11 Black Men and Women Were Removed from an Alaska Airlines Flight in Juneau


A former Alaskan who will remain unnamed says she witnessed a racially-charged incident last night on Alaska Airlines Flight 78 (Juneau, Alaska to Seattle) at around 5:45 p.m. This is a summary of her account, which she provided over the phone:

While the plane was taxiing on the runway, the pilot decided to return to the gate. At the gate, an Alaska Airlines employee, a white woman who works at Juneau International Airport, boarded the plane, and walked to back, where she was seated and began ordering a group of young black men and women, who were also seated in the back, to leave the plane. The employee's words according to the witness were, "One of you was rude and upset one of our staff. I want all of you, this whole group, to get off the plane now!"

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SPD Chief Says Kshama Sawant Shows "Disappointing Level of Ignorance" About SPD Policies

Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant has criticized Seattle Police Chief Kathleen OToole for declining to participate in a public hearing on the death of Charleena Lyles.
Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant has criticized Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole for declining to participate in a public hearing on the death of Charleena Lyles. nate gowdy

Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole is not mincing her words in response to Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant's repeated demands that O'Toole publicly answer questions about the police killing of Charleena Lyles.

"I write in short response to your earlier email, which reflects a disappointing level of ignorance of SPD policies and clear disdain for the investigatory process and review that SPD is court-mandated to follow," O'Toole wrote Sawant in an email reported by the Seattle Times today. "Facts matter and pre-judgment of this incident by any of us would be completely irresponsible."

Since June 18, when two Seattle Police officers shot and killed Lyles at her apartment after they say she brandished a knife, Sawant has called for a public hearing during which the public can ask questions of O'Toole. Sawant is also calling for an independent third-party investigation of the killing, outside the SPD's normal internal investigation process.

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91 Stranger (Than Usual) Things To Do This Week: June 27-July 2, 2017

See real figures from the famous Qin Dynasty terracotta army (pictured here inside the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum) at Pacific Science Centers boozy after-hours viewing.
See real figures from the famous Qin Dynasty terracotta army (pictured here inside the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum) at Pacific Science Center's boozy after-hours viewing. Efired / Shutterstock.com

Our arts critics have already recommended 38 great things to do this week and our music critics have picked the 27 best concerts, but there are still hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—including a "CSI Universe" astronomy talk, the Wooden Boat Festival, Hot Tramp, I Love You So (the opening party for the new MoPOP exhibit Bowie by Mick Rock), and Terracotta Warriors After Hours. For even more options this week, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.


smARTfilms: New World Cinema Sampler
On Tuesdays in June, the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art has shown notable films in contemporary and recent-ish cinema. The last one will be the sad Argentinian comedy Truman (2015), in which a man asks his best friend for help planning his own funeral and finding a new home for his dog.

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Savage Love Letter of the Day: Dating Advice for a Single Mom


I'm a newly single mom, I'm 40, I'm at my sexual peak and I want a partner, a long-term life partner. How on earth do I date? More particularly, how do I meet people with a stroller in hand and/or tell people I've got an amazing three-year-old kid I'm committed to raising (well). No one looks at a mom and thinks flirt with her. As for online dating, I don't want to attract predators, I'm concerned for my daughter's wellbeing. I also want to be transparent without men running for the hills. I have no idea how this is done in person or online. A kiddo shouldn't be the end of my sex and romantic life, help needed. Your insights please.

Mother Open2 Men

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Edmonds K-8 School Vandalized with N-Word Graffiti

When some Madrona K-8 School first-, second-, and third-graders walked in their classrooms in Edmonds on Monday, they were greeted with an unwelcome message scrawled on rooftop skylights: "Fuck [N-word]s."

Other graffiti tags were found on new sidewalks at the school, Principal Lynda Fischer wrote in an e-mail to parents on Monday night. The messages are believed to have been written over the weekend, she said.

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John Oliver on Vaccines

Posted here to entertain/bait our area's anti-vaxxer idiots—dangerous idiots, but idiots nonetheless. In case you missed it on Sunday.

Check out Nate Gowdy's Vibrant Shots from the 2017 Seattle Pride Parade

Love, peace and lots of colors were on full display at this years Seattle Pride Parade.
Love, peace and lots of colors were on full display at this year's Seattle Pride Parade. Nate Gowdy

Despite temperatures reaching past 90 degrees, people turned out in droves to watch and march in the 43rd annual Seattle Pride Parade, which happened this past Saturday, June 24. Nate Gowdy was on the ground snapping photos through the afternoon; check out some more of his wonderfully vibrant shots in the below Flickr slideshow.

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Republicans Fail, for Now, to Get a Quick Senate Vote on Obamacare Repeal

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: Sending Senators home for the July 4th recess with a stalled plan to cut 22 million Americans healthcare in their hands.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: sending Senators home for the July 4th recess holding a stalled plan to cut 22 million Americans' healthcare. CHIP SOMODEVILLA / GETTY IMAGES

Turns out the Senate Republicans' healthcare plan is super unpopular among Senate Republicans, too:

Facing intransigent Republican opposition, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, has told senators he will delay a vote on his legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act, dealing President Trump an embarrassing setback on a key part of his agenda.

Who could ever have known healthcare would be so complicated? How could anyone have though it would be so difficult and politically damaging to try to take health coverage away from 22 million Americans? And who could possibly have predicted that, while trying to undo yet another Obama achievement, President Donald Trump would employ bullying tactics that even his Republican allies would call "beyond stupid" and "so dumb it's amazing"?

Guest Editorial: Washington Should Keep Supporting the Vision of I-502 by Allotting Research Funds to WSU and UW

As of I-502, Washington has legalized marijuana but support for research should continue.
As of I-502, Washington has legalized marijuana but support for research should continue. cyano66/Getty

A note from Dr. John M. Roll, WSU Associate Vice President for Health Sciences Research, and Dr. Dennis M. Donovan, Director UW Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute.

Washington State is well known for its discoveries and innovations. Jet airplanes, kidney dialysis machines, software, and innovations in retail services are just a few of the ways our state’s inventors and entrepreneurs have made their mark. Both the University of Washington and Washington State University are critical players in scientific breakthroughs and life changing innovations, from increasing fundamental understanding of how our cells function, to developing new technologies for targeting and delivery of life-saving drugs; from identifying genes to help crops thrive in changing climate conditions, to creating green biofuels to fly those jet airplanes.

As the legislature negotiates the state budget before the end of the state’s fiscal year on June 30, there are the usual pressures in how best to bring agreement between the varying proposed operating, capital, and transportation budgets. As the state’s two public research universities, both the University of Washington and Washington State University depend on state funding for our primary missions of providing quality education and impactful research. The UW and WSU also provide an important service in support of key elements of I-502, the initiative that legalized marijuana. As the state works to reconcile the different budget proposals, we hope the state continues to fund and support needed public health related research to expand the understanding of cannabis’ impact and inform public policy moving forward.

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Elizabeth Warren Says It's Time for a Single Payer Healthcare System

Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren Astrid Riecken / Getty Images

While Republicans keep on struggling to repeal Obamacare, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren has decided it's time to move beyond the stale fight over our current system and get a newer, better system: single payer.

If you haven't been tracking Warren's statements closely, you might be surprised to learn that she's never said this before.

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UFCW 21—Former McGinn Backer—Picks Jessyn Farrell for Mayor

Jessyn Farrell is a former state legislator from northeast Seattle.
Jessyn Farrell is a former state legislator from northeast Seattle. nate gowdy

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 21 has endorsed Jessyn Farrell for mayor, citing her work on last year's statewide minimum wage campaign and legislation to provide on-the-job protections for pregnant people.

UFCW 21 says it is the state's largest private-sector union and represents more than 44,000 grocery, retail, health care, and meat processing workers.

"My fellow members and I want a mayor who not only shares our values, but also knows how to turn those values into policy," Jeanette Randall, a Safeway worker and member of the union's executive board, said in a statement today.

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Will Jody Hall Conquer Cannabis Like She Did with Cupcakes and Coffee?

She’s here, she’s queer, and she’s an edibles pioneer.
She’s here, she’s queer, and she’s an edibles pioneer. Lester Black

Jody Hall does business like a Wild West settler: For two decades, she's been setting up shop not where the customers are but where the customers will be. She worked at Starbucks in the early 1990s, when most Americans couldn't pronounce "latte" and the chain had 30 stores. Then she created Cupcake Royale in 2003, before people could imagine spending $4 on a small cake.

Cupcake Royale now has six locations and sells cakes to Metropolitan Market and Alaska Airlines. You know what happened to Starbucks.

Now she's in the middle of Washington's weed industry, running her own edibles company called Goodship. She's betting that in a market where pot is getting cheaper every month, consumers will pay extra for her made-from-scratch confections.

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The Morning News: Government Shutdown Looms, Seattle Leads US in Home Price Growth, Public Hearing Over Lyles' Death Tonight

A distant view of your state legislators shitting all over the spirit of transparency.
A distant view of your state legislators shitting all over the spirit of transparency. Getty

Legislators Have Until Next Friday to Pass a Budget: Or parts of the state government will shut down. At the same time they need to find funding for education to meet standards set by the McCleary decision. Meanwhile, Joseph O'Sullivan reports, legislators have been doing all the negotiating behind closed doors, leaving the public in the dark.

What Does a Government Shutdown Mean For You? State parks will close. More than 32,000 state workers could be temporarily laid off. More than 25,000 adults won't be able to receive housing services. 1.9 million Medicaid enrollees will be affected. State prisons won't accept new inmates. And new laws, including legislation that would speed up the testing of rape kits, could become void. Here's a comprehensive list from the state Office of Fiscal Management.

We're Still Number One! Single-family home prices in Seattle rose an average of 12.9 percent since last April, higher than any metro area in the country. That's eight months on top. And prices are rising fast. As Mike Rosenberg of the Times observes, "At this pace, by next month, home values will be surging at their fastest rate since the bubble years before the recession."

Fancy Ass Restaurant Stiffed Workers: The U.S. Department of Labor is ordering The Willows Inn to fork over $74,812 in unpaid overtime to kitchen staff, plus damages, totaling $149,624. The workers came to the James Beard-award winning restaurant as "stages," which is industry-speak for an internship. While still widespread in Europe, the "stage" is now coming under legal scrutiny in the U.S.

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Charleena Lyles' Family Won't Participate in Tonight's Public Hearing About Her Death

Charleena Lyles younger sister, Tiffany Rodgers, and other family members led a march in the wake of Lyles death.
Charleena Lyles' younger sister, Tiffany Rodgers, and other family members led a march in the wake of Lyles' death. nate gowdy

The family of Charleena Lyles does not plan to participate in a public hearing tonight about her death, according to Andre Taylor, a local reform advocate who's been working with Lyles' family since Seattle Police killed her on June 18. That day, Lyles, a pregnant mother of four, called police to report a burglary. When officers arrived at her apartment, police say she threatened them with a knife.

Lyles' family has questioned why police didn't use non-deadly force like a Taser. (Neither officer who shot her carried one.) In response, the Seattle City Council has scheduled a hearing tonight for members of the public to comment on the death and the ongoing police investigation. But that hearing will not include anyone from the Seattle Police Department, including Chief Kathleen O'Toole.

Taylor, whose brother was shot and killed by Seattle police last year, says if SPD doesn't show up, neither will Lyles' family.

"We asked for a public meeting for [a] chance to talk directly in public to Chief O'Toole," Taylor wrote in a Facebook post last night. "And this public hearing falls short. We will not be participating."

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The White Man Who Was Inside the Black/Rasta/Mammy Puppet at the Fremont Parade Says He Is Not a Racist

This is Poquita. Her maker is some misunderstood white puppeteer.
This is Poquita. Her maker is some misunderstood white puppeteer. ryan

Yesterday, I received a letter from someone who claimed to be the maker and puppeteer of the large mammy-looking thing that participated in the Solstice Parade on June 17. Though he did not provide his name, the president of the Fremont Arts Council (FAC), Susan Harper, confirmed the authenticity of the email. It was written by the man who made the puppet that many, including myself and FAC, see as racist. Harper, however, would not release his name. She thinks that is his business; and that their business, as an organization, is to figure out ways to prevent puppets of that nature from participating in future events. "I want to have a conversation with Black Lives Matter and other groups," Harper said over the phone, "so we can figure out a process, a way to check puppets that are deliberately racist as well as those that are not."

As for the letter from the anonymous puppeteer (who is white), Harper said he clearly isn't asking for forgiveness; he is only denying what he did. She has invited him to participate in the racial sensitivity training that FAC wants to institute.

And now, the letter:

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