald J. Trump will become the president of the United States. This is happening despite his unsuitability for the position, despite his hateful rhetoric, and despite his opponent Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote by nearly three million.

WHAT WILL WE DO? What can be done? And what should our theme song be? The Stranger's Pulitzer Prize–winning Eli Sanders, celebrity-prize-winning Dan Savage, non-prize-winning Rich Smith, and special guest Pramila Jayapal will tell you at the first-ever live recording session of the Blabbermouth podcast. Plus music from The Stranger’s own Sean Nelson!

It's happening at Seattle's Town Hall and you're going to want be there.

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In the Midst of Capitol Hill's Restaurant Madness, Machiavelli Is Still Standing

Kelly O

Machiavelli is a Seattle classic. As the Italian restaurant's tagline proclaims, it's been "a Capitol Hill tradition since 1988," which means it has been serving up veal piccata longer than many of you reading this have likely been alive. In a neighborhood that has new restaurants opening nearly every week, often at the expense of an old favorite, it's still going strong. Indeed, Machiavelli is often as busy on a Monday night as any of the newer, hipper spots in the vicinity are on a Saturday, sometimes even more so.

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The Best "Fuck You, Pedestrians"? Stewart Street and Denny Way

"Fuck you two!"

In this city, one goes to the Space Needle for the best views of the newly Amazonized downtown Seattle; to the quiet and very white neighborhood of Leschi for some of the best views of the biggest minority-majority city in Washington, Bellevue; and to the point where Stewart Street and Denny Way intersect to see the most brazen, unremitting and aggro 'fuck yous' to pedestrians in the 206.

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I, Anonymous: Here is The Freeze You Ordered


To the person who wrote the "Who Can Care the Least?" I, Anonymous: It's obvious you really care what other people think of you. And because of the famous "Seattle Freeze," you feel put-upon and exhausted. Here's something to chew on: People who have lived here their whole lives, survived the grunge area, and have a real love affair with the city do not enjoy having to watch helplessly as our local culture is eroded by people like you.

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Uber Sues Seattle to Try to Stop Unionization Law

Uber is challenging Seattles rules for who should get to vote on unionization.
Uber is challenging Seattle's rules for who should get to vote on unionization. HG

On the day Uber drivers in Seattle were set to get the right to unionize, the multi-billion-dollar ridesharing company is suing the city to try to stop that new law from taking effect.

The Seattle City Council passed an unprecedented law in 2015 allowing rideshare drivers who work for companies like Uber and Lyft to unionize. City departments have spent the last year trying to craft rules for how that law should take effect, including which drivers should be allowed to vote on whether to unionize.

Now, Uber—which has continually opposed unionization here in Seattle—claims that process was "arbitrary," "capricious," and "piecemeal," and "denied the public a meaningful opportunity to comment."

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See 12 Stunning Photos from the MLK Day Rally and March

The MLK Day March in Seattle, January 16, 2016.
The MLK Day March in Seattle, January 16, 2016. Ramon Dompor

Yesterday, thousands of Seattlites gathered at Garfield High School to rally then march in honor of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and celebrate his namesake holiday. Reporter Ana Sofia Knauf was on the ground, Tweeting live as the day unfolded, and we also sent one of our fine photographers, Ramon Dompor, to take a visual account of the event as the crowd snaked its way through the city and eventually landed at the Jackson Federal Building in downtown Seattle. Check out the rest of his stunning shots below.

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Food News: This is Not a Drill, the Redwood is Actually Closing (For Real This Time)

Redwood Pie
I made this pie for the Redwood's staff Thanksgiving party one year because I love any excuse to use lard and also worn-in dive bars that are full of happy memories. The Redwood

Lotta disheartening news this week, sorry. Obviously, the Redwood receiving its final stay of execution tops that list, but I want to save the worst for later in this post. Let's begin instead with the world of beer.

Say Goodbye to Big Al's Beautiful Cable Spool Patio

Big Al Brewing, White Center's craft beer veteran, gave up the ghost on January 14. Owner Alejandro Brown gave us the sad news via Facebook, citing "many contributing factors that led to this decision," but declining to name them. According to Seattle Met, however, it has a lot to do with the city's brewery explosion, a thing that Big Al Brewing helped light the fuse for.

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