One More Gone From Pioneer Square: G. Gibson Gallery to Move Uptown

As of November, G. Gibson Gallery will be in the same building as On the Boards, the great contemporary performance center.
As of November, G. Gibson Gallery will be in the same building as On the Boards, the great contemporary performance center. Courtesy of the gallery

Adding to the end-of-an-era feeling at the Tashiro Arts development in Pioneer Square, yet another anchor tenant is moving out this year. G. Gibson Gallery, a venerable showplace of art that's a highlight of every First Thursday Art Walk, will move uptown to Queen Anne at the end of October.

G. Gibson will land in the same building at On the Boards, the great contemporary performance center. Thematically, it's a perfect fit, and the two also share the stretch with INCA Seattle, a fantastic and unusual little literary-contemporary gallery.

G. Gibson represents the work of artists from the modern period, including Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, and Alfred Stieglitz, but also many contemporary painters and photographers (many of them women), Susanna Bluhm and Samantha Scherer (showing now), Eirik Johnson, Thuy-Van Vu, Richard Misrach, Linda Davidson, Julie Blackmon, and Gala Bent, to name only a few. Gail Gibson is the widely respected head of the gallery.

Platform and PUNCH both left Pioneer Square this fall. CoCA and Zinc Contemporary took those leases. CoCA has been around a long time but is regrouping after a period of uncertainty and is a nonprofit, not a commercial gallery. Zinc is newer. There are few established traditional dealers in the neighborhood anymore—Greg Kucera is a block away, and a few blocks north are James Harris and Mariane Ibrahim.

I have a call in to Gibson to ask her why she's moving; I'll update when I hear.

Where to Watch the First Presidential Debate: 26 Spots Across Seattle

patrimonio designs ltd /

Tonight is the first presidential debate of the 2016 election, and it's going to be streamed on essentially every screen in the city. To help you decide where you should commiserate with your fellow Seattleites while watching 90 minutes of Clinton v. Trump, we've compiled a list of debate-watching parties below where there will be comedy, karaoke, discussion, trivia, games, and (of course) plenty of alcohol. You can also see them all (including the sold-out Town Hall event) on our Things To Do calendar, and, wherever you end up tonight, make sure to check out The Stranger's live-Slog of the debate.

Hattie's Hat
Watch this historic debate with special cocktails, happy hour food, and a Trump drinking game at Hattie's Hat. From their poster: "Come celebrate the death rattle of democracy our fore fathers always dreamt of."

Cafe Presse
So you're watching US democracy devour itself like a crazed raccoon. Who cares? You're sipping Pouilly-Fuissé and snacking on petit' apéros, just like you're in France!

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Food News: Cafe Flora Turns 25, Ezell's Expands, and Paseo Heads to the Hill

Cafe Floras Oaxaca Tacos, a dish so popular that, when they were taken off the menu, irate customers successfully petitioned the restaurant to restore them.
Cafe Flora's Oaxaca Tacos are so popular that when they were taken off the menu, irate customers successfully petitioned the restaurant to bring them back. Cafe Flora

Seattle's Most Venerable Vegetarian Joint Clocks a Quarter Century

In October, Cafe Flora will celebrate 25 years of vegetarian goodness. The Madison Park mainstay opened in 1991, helping bring meatless dining to the masses.

“They were founded by four friends who wanted to create a place for locals to gather,” their anniversary press release notes, “and also support the opening of the Bailey-Boushay House, which in 1991 was not accepted by most of the neighborhood.” Bailey-Boushay House provides care and support for patients living with HIV/AIDS. Beyond being ahead of the curve on that, Cafe Flora has also been an early and ongoing champion of the farm-to-table movement.

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Two Weeks After Turning Down a $50K Record Deal, Olympia Punk Band G.L.O.S.S. Split Because Fame Is Too Stressful

G.L.O.S.S.: Being in the mainstream media, where total strangers have a say in something we’ve created for other queer people, is exhausting.
G.L.O.S.S.: "Being in the mainstream media, where total strangers have a say in something we’ve created for other queer people, is exhausting."

Rising Olympia-based, queercentric punk group G.L.O.S.S. have broken up, according to The news comes two weeks after the band made headlines for rejecting large indie label Epitaph's $50,000 record deal. G.L.O.S.S.'s members say that their meteoric popularity has simply stressed them out; they admit they've "become too large and unwieldy to feel sustainable or good anymore." G.L.O.S.S. plan to play Not Dead Yet Fest in Toronto (October 13-16) and one final show in the Northwest, with details of the latter to be determined. Read G.L.O.S.S.'s entire message from the Not Dead Yet site after the jump.

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The 39 Best Things To Do in Seattle This Week

Dont miss San Francisco drag star Peaches Christ in the one-day live tribute to the documentary Grey Gardens, featuring local treasure Jinkx Monsoon, on Thursday.
Don't miss San Francisco drag star Peaches Christ in the one-day live tribute to the documentary Grey Gardens, featuring local treasure Jinkx Monsoon, on Thursday.

Our music critics have already chosen the 32 best concerts in Seattle this week, but now it's our arts critics' turn to pick their favorite events. Here are their picks in every genre—from the Northwest Tea Festival to the Macefield Music Festival, and from BenDeLaCreme's Inferno-A-Go-Go to A Raisin in the Sun. See them all below, and find even more events on our complete Things To Do calendar.

Debate Watching Parties
Well, America, we can't put it off much longer: it's time for Trump and Clinton to exchange extremely reasoned and thoughtful arguments in an atmosphere of calm respect. For screenings accompanied by comedy, karaoke, discussion, trivia, games, and (of course) plenty of alcohol, see our complete list of debate watching parties in Seattle.

Jonathan Safran Foer: Here I Am
I've been hearing mixed reviews about Here I Am, the first novel in over a decade from award-winning author and Natalie Portman confidante Jonathan Safran Foer. Christian Lorentzen from Vulture calls it "a Philip Roth novel in the style of a Hallmark card." But Publisher's Weekly gave it a star and calls it an intensely "imagined and richly rewarding novel." Where you fall along that spectrum will likely depend on whether you thought Everything Is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close were masterful, genre-bending works of postmodern beauty or twee as fuck. There's only one way to find out. FYI: ticket price includes two copies of the book. RICH SMITH

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KOMO Reports Ranting of Gun Advocates at Olympia Rally After Cascade Mall Shooting

In Washington state, more people are killed by firearms than by car crashes, according to the governors office.
"In Washington state, more people are killed by firearms than by car crashes, according to the governor's office." AEDKA STUDIO/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM

This weekend, there were two rallies responded to the mass shooting in Burlington, Washington. One, happened in Olympia; the other, in Cal Anderson Park. The former was held by those who want to pour more guns into our already gun-crazy society, and the latter by those who want to restrict access to and place bans on certain types of guns. KOMO's story on these rallies is almost entirely devoted to the gun believers in Olympia and has this title: "Gun advocates: death toll at Cascade Mall could have been lower if witnesses had guns."

Nothing in the post challenges or even questions this logic. It is allowed to have equal standing with other statements that are consistent with the facts, which say, again and again, that gun violence in the U.S. is exceptionally high because guns are exceptionally easy to obtain in this country. The Trace has done an excellent job of packing these facts into one neat post. A post on Vox provides information about mass shootings, such as the fact that they annually constitute about two percent of all gun-related deaths in the U.S. Most Americans are either shooting themselves, or shooting someone they know, or accidentally getting shot.

A protester on the steps of the Capitol building told KOMO that because "99.9 percent of the time the police are not there immediately to respond," gun believers are "in the best position to respond when something happens." What overflows from this statement is insanity. In fact, I have heard the ravings of people high on powerful psychedelics that made more sense than the pro-gun arguments that KOMO, a respectable news institution, has presented as reasonable: guns deter guns.

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Gary Johnson Is a Moron (And If You Vote For Him, You Are Too)


Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson offered an outta this world solution on Sunday to the planet's environmental crises. "We do have to inhabit other planets. The future of the human race is space exploration," Johnson said on ABC's "This Week." Johnson was responding to a question about comments he made in 2011 at the National Press Club when he said people should think about global warming in the long term, because one day in the distant future, "the sun will engulf the Earth."

Josh Marshall took a long, hard look at today's shitty poll numbers—which don't look good for Clinton—and managed to pick out this kernel of corn:

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Does Seattle Need 200 More Police? The View from the Police vs. the View from One Local Police Abolitionist:

Does the city need 200 more police?
Does the city need 200 more police? The Stranger

Having helped bring a halt to plans for an expensive new North Seattle police station, the city’s Block the Bunker campaign—an organized local group of Black Lives Matter activists and supporters—has moved on to seventeen new demands, including: “Do not hire 200 more police officers... We demand that the City of Seattle prioritize the health, power, and future of our communities by divesting from policing and prisons.”

“We respectfully disagree with that concept,” said Sergeant Sean Whitcomb, a spokesperson for Seattle police.

Mayor Ed Murray, with the blessing of the city council, has raised business taxes in order to fund the additional police officers. The council will make decisions about how to budget those tax revenues over the next month, with Murray unveiling his specific budget proposals later today.

Without getting into the data (that's for a later post), here are two viewpoints from very different sides of the debate over the number of police Seattle should have. Keep in mind, these are not the only two viewpoints that exist out there. Among supporters of increasing the number of Seattle cops, and among Seattle activists pushing for police reform, there is a wide spectrum of thought.

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State AG Charges Trump Fanboy Tim Eyman Over "Shoddy Accounting," Improper Reporting

This guy? Shoddy accounting practices?
This guy? Shoddy accounting practices? tim eyman

Anti-tax initiative huckster and Donald Trump fanboy Tim Eyman is facing new allegations from the Washington State Attorney General's office today.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced today that three cases have been filed in Thurston County Superior Court against Eyman's political committees and their principals: Eyman, Jack Fagan, and Mike Fagan. (Mike Fagan is a member of the Spokane City Council.) The groups' treasurer, Barbara Smith, is also named. Eyman's group, Voters Want More Choices, has created multiple political committees to advocate for initiatives limiting taxes. In an announcement of the charges today, Ferguson's office said those committees' "shoddy accounting practices" and improper disclosure their funding and spending violated state law.

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Presidential Debate: The Stranger's Live-Slog


Tonight is the first presidential debate of the 2016 election. It's Clinton v. Trump for 90 minutes and it's going to be streamed everywhere.

Stranger staffers will be live-slogging their analyses, reactions, and an occasional gif. Won't you keep us company and follow along right here in this very post?

How are the candidates preparing? Hillary Clinton is reportedly practicing for it. Donald Trump is apparently going to mostly roll with the punches as they come.

The debate itself begins at 6 p.m. PST, and if you need to drink along, Stranger Things To Do has the best places to watch.

After the presidential brawl, we'll be slogging right along to the governor's debate, with incumbent Jay Inslee taking on Republican Bill Bryant.

Clean Your Bong: Straining to Care About Strains

Uncle Ike's Pot Shop

Walk into any weed store in Seattle, and you'll be bombarded with dozens of available strains, most boasting prog-rock names and each promising a specific experience. Chocolope, one of the 90-plus strains available at Cannabis City, promises a "dreamy cerebral effect" and "a strong mental shift that is great when coping with depression or stress." PK Starship, one of the 100-plus strains at Uncle Ike's, offers a "hard-hitting body high, delivering warm and relaxing waves over the body." These are but two of literally hundreds of nominally distinct offerings available to weed consumers, with the overloaded cornucopia positing marijuana highness as an intricately mappable state of being warranting endless investigation.

I love weed, but I simply can't give much of a shit about strains. My interest stubs out after the big, basic divide between cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. If I want a brain-sparking, energetic high, I'll aim for any one of the 1,001 individual strains classified under the general umbrella of sativa. If I want a relaxed body with a caveman brain, I'll aim for one of the 1,001 strains classified as indica. If I want a combo platter, I'll aim for either an indica-dominant or sativa-dominant hybrid. Beyond the basics of indica/sativa, strain distinctions seem negligible—a creation of marketing, with its endless appetite for novelty, and one that benefits from the same sort of insistent imaginative engagement as astrology. (Correlation totally equals causation if you want it to!)

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At Depths, Andrew Crawshaw Rescores Classic Cult Films

Andrew Crawshaw at Broken Press, in front of some Depths posters he created.
Andrew Crawshaw at Broken Press, in front of some Depths posters he created. Dave Segal

Depths—an audio-visual night that happens every second Monday at Substation—is the logical extension of Seattle synthesizer player Andrew Crawshaw's lifelong fascination with weird cult films and the strange sounds that inhabit them. A drummer with the brutal psych-rock group Terminal Fuzz Terror, Crawshaw embarked on a solo career a few years ago as Meridian Arc, whose eerie, foreboding electronic emissions evoke tremors in the vein of vaunted soundtrackers John Carpenter, Bernard Szajner, and Goblin. When Substation talent buyer Tim Basaraba asked Crawshaw to do an electronic-music-oriented night last year, Crawshaw realized he didn't have deep enough connections in Seattle's electronic community to make that happen, but he did think he could assemble enough like-minded musicians to perform live scores before his favorite films. Hence, Depths was born.

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Clinton Predicts that Lying Liar Donald Trump Will Lie to the American People in Tonight's Debate

After all, he's been lying like crazy lately—why should tonight be any different?

Clinton's ad says he "can't win the debate" if he lies tonight, although he's never been hurt by a lie before. Why should tonight be any different? Lester Holt, the moderator, who is a Republican, is not required to fact-check statements during the debate.

What time is too early to start drinking for a debate that starts at 6 pm PST? Asking for a friend.

Photos of the 2016 Stranger Genius Awards!! The Highlights! The Stage Lights! The Dancing!

September 24, 2016.
September 24, 2016 at the Moore Theatre. Victoria Holt

Erin Pike and Markeith Wiley.
Erin Pike and Markeith Wiley. Victoria Holt

Jody Kuehner and a Cherdonna fan.
Jody Kuehner and a Cherdonna fan. Victoria Holt

Ahamefule J. Oluo, center, Lindy West, right.
Lindy West and her family. Victoria Holt

Noelani Pantastico, right.
Noelani Pantastico. Victoria Holt

Barbara Earl Thomas, center.
Barbara Earl Thomas and her fans. Victoria Holt

Sandy Cioffi, center.
Sandy Cioffi, center. Victoria Holt

Hardly Arts Sarah Moody.
Sarah Moody of Hardly Art. Victoria Holt

Billy ONeill and Piper ONeill.
Billy O'Neill and Piper O'Neill. Victoria Holt

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The Morning News: Burlington Shooter to Appear in Court, Presidential General Elex Debates Kickoff Tonight

The Youngest Victim of the Burlington Shooting Was 16 Years Old: Her name was Sarai Lara. She was killed along with Chuck Eagan, Belinda Galde, Beatrice Dotson, and Shayla Martin when a 20-year-old man opened fire inside Cascade Mall's Macy's department store on Friday night.

The Mall Is Scheduled to Reopen Today: Macy's, however, will remain closed. As the mall returns to some kind of normalcy, the gunman is slotted to appear in the county's district court today, KING 5 reported.

The Gunman Was a "Creep": In addition to facing three charges for assaulting his stepfather, Amber Cathey, a neighbor in his apartment complex, told KOMO that the gunman had Snapchatted her an unsolicited picture of his crotch. Since that incident, Cathey has kept a Taser by her front door, the station reported.

Confederated Colville Tribes to Reopen Sawmill to Prepare for Future Wildfires: The mill, which is in Omak, first closed in 2009 during the housing market crash. Colville officials are putting in $2 million to reopen the saw mill, which will specialize in processing Ponderosa pine. In addition to creating 60-80 jobs, the mill will give tribes a better opportunity to harvest timber and recoup its value in the event of a devastating wildfire. "Last year’s record-setting wildfires burned about 800 million board feet of timber on the reservation, valued at about $100 million," The Seattle Times reported.

People of Color Are Shut out of the Cannabis Industry: "At the ownership level, the level where real money is being made, the Washington weed industry is overwhelmingly white," Tobias Coughlin-Bogue, frequent contributor to The Stranger, writes in a feature for Crosscut.

Sportsbaaaaaaall: The Seachickens beat the San Francisco 49ers 37-18. Spike Friedman explains the (non-)implications of their win: "The Seahawks beat the hell out of the 49ers this week, which means the Seahawks are better than San Francisco. That said, the Seahawks lost to the Rams 9-3 last week, so the Seahawks are worse than the Rams. Of course, the Rams lost to the 49ers 28-0 meaning that nobody knows anything. As a friend pointed out to me on Twitter, this is the most complicated game of Rock Paper Scissors ever waged."

The Presidential Debates Begin Today: The first general election debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump begin tonight at 9 p.m. EST. No TV? No worries. Here's where you can watch the debates for free.

Louisiana Activists Get "InFormation" to Talk About Anti-Abortion Laws: Members of the Lady Parts Justice League, a Lousiana-based activist collective, covered Beyoncé's "Formation" to discuss how the Hyde Amendment bars federal programs such as Medicaid from covering abortion care for low-income and uninsured women, particularly women of color. They go into more detail, below.

Famed Golfer Arnold Palmer Died on Sunday: He was 87. Order his drink in his honor.

What Would a World Experiencing Rapid Evolution Look Like? Director Mike Grier's short film, Dust, explores what happens when people distance themselves from nature. From i09: "In the dystopian world of Dust, evolution occurs at a breakneck rate, forming organisms that may hold miraculous powers or trigger deadly plagues. While most of humanity lives in walled cities, it’s the job of trackers to record the changes, and look for ways to cure the sicknesses." Watch the film here: