Mayor Murray's Public Safety Adviser Is Running Against City Attorney Pete Holmes

As public safety adviser, Scott Lindsay has overseen efforts on police reform and homelessness.
As public safety adviser, Scott Lindsay has overseen efforts on police reform and homelessness. courtesy of campaign

Well, another local political race that looked like a lock has turned into one worth watching.

One of Mayor Ed Murray's top advisers, Scott Lindsay, announced today that he'll challenge incumbent City Attorney Pete Holmes, who until today did not face any opponents.

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The 22 Best Movies Playing in Seattle This Weekend: April 27-30, 2017

Get ready to eat up some anime at Cineramas Anime Movie Festival, featuring favorites including Miyazakis goldfish adventure Ponyo.
Get ready to eat up some anime at Cinerama's Anime Movie Festival, featuring favorites including Miyazaki's goldfish adventure Ponyo.

This weekend at the movies, you can choose between three very promising film festivals: the Langston Hughes African American Film Festival at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute, the Anime Movie Festival at Cinerama, and the National Film Festival for Talented Youth at SIFF Uptown and Cinerama. Our critics have also recommended classic '80s parable The Breakfast Club, experimental films by Stranger Genius Jon Behrens, and hip documentary Karl Marx City, which explores a massive surveillance apparatus left over from a failed socialist project. See all of our critics' picks below, and click through the links to see specific movie times and trailers. For more options, check out our complete movie times calendar (as well as our list of special film events).


Equinox Flower
"The films in SAM's tribute to one of the three masters of Japan's Golden Age of film, Yasujiro Ozu, are all beautiful and have at their core the quiet spirit of their times and places—mid-century, post-war Japan," wrote Charles Mudede. Continuing in the weekly series, this Thursday's film is Equinox Flower, which is based on the novel by Ton Satomi and was Ozu's first color film.
Seattle Art Museum

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Fondue Chain That Charges "Living Wage" Fee Donated to Anti-Minimum Wage Campaign

The Stranger

Last month, I wrote about a handful of local restaurants and shops that were tacking on small living wage surcharges to their customers' bills. Business owners told me that these 2 percent to 5 percent fees were being used to help compensate for costs associated with increasing their employees' pay to meet Seattle's $15 minimum wage law. Although the fees are perfectly legal, representatives with workers' rights group Working Washington were convinced that the surcharges were politically motivated.

In a blog post published today, Working Washington pushed that point further, showing that fondue chain The Melting Pot, which charges customers a 3 percent living wage fee, donated money to an anti-$15 minimum wage group in 2014.

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Why Should I Give a Fuck About Tim Kasher?

Tim Kasher plays Saturday, April 29, at Barboza.
Tim Kasher plays Saturday, April 29, at Barboza.

Years Active: 24.

Provenance: Omaha, Nebraska.

Essential Albums: Black Out, Domestica, The Ugly Organ, Album of the Year.

Essential Songs: "The Casualty," "A Golden Exit," "After O'Rourke's, 2:10 a.m.," "Some Red Handed Sleight of Hand," "A Gentleman Caller," "Album of the Year," "Inmates," "From the Hips," "Heartbroke."

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Savage Love: Restless

Joe Newton
I'm a 31-year-old gay male. I've been with my fiancé for three years, and we are getting married in the fall. I've got a question about initiating sex in my sleep—I read somewhere that "sexsomnia" is the "medical" term, but maybe the internet invented that? According to my fiancé, I have initiated or performed some kind of sex act in the middle of the night and then gone right back to sleep. The next day, I don't remember anything. This freaks me out for a couple of reasons: My body doing things without my mind being in control is concerning enough, but it feels kinda rapey, since I doubt I'm capable of hearing "no" in this state. My fiancé doesn't feel that way; he finds it sexy. The other thing—and maybe I shouldn't have read so much Freud and Jung in college—is that I'm worried my body is acting out desires that my conscious mind doesn't want to acknowledge. According to my fiancé, the last time I did stuff in my sleep, I rimmed him and told him how much I wanted to fuck him. Rimming isn't a typical part of our sex life (although I'd like it to be), and my fiancé has never bottomed for anyone (I've topped guys in prior relationships, but in our relationship I've only bottomed). Is my body doing things that my mind won't admit it wants to do? Is there a way to prevent it from happening?

Sexsomniac Hoping Eventually Eager Trysts Stop

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Someone Thinks It Would Be a Good Idea for Bill Bryant to Run for Mayor

No. HG

Ed Murray's child sex abuse allegations have shaken up this year's mayoral race like never before, and the ultimate consequences of those allegations are yet to be seen. But even before those allegations became public, local political pundits had long speculated about a 2017 Murray challenger from the right. That challenger has yet to materialize with a fast-approaching May 19 filing deadline, but at least one person seems to think he or she knows a solid person for the job: Bill Bryant.

Seattle Times reporter Jim Brunner today tweeted a link to a website attempting to recruit Bryant, former Seattle port commissioner and Republican gubernatorial candidate, for mayor. Brunner noted that in King County Bryant only won 32 percent of the vote.

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David Crosby Remembers His Name, and Other Surprising Revelations

He who is on the road.
He who is on the road. Crosby lands at Neptune Theater next Wed, May 3. DJANGO CROSBY

David Crosby—who still really hasn't cut his hair—is in shockingly fine voice on his most recent album, 2016's Lighthouse. His high, silky tones elevate this folk-rock phantasia into an angel-haired realm that—while not as lofty or as lusty as his work with the Byrds, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and his early solo output—is better than you'd expect from a 75-year-old music-biz vet with mucho substance abuse under his cape.

It's a wistfully beautiful, acoustic affair co-helmed by Snarky Puppy bassist Michael League, and you can expect to hear much from it at Crosby's Seattle date—along with material from CSN(Y), the Byrds, and his sublime 1971 solo debut, If I Could Only Remember My Name.

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Savage Love Letter of the Day: Reader Advice Round-up


Updates this week: Should a gay couple stay in the closet? What's a trolydyte and why should we care? When do you bring up someone's micropenis? And is it responsible to jerk off to cam girls? As always, I gave my two cents, and so did many of you.

In response to the opening of this week's Savage Lovecast:

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Stream Queen: Return of the Nerds! Watch Bill Nye Saves the World and Silicon Valley

Bill’s back and he’s here to save the world.
Bill’s back and he’s here to save the world.

I didn’t expect to be so giddy. I thought the return of Bill Nye would get an “oh, cool” out of me, like if Zoom came back to TV. But holy chemtrails! Bill is back, and he’s back like a… uh… I can’t even think of an appropriately ecstatic science reference, and that’s because I suck at science, but doesn’t most of America? We need science more than ever. But since scientists aren’t usually the most eager to speak out about politics, the planet needs some leaders (who believe in facts). To remedy this, Netflix has elected Bill Nye, basically the Britney Spears of science, to imbue “Netflix and chill” with a touch of activism. And it rocks! (That counts as a basic geology joke, right?)

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Washington's Student Loan Complaints Shot Up 732 Percent Over the Last Year, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Reports

Predatory lenders are a problem for Washington state students, but efforts to create a student loan bill of rights in the state legislature have stalled.
Predatory lenders are a problem for Washington state students, but efforts to create a student loan bill of rights in the state legislature have stalled. zimmytws/Getty Images

According to a new report from the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)—the agency created by the Dodd-Frank act in 2010 to safeguard consumers from predatory loan and mortgage sharks—Washington state students have a student loan problem. Complaints filed to the agency from Washington students increased by 732 percent in the last year alone.

The agency acknowledges that some of the increase may be due to an update in their own complaint form accepting complaints about federal loans. Still, Washington state comes in second place nationally for the largest increase overall. Between 2016 and 2017, Washington students filed 1,220 student loan complaints.

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The “Jackson Street Workers Mural” Will Be Unveiled April 30

The Jackson Street Workers Mural being installed.
The Jackson Street Worker's Mural being installed. The official public unveiling happens April 30. AMBER CORTES

There’s a new public art mural on the block (at the corner of Jackson and 16th, specifically), and just in time for May Day, the piece will feature bold, colorful scenes that tell the story of working peoples' struggles for economic and social justice across the state.

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Murray Pitches Revised Soda Tax; Labor Union and Soda Companies Promise to Fight It

Soon after Mayor Ed Murray unveiled the details of his soda tax proposal at City Hall today, a group of opponents held their own press conference to raise concerns about the tax.
Soon after Mayor Ed Murray unveiled the details of his soda tax proposal at City Hall today, a group of opponents held their own press conference to raise concerns about the tax. JUSTIN SULLIVAN/GETTY

Mayor Ed Murray has addressed one key argument against his proposed soda tax, but will still face opposition to the pitch.

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View Art Zone's Profile of Record-Collecting Maniac Mike Nipper

Seattles reigning vinyl court jester.
Seattle's reigning vinyl court jester.

This week, The Seattle Channel spotlighted legendary record collector/Emerald City Soul Club DJ/Stranger receptionist for life Mike Nipper on its Art Zone program, and it is sexy. In the segment, Nipper talks about his digging strategies, his rationale for collecting, his scores (Strawberry Alarm Clock and Ceyleib People LPs) at Georgetown Records and Everyday Music, and gives a brief tour of the "Church," aka the vinyl museum he calls his living space, which currently holds 20,000 LPs and 45s... and is increasing daily. No, he's not a hoarder. And he can quit whenever he wants. Seriously. If you didn't like Mike before (you monster), you will, uh, kind of like him after viewing this video. Check it out below.

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Your Guide To Independent Bookstore Day 2017 In Seattle

Lisa Brown

The only way Seattle can possibly keep enjoying a wide variety of excellent, engaged, helpful, independent bookstores is to support them, love them, and buy as many books as we possibly can from them—not Jeff Bezos, even if his company offers convenient delivery. Independent Bookstore Day, happening this Saturday, gives you a perfect excuse to visit your favorite shops, stock up on new releases and old classics, and maybe even meet some local authors/complete challenges.

In Seattle, part of this event is a madcap race around the Sound to visit at least one location of every participating independent bookstore (there are 19 this year), and get your "passport" stamped at each one. The prize is 25% off books at all those retailers for an entire year. And if you're a little less ambitious but able to make it to at least three stores, you can enter a drawing for bookstore gift cards.

Events at each Seattle bookstore will differ, but many will offer surprise author appearances, prizes, food, refreshments, and activities. Find out more details about special events and see the list of participating retailers here.

The Stranger's Guide to the Best Chinese Restaurants in Seattle

The famed barbecue at I.D. mainstay Kau Kau.
The famed barbecue at I.D. mainstay Kau Kau. Kelly O

Part of a series of restaurant recommendations offered in The Stranger’s 2017 Guide to Food and Drink (International Edition).

Kau Kau BBQ Restaurant

Offering cheap Chinese food at its finest, Kau Kau's atmosphere is the perfect balance of interesting/odd decor and unpretentious functionality. The counter up front slings delicious barbecue lunches to go, usually chopped up as you wait. The full menu is worth sticking around for as well, and not just because the barbecue at this International District mainstay is best enjoyed with a bottle of Tsingtao. Their hot-and-sour soup is my favorite in the city, their barbecue duck is a delight, and their Chinese broccoli is exactly the umami bomb that any self-respecting Chinese vegetable side dish should be. TOBIAS COUGHLIN-BOGUE

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