I'm Not Actually General Lee, by The General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard


Good day to you, mah dear suhs and madams. And may I offuh mah humble compliments on y'all's balmy climes so late in the summuh. I do surely despair of makin' a damn nuisance of mahself, but if y'all would suffuh to lend an eah, I'd like to cleah the aiyeah.

Now, I ain't especially political, but I do read the papers and blowgs, and I done seen the deplorable business up in Charlottesville, and I done seen what transpired in Durham, and it got me to thankin' there was somethin' mah honuh demands that I declare:

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Person of Interest: Dr. Richard Harruff Might Examine Your Body If You Die an Unnatural Death in King County


So you're the person who finds himself at the center of the 1,500 unnatural deaths that occur in the county annually. What's your favorite part of the job?

Interacting with different people on a level well beyond the superficial.

Least favorite?

Dealing with bureaucracy.

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It’s Not Just Bathrooms: New Report Details Discrimination Faced by WA State Transgender Community

alex garland

A third of Washington State's transgender residents cut down on eating and drinking in 2015 to avoid using the restroom for fear of confrontation and harassment, a new statewide survey found. Staffers with Gender Justice League and Ingersoll Gender Center developed the Washington State report based on responses from nearly 1,700 state residents who participated in the 2015 United States Transgender Survey.

The report highlighted that, like many transgender people across the U.S., trans Washingtonians still have to fight for their right to exist every day. They fight being misgendered. They fight to report being assaulted while walking down the street. They fight threats of conversion therapy. They fight to be represented in our education system. They still have to fight for a safe place to pee.

"The statistics that came out were not surprising [to trans people]—but they were shocking for the public to learn," said Danni Askini, executive director of Gender Justice League, at a forum at Columbia City's Southside Commons on Tuesday evening.

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Who You Gonna Call If You're a White Racist Who Needs a Negro To Say You're Not a White Racist? Ben Carson

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Ben Carson, the Housing and Urban Development Secretary who knows nothing about housing and urban development, clearly got a call from his master in the White House, listened carefully to every word, and wasted no time following orders.

Carson then went to the press and said exactly what his master told him to about the violence in Charlottesville: The press is making way too much noise about a minor matter, and both sides are to blame for the violence.

From Ben Carson's ear directly to his mouth: "Let us pray for those killed and injured during the unrest in Charlottesville today, but also for our nation as it is being severely threatened by hatred and bigotry on all sides.”

Carson will never let his master down. Never. He is Trump's negro.

Mayor Murray's Office Expressed "Concern" Over Confederate Monument at Lake View Cemetery

The United Confederate Veterans Memorial at Lake View Cemetery.
The United Confederate Veterans Memorial at Lake View Cemetery: perhaps not long for this world.

It looks like the petition to remove a Confederate monument at Lake View Cemetery has caught the attention of Mayor Ed Murray. Today, he issued a statement denouncing “statues and flags that represent this country’s abhorrent history of slavery and oppression based on the color of people’s skin." Removing them, he says, "is the right thing to do."

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Whose Streets? Is Vital to the Resistance


Most of us remember scrolling through news about the Ferguson protests on Twitter in 2014, but Sabaah Folayan and Damon Davis’ directorial debut Whose Streets? fills in the blanks of the story, offering a humanizing, much-needed portrait of those involved. Dedicated to Michael Brown, the film captures the aftermath of the shooting of the unarmed 18-year-old—by a white police officer, while the Black young man had his hands in the air—using unflinching interviews with the still-grieving Ferguson residents who’ve seen their community unify against police brutality.

Throughout Whose Streets?, citizen journalists and activists armed with cameras offer stunningly raw snapshots of human emotion, like when Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, waits with community members to hear that a grand jury decided not to indict Brown’s killer. Or when Brown’s memorial site was set on fire. Or when plain-to-see conflict plays out on the face of a Black female police officer as she’s involved in an intense standoff with protesters. Or when resistance leaders speak to crowds, making my arms break out in goose bumps and my eyes well-up with pride.

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Savage Love Letter of the Day: Tiki Torches Aren't Just For Haters


One of the better retorts to the white supremacists in Charlottesville would be to hold a march with rainbow Tiki Torches. That will put an end to Nazi nonsense. Don't mean to be flippant, but a little panache is called for. Just saying.

Shaming Haters And Fascists To Intimidate Nazi Gangsters

If rainbow Tiki torches could put an end to Nazi nonsense, SHAFTING, I could get behind your idea. But defeating Naziism and white supremacism and Trumpism won't be that simple—and the last thing we need right now, frankly, is another mob marching around carrying torches. Mobs with torches are a bad look whether you're talking front pages of newspapers, old newsreels, or Disney movies. And while rainbows are lovely, they don't have the power to transform a hateful symbol or look into something loving. I mean... look at this shit.

Okay! That was grim! Kinder, gentler bonus question after the jump...

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The Stranger's Highball Week Is Next Week! Here's Where to Go in Capitol Hill


It’s almost time for The Stranger's HIGHBALL WEEK! Brace yourself for 15 specially crafted cocktails, for only $5 each, starting on Monday!

Check out what your favorite neighborhood bars have in store for you for August 21-27 on our Highball Week calendar!

In the meantime, here's a few teaser cocktails from Capitol Hill:

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Trump Attacks Amazon for the Things He Doesn't Give a Fuck About

One of Amazons spheres...
One of Amazon's spheres... Charles Mudede

Hillary Clinton warned America not expect surprises or changes from Donald Trump. There is no other Trump than the one we see and hear all of the fucking time: the self-obsessed racist, liar, and pussy-grabber. That's it. He is what he is and he will remain that way until pennies are on his eyes. And so, his recent tweet attacking Amazon for not paying taxes and killing jobs is, of course, really about The Washington Post, which is owned by the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos.

The Washington Post is fake news to Trump because, among other things, it often posts embarrassing leaks from the White House. Not much effort is needed to see that this tweet isn't about Amazon, taxes, jobs, or what have you. It is just about Trump, whose ego is so swollen that it can subsist solely on unearned praise.

But let's think about this for a moment: Is the spectacular growth of Amazon having a negative impact on American jobs?

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It's Never Too Late for Guantanamo Baywatch


If Guantanamo Baywatch's blistering surf instrumentals and seething punk sermons ever seemed rooted in place, the Portland band weren't too concerned with sticking to one on their new record, Desert Center.

That's because all three members now live in different cities. Before writing the new record, vocalist/guitarist Jason Powell moved to Mesa, Arizona, and around the same time, drummer Chris Scott moved to Long Beach, California. This effectively ended the trio's Northwest headquartering, though bassist Chevelle Wiseman still calls Portland home.

Desert Center follows the band's 2012 sophomore LP, Chest Crawl, which relished in the excesses of blown-out sock hops, and 2015's Darling... It's Too Late, itself a departure from the lo-fi grime of their first album. Guantanamo Baywatch's new record tempers Powell's technical abilities as a guitarist, especially as he looks to move beyond surf rock.

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The Stranger's Highball Week Is Coming! Here's Where to Go in West Seattle & White Center


It’s almost time for The Stranger's HIGHBALL WEEK! Brace yourself for 15 specially crafted cocktails, for only $5 each, starting next Monday!

Check out what your favorite neighborhood bars have in store for you for August 21-27 on our Highball Week calendar!

In the meantime, here's a few teaser cocktails from West Seattle and White Center:

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Fremont's Lenin Statue Is Currently Under Siege By Trump Supporters and the PizzaGate Guy

Where is the Fremont bridge troll when you need him?
Where is the Fremont bridge troll when you need him? Charles Mudede

Uhhh, so the conspiracy theorist and PizzaGate pusher who Trump retweeted the other day, Jack Posobiec, has apparently joined a few Trump supporters in front of the statue of Lenin in Fremont, demanding that it be "torn down." He was just Periscoping the whole thing a few moments ago.

The Stranger's resident philosopher Charles Mudede says he's "honestly not a fan of the statue," and calls it "an object of quirk, not of Marxism."

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Who Is She? It’s Seattle's Newest Supergroup With Members of Chastity Belt, Tacocat and Lisa Prank!

The coolest women, now all in one band.
The coolest women, now all in one band. Sarah Cass

Bree McKenna, Robin Edwards, and Julia Shapiro (of Tacocat, Lisa Prank, and Chastity Belt, respectively) just teamed up to make Seattle’s newest supergroup, Who Is She?, and it’s the best thing ever.

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Nite Skool at Annex Theatre Is Hilarious, or at Least the First Half Is


When Nite Skool's ensemble turned the phrase "gender is a weapon of the patriarchy" into a hilarious grade-school sing-along that also made a convincing case for using the word "they" as a singular pronoun, I thought: "Wow. They've done it. Writer Max Kirchner and 'neo-burlesque' theater group the Libertinis found some humor in the often humorless world of self-described SJW killjoys."

On a 1990s-colored set reminiscent of Saved by the Bell, eight performers with great 1990s character names like Tanya and Brogan and Mickey cycled through several skits. Each skit was set up like a class in one of the core subjects—English, history, sex-ed, and, blissfully, lunch, etc. But instead of giving you the white conqueror's version of each of those subjects, they give you the progressive, anti-colonialist, anti-racist, anti-sexist, sex-positive, body-positive narrative that they only teach you on Tumblr.

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Rep. Jayapal: It's Time to Censure Trump Over His Failure to Condemn White Supremacists

Good luck. Again.
Good luck. Again. Courtesy of Pramila Jayapal

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) today announced a resolution to censure President Donald Trump for his comments blaming “both sides” for deadly violence that erupted during a gathering of white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Representatives Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) are co-sponsoring the resolution for Congress to formally condemn President Trump over his “failure to immediately and specifically name and condemn the white supremacist groups responsible for actions of domestic terrorism.” The resolution also repeats a call made yesterday for Trump to fire members of his administration that support white supremacists, specifically naming White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka.

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