My Favorite Plate of Food in Town


There are dishes that get under the skin—they intertwine with our senses and emotions, nestle deep into our bodies and memories. The spicy rice cakes with chorizo and pickled mustard greens at Joule is my favorite plate of food in town.

Contrast is the heart of this dish—and that's what makes it so good. The cakes, flat ovals made from glutinous rice, are inherently chewy, but after being fried in a hot pan, their exteriors become crunchy, even crackly. The chorizo (spiked with cumin, pimenton, and coriander) is meaty, smoky, and satisfying, while the mustard greens light up your palate with brightness and tang. All of it gets bathed in a smooth gochujang-based sauce (which gets a hit of sweetness from mirin). It's a dish as comforting as it is invigorating.

I used to work as a server at Joule, and I found it difficult not to order the rice cakes at the end of every shift. I ate them regularly throughout my first pregnancy, when by the end of the night, my legs felt like cinder blocks. To sit down to the steaming ivory bowl was to become one with exhaustion, relief, and satisfaction.

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Savage Love Letter of the Day: Manly Snowboard Man Requires Finger


Originally posted August 15, 2012.

I'm a twentysomething professional snowboarder. I have a problem that I don't really have anybody to talk to about. When I jerk it, I have to put a finger in my asshole to finish. Plain and simple, that's the only way I can come. I've tried to learn to come without the finger, but I can never reach climax. I can't even come in a girl's pussy without sneaking a finger in my back door. I go to great lengths to hide it—push her head in a pillow, etc.—because I don't want them to think I'm gay. (I have no problem with other people being gay, just FYI. It's just that you do not want snowboard groupies thinking you're gay. Girls talk, and then you never get laid again and all of your bros find out you're sticking things up your butt.) This letter is actually time sensitive. I'm pretty distraught that last night one of my regular chicks saw me do it. Today she won't return my texts. I want to convince her I was scratching an itch or something. I'm worried it might already be out there that I'm "gay." How do I learn to come without prostate stimulation?

Butt-Using Manly Man Entirely Distressed

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Celebrate 12 days of Cannabis with a unique Dockside ADVENTure! Each calendar has an assortment of the best cannabis products from Washington State.

Celebrate 12 days of Cannabis with a beautiful & unique advent calendar that can be hung on a tree, wall or mantel - or give it to a 21+ Cannabis enthusiast. The Dockside Cannabis advent calendars come pre-filled in a tasteful gift box and each has an assortment of Washington’s best edibles, flower & other fun surprises! Choose your own ADVENTure from four varieties: All Edible Journey-$79, Staycation Assortment-$109, Road Trip Assortment-$219, World Tour-$329.

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Amazon Workers in Germany and Italy Are on Strike

The scene at another German Amazon warehouse strike in May 2013.
The scene at another German Amazon warehouse strike in May 2013. Sean Gallup/Getty

Trading "Black Friday" for "Strike Friday," workers in Amazon distribution centers across Germany and Italy are on strike.

"We want a bonus because the company is having great results, and the profits need to be distributed,” the secretary of Italy's largest trade union, CGIL, told the Financial Times. Gianluca Zilocchi spoke to the Financial Times from outside an Amazon distribution center in northern Italy, where workers are on a one-day strike. The center employs 4,000 workers during the weeks before Christmas, according to the paper.

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Human Chimney Gets as High as Possible While Half Naked in the Street

Do you see what I see? CF
View from within a coffeeshop. Do you see what I see?

I was at Analog Coffee on Thanksgiving morning (remember their "educational" video?) because the coffeeshop closer to my house was closed and I needed a blast of energy to get me through the weird, long, starchy, obligatory, food-filled day ahead. As I was waiting for my coffee, I thought I saw something out the window.

It almost looked like a shirtless man was standing in the cold smoking a bowl.

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Home for the Holidays - Shop Local

Bedrooms & More has been a Seattle staple for over 45 years. Family-owned & operated, they are committed to providing customers with quality products to fit every budget, with an emphasis on durability, comfort, and sustainability. Get cozy for the holiday season! Huge discounts starting Friday, 11/24 through Monday, 11/27.

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Inbox Jukebox: A Weekly Shortlist of Good New Music. Mogwai, Noel Gallagher, Bitchin Bajas, and More

Mogwais new single finds a sweet spot between early New Order and Ride.
Mogwai's new single finds a sweet spot between early New Order and Ride.

Mogwai, "Party in the Dark" (Temporary Residence). Scotland's reigning post-rock scoundrels Mogwai come forth with a sumptuously morose midtempo ear-glazer that falls somewhere in the nexus among early-New Order, late-'80s Church, and shoegaze deities Ride in mild mode. Admittedly, I've not been paying close attention to Mogwai's recent releases, but "Party in the Dark" surprised me with its concise hookiness and abrasion-free textures. It's not a bad change. (Mogwai performs tonight at Showbox with Xander Harris.)

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Trumpy Bear Is a Real Thing, and I'm Kind of Appalled

The Trumpy Bear commercial as it happened in my living room
The Trumpy Bear commercial as it happened in my living room.

It's 5:32 am Thanksgiving Day and the baby's up so we're up, too, and the living room is bathed in buttcrack-early TV light, the sort that makes everything feel kind of surreal and bizarre but that is absolutely necessary because anything brighter might over-stimulate the baby and keep us from getting her back to sleep. So when the commercial starts, we're paying so little attention that when we both look up, we think it's a joke or a clip from an SNL skit, because it's for a product so ludicrous that the notion of someone creating it is as unbelievable as the fact that there are people out there who will actually pay two installments of $19.95 (plus shipping) to own one.

I am referring to Trumpy Bear, and it's totally, unreasonably, appallingly real.

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I, Anonymous: Your Manicure Looks Great, but Your Parenting Skills Suck


At the salon, my nails are slowly drying. You are sitting next to me, and your 3-year-old daughter is sitting two chairs away. This tells me you're a "hands off" parent, who prefers to use words that don't mean shit to a tiny person. She's playing with your cell phone. Suddenly, you begin a series of loud, empty attempts to parent from your chair as the tech is sanding off last month's manicure. Your rant includes threatening not to bring her to the salon again if she doesn't sit still, to stop playing with the phone that YOU put in her hands, basically telling her to stop being a 3-year-old. She's ignoring you. Eventually, she says, without looking up, "Mommy, stop yelling at me!" Yes, shut the fuck up! Some advice: Next time, get a babysitter. We know you can afford it if you can pay someone to paint your 3-year-old's toenails. Oh, and please don't have any more kids, 'cause you suck at it.

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If You're Missing a Scarf, You Left It at Broadway and East Howell


Week in Weed: Hemp Growing on the Rise, Home Grows Trending, and Cannabis Strains Protected

Hemp: 23,346 acres grown in the U.S. in 2017
Hemp: 23,346 acres grown in the U.S. in 2017 NurPhoto VIA GETTY IMAGES

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! Hopefully you enjoyed a tasty meal yesterday, and if you spent time with relatives, that you were able to cope without pulling out too much hair. Meanwhile, in the world of weed, a report shows hemp acreage growing across the United States, a Swiss Company sells ‘low THC’ products in Europe, and a new data project seeks to preserve weed strain information. Read on.

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Can a New Democratic Majority in Olympia Do Anything About Homelessness and Housing Affordability?

Democrats will begin the next legislative session with a new, but very slim, senate majority.
Democrats will begin the next legislative session with a new, but very slim, senate majority. YINYANG/GETTY

It only took one day for a reality check on Washington State Democrats’ big victory.

The morning after Manka Dhingra won a key state senate race in the 45th District, Democratic Party leaders spoke to the Seattle Times about what they planned to do with their new majority. Not on the list: A capital gains tax.

For progressives in Seattle, it was a reminder that a one-vote majority doesn’t guarantee a progressive agenda. On some issues important to Seattle, Democrats still have to woo moderates and Republicans, even with Dhingra in the Senate.

That dynamic will play out for another Seattle priority, too: housing and homelessness. Here’s a look at what's on the agenda for Seattle Democrats and housing advocates and what will take more than a one-vote majority to win:

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19 Movies Worth Watching in Seattle This Weekend: Nov 24-26, 2017

Coco will touch your soul.
Coco will touch your soul.

Steal a few precious hours away from your relatives for quality movie time. Follow the moving journey of an Afghan girl under the Taliban regime in The Breadwinner, mock bad contemporary art in The Square, or take your pick from our other critics' picks from now until Sunday. Follow the links below for complete showtimes and trailers, or, if you're looking for even more options, check out our complete movie times listings, and our film events calendar.

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Brimstone & Glory
Almost a year ago, a huge fireworks market in the Mexican city of Tultepec exploded for reasons that are not known. Fireworks exploded within fireworks and above and below fireworks to form a massive fiery monster, a mind-boggling spectacle that no amount of computer-power in Hollywood could reproduce for a big-budget film. For many Americans, this terrible and sublime (in the Kantian sense) accident (it killed 42 people people and injured around 80) was the first time they learned of Tultepec, a city whose economy and culture is centered on the production and distribution of fireworks. The gorgeous documentary Brimstone & Glory by Viktor Jakovleski is about this city and its obsession with fireworks. Though the film does not mention the accident of 2016, it does capture the life of Tultepec's huge fireworks economy—its dealers, its buyers, its tourists, its competitions, its madmen, and so on. We also see the dangers of this kind of business. We also see arms missing hands and spark-scarred skin. CHARLES MUDEDE
Northwest Film Forum

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Protest the Death of Net Neutrality: Shop on Black Friday, but Not Cyber Monday

Back to life, back to reality...
"Back to life, back to reality..." lucielang/

There's nothing that can be done about it now. Big telecommunication corporations have this round won. The FCC, led by free-market fanatic Ajit Pai, will give them the head of Obama-era net neutrality on a bloody platter on December 14. The ruling will make the concentration and monopolization of profits in cyberspace easier, a development that should not surprise anyone. Much of the history of capitalism is composed of two connected movements. One has been the increased replacement of labor (variable capital) with machines (fixed capital) to save costs and increase productivity. From this process arises the contradiction of falling effective demand.

The other is the growth of monopolies within and across sectors. One of the contradictions of this process is that it precisely undermines one of the sacred rules of market ideology: perfect competition. And so one of the things to follow the death of net neutrality will be the kind of product innovations that tend to be generated by smaller enterprises and threaten corporate or established profits with the real danger of creative destruction. As the socialization of health insurance actually encourages small-scale entrepreneurship in the market, government regulation of the net actually encourages competition among businesses. Deregulation will not end socialism (government intervention and management), but it will concentrate the benefits of the net in a few hands.

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With Native Invader, Tori Amos—Who Performs Tonight at the Paramount—Interweaves Politics and Mythology


Many oddball moments in my life have intersected with Tori Amos songs. Like the time a boy who sat behind me in eighth grade sensually humped a chair while singing the chorus to her Boys for Pele hit “Caught a Light Sneeze,” or when a man at a Tiki bar in Hell’s Kitchen with avocado dip spread across his pants drunkenly accused me of being in a Tori Amos music video. Avocado Pants was right, though; I am in a Tori Amos music video—forever captured at an awkward My So-Called Life-influenced 16—and I’ve unabashedly loved Amos’ music from grade school to present day.

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After 42 Years in Business, Zanadu Comics Is Closing

The mighty Z folds.
The mighty Z folds. Zanadu Comics

I'm way late on reporting this, but ICYMI: Zanadu, a beloved comics shop in downtown Seattle, will close on January 28.

In a Facebook post last week, Zanadu explained why they have to close: "There are hundreds of reasons we could list, but the truth is that the money coming in does not equal the money going out."

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What To Eat and Drink in Seattle This Weekend: Nov 24-26, 2017

Miracle on 2nd, Greg Boehms kitschy Christmas wonderland pop-up, sets up shop at Rob Roy today.
Miracle on 2nd, Greg Boehm's kitschy Christmas wonderland pop-up, sets up shop at Rob Roy today.

The main food event of the month may have passed, but in place of Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing come special ice cream flavors, Christmas-themed cocktails, and Apple Cup parties—plus Black Friday deals on beer and whiskey. Find all that and more below, and check out last week’s post for more food news or see our complete food & drink calendar.

1000 Years of Silence Seattle Release
Appropriately for Black Friday, Astoria-based brewery Fort George is releasing "1,000 Years of Silence," its black imperial Mexican stout brewed with molasses, brown sugar, and cocoa nibs, in bottles and on draught, exclusively at Bottleworks.

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