116 August Events in Seattle To Buy Tickets For Now

See DJ Hodor (otherwise known as Kristian Nairn) at the Rave of Thrones at Neumos this month.
See DJ Hodor (otherwise known as Kristian Nairn) at the Rave of Thrones at Neumos this month. Courtesy of STG

The final full month of summer brings with it plenty of concerts, arts events, food festivals, and lots of other options for having the best August ever. Some of them don't require tickets (like the 25th annual Hempfest), and others are already sold out (like the I Love the '90s concert with Salt-N-Pepa and Coolio), but there are still a remarkably high number of great events you can still buy tickets for. We've compiled them all below—plus links to buy your tickets now, before they sell out—including the Seattle Art Fair, the 20th anniversary of Suicide Squeeze, the Highlarious Comedy Festival, Bacon, Eggs & Kegs, and Summer Meltdown. And, if you're looking for more immediate things to do, don't forget to check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

1. Daisy
This world-premiere play is based on the true story of marketing firm Doyle Dane Bernbach's creation of the first negative political TV ad. The weirdly avant-garde commercial, which was made for Lyndon B. Johnson's campaign against Barry Goldwater in 1964, shows a little blonde girl picking petals off a daisy only seconds before she gets blown to smithereens by a nuclear bomb. The ad is so legendary that politicians still reference it today. Though playwright Sean Devine didn't mean for it to be when he started working on it years ago, Daisy serves as a piece of compelling, dramatic commentary on the 2016 Trump Versus Clinton Hate-Vote Election™, which means his play is relevant in a very obvious way that people like. RICH SMITH

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Savage Love Letter of the Day: Non-Disclosure Agreement

I am currently separated. A few months after I moved out, my estranged wife found out that I cheated on her before we got married. I was a CPOS. I feel horribly guilty and would like to think I'll never do it again. The question is when and what should I disclose to future partners?

No Clever Acronym

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Who Wore It Best: Trump & Russia or Nixon & South Vietnam?

When you get outclassed by Richard Nixon, you know youre riding in the high country, pardner.
When you get outclassed by Richard Nixon, you know you're riding in the high country, pardner. JStone/Shutterstock. lev radin/Shutterstock

Trump OPENLY calling on a foreign power to help sink his opponent's candidacy is new. Candidates flirting with treason during an election is not. But at least when Nixon breached protocol, ethics, decency, and probably the law to undermine the Paris Peace Talks in 1968, he had the grace to keep it a secret.

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One of the Cinematographers for Beyonce's Lemonade Will be a Judge for This Year's Local Sightings

206, are youready for Khalik Allah? He is coming to town, coming to see what we are made of.
206, are you ready for Khalik Allah? He is coming to town, coming to see what we are made of. Courtesy of Northwest Film Forum

Khalik Allah, the photographer and filmmaker who directed the gorgeously hypnotic Field Niggas, and was one of the cinematographers for Beyonce's equally gorgeous, but far more commercial, Lemonade, will be one of three jurors at this year's Local Sightings. This event, which features the best films that our region has to offer, will have an astounding 21 features and 77 short films. Allah, along with Paula Bernstein and Sudeep Sharma, will select and hand prizes to the best of our best. The festival will also include an Indigenous Showcase by Tracy Rector, one of the nominees for this year's Genius Award. All of this is very exciting, and I think we have NWFF's new Executive Director, Courtney Sheehan, to thank for much of this excitement.

Free Will Astrology: For the Week of July 27

ARIES (March 21–April 19): Free your body. Don't ruminate and agonize about it. FREE YOUR BODY! Be brave and forceful. Do it simply and easily. Free your gorgeously imperfect, wildly intelligent body. Allow it to be itself in all of its glory. Tell it you're ready to learn more of its secrets and adore its mysteries. Be in awe of its unfathomable power…

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Police Investigating Racial Threat to West Seattle Family

The letter makes references to Black Lives Matter and praises Trump.
A threatening letter left on a porch makes references to Black Lives Matter and praises Trump. Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com

Stephanie Endres, a mom of two mixed-race children, came upon a hate-filled note on her porch on Tuesday night, the West Seattle Blog reports. The note said (warning, this language is disgusting):


Seattle police say they're investigating the letter as a malicious harassment under Washington's late on hate crimes. Hate crimes have been on the rise in recent years in Washington state and in Seattle specifically. I've previously written about spray-painted anti-black slurs in Greenwood, a man wearing a neo-Nazi armband on the Seattle ferry, and threats directed at local mosques.

As if to underline how dangerous Donald Trump is, the letter concludes, "Go Trump!!!"

DNC Photo Dispatch: Al Sharpton, Chelsea Clinton, Elizabeth Warren on a Historic Night

Last night, Hillary Clinton was officially nominated by the Democratic party, and Seattle-based photographer Nate Gowdy was there to capture it. See his stunning photos of the night below.

Reverend Al Sharpton
Reverend Al Sharpton Nate Gowdy

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New, Groundbreaking Study Reveals That Seattle Is the Most Hipster U.S. City of All

Hipsters? US?? NO WAAAAAY!!!
Hipsters? US?? NO WAAAAAY!!!

Today, we received a very important email. The subject line: "DATA: Seattle defeats Portland as nation’s most 'hipster' city."


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New Column! Should I Vote for Hillary Clinton? A Flow Chart

Guest Editorial: We Need Brady Walkinshaw to Tackle Opioid Addiction in Congress

Carly Housers life was cut short by a fatal overdose in March of 2011.
Carly Houser's life was cut short by a fatal overdose in March of 2011. Gina Burrill.

Every time I walk around a street corner in Seattle, I imagine that I’ll see my sister Carly’s face one more time.

Rep. Brady Walkinshaw, candidate for Congress in the 7th District, didn’t meet Carly before she died. But Brady has spent his legislative career fighting for her memory and the memories of thousands of others like her who have suffered from the disease of opioid addiction, and he will continue that fight in Congress.

I imagine seeing Carly’s knowing smile, her enduring cynicism, and her curiosity for the world. I see our childhood, arguing in the car on a long road trip, or bonding over our dreams of something greater. I see my future, how my identity as a liberal and feminist was shaped by her positive rage at the world’s patriarchal power structures. And, just as clearly, I see the future she will never have, as her promise as a writer, including winning a highly competitive award from the Washington State Library before attending Sarah Lawrence College, was cut tragically short.

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Stranger Things To Do Is Looking For A Fall Intern

Come work with us!

Stranger Things To Do is looking for an energetic, hardworking, detail-oriented, self-starting intern to help maintain our Things To Do calendar this fall, starting on August 29. Candidates should have a deep love for Seattle’s entertainment scene—from music to art to community festivals—and should also have a desire to motivate our readers to get out and experience our city. Candidates must also have a desire to improve upon the calendar user’s experience, and be willing to take on new challenges as they arise; they must also have strong writing skills and excellent attention to detail.

See more details on the position here.

My Philosophy: My RNC, DNC, KRS, ASAP, Etc. Hangover

BJ the Chicago Kid plays the Crocodile on Friday.
BJ the Chicago Kid plays the Crocodile on Friday.

Am I awake?

I saw horrors at the RNC podium worthy of Lovecraft's racist ass, spitting blood like Gene Simmons's also racist, NWA-hating ass. Days later, I'm recovering from playing a drinking game during Bernie's DNC speech. Alcohol and politics may be #StrongerTogether but not stronger than the hangover that history says we're headed for. (Please drink water.)

How would a Trump presidency intersect with all the other nationalist craziness going on in the world? When have we ever gone to the precipice like this and not tipped the hell in?

Were there really guns out for two consecutive weekends on the Hill, on top of the usual Big City Fantasy Camp for Eastsiders that Pike/Pine got turnt to? I love the Capitol Hill Arts District, I just hate all the CHADs…

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It Has Come to My Attention That Some People Still Haven't Watched Bill Clinton's Speech Last Night at the DNC

I'm a Hillary diehard and I learned so much I didn't know. Please watch it.

A Scottish Family Searches for Community at Seattle's Gender Odyssey Conference

Connor Tinlin with his birth daughter, Iona, attending Pride in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Connor Tinlin with his birth daughter, Iona, attending Pride in Edinburgh, Scotland. COURTESY OF CONNOR TINLIN

What are your PGP?

Connor Tinlin's tour guides, a lesbian couple, asked the Scottish dad that question during a visit to Seattle in 2012. "PGP" stands for preferred gender pronouns. Tinlin, then a recently out trans man with the peach fuzz and a changing voice to prove it, was deeply moved.

"I could have cried," Tinlin wrote in an e-mail from West Linton, a town near Edinburgh, where he lives. "It was, I don't know, relief? I thought that I want to feel this good, that my child should feel this good."

In August, Tinlin, 36, is returning to Seattle with Iona, his birth daughter, in order to attend Gender Odyssey, a three-day conference for transgender and gender-nonconforming people…

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Vote Mike Kreidler for Insurance Commissioner

Mike Kreidler
Mike Kreidler
Democrat Mike Kreidler has held his seat for the last 16 years. But instead of napping in his cushy office chair, he's been busy making sure Washingtonians don't get grifted by greedy insurance companies.

In 2002, Kreidler made waves by requiring insurance companies to cover women's contraceptives along with other prescription drugs. In our interview, Kreidler said he would support pharmacies allowing women to pick up 12 months of birth control at once. In a landmark decision in 2014, Kreidler banned insurers from refusing health-care coverage to transgender people…

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