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Politics May 16 11:48 AM

Time to Earn that Oscar, Mayor Harrell: Veto the Minimum Wage Repeal

Mayor Bruce Harrell Doesn’t Deserve a “Labor Oscar”—at Least Not Yet

Labor May 10 1:20 PM

City Council Nibbles the Edges of Nelson’s Minimum Wage Repeal, but Core Issue Remains

There’s Still Time to Avoid a $13 Minimum Wage for Gig Workers 

Labor Apr 26 3:33 PM

Seattle Revives the Bullshit Economics of Low Wages

City Hall Should Focus Less on Controlling Wages and More on Regulating the Rental Market

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News Apr 26 10:31 AM

No One Wants to Repeal the Gig Worker Minimum Wage More Than Sara Nelson

After Flexing Power in First Months of Presidency, Nelson Shows Insecurity from Minority Days

News Apr 19 9:00 AM

Seattle’s Pay Up Problems May Have Little to Do with the New Minimum Wage

Bike Couriers Report Lower Wages than Drivers, and Some Say a Repeal Won’t Fix That

News Apr 11 11:29 AM

Doggy Day Care Workers Bite Back After a Ruff Eight Months at the Bargaining Table

Sit! Stay! Roll Over to Worker Demands, Downtown Dog Lounge!

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News Mar 28 5:53 PM

Seattle City Council Requests Draft Legislation to Repeal Minimum Wage for Gig Workers

The Move Comes after the Council Consulted with Uber-Backed Lobby Group Instead of Workers

News Feb 8 9:00 AM

No, the Minimum Wage for Gig Workers Is Not “Backfiring.” The Corporations Are Retaliating.

Billion-Dollar Corporations Blame Their Own Poor Business Decisions on Underpaid Gig Workers

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Labor May 11 12:27 PM

SIFF Cinema Workers Union Wants a Fair Contract

They're Asking for Living Wages, Stable Scheduling, and More Input on Programming

News Mar 30 12:47 PM

City Council Gives Some Gig Workers Paid Sick Time

Workers Left Behind Say It's Still a Step in the Right Direction

Labor Mar 29 2:22 PM

Senate Grills a Bratty Howard Schultz on Starbucks’ Union Busting Tactics

To Defend Himself, He Made a Mockery of His Father’s Story

Labor Feb 17 1:45 PM

This Week in Worker Conquests

UW Researchers and Postdocs Authorize Strike, Employees Say Starbucks Is Understaffing, and AAA Contractors Fined $400,000 for Fatal Trench Collapse

Labor Feb 10 3:33 PM

This Week in Worker Conquests

Trouble at Crossroads, Humans Reject Robot Overlords, and Port Commission to Vote on Drivers’ Union Benefits

Labor Feb 3 2:38 PM

This Week in Worker Conquests

Portland Workers Strike, Bold Hat Productions Interns Get $30,000 Back, and YouTube Workers Refuse to Return to Office

Labor Jan 27 1:03 PM

This Week in Worker Conquests

Buzzfeed Using AI to Write Articles, Sawant Aims to End Caste Discrimination, and Screw the Two-Week Notice

Labor Jan 20 10:00 AM

This Week in Worker Conquests

Sawant Launches “Workers Strike Back” Movement, Huge Layoffs in Tech, and Hotel Nexus Workers Get $218,000 Back in Labor Settlement

Labor Jan 13 2:49 PM

This Week in Worker Conquests

Mushroom Workers Rally, Black Women Now Run State Labor Council, Mouse-Jigglers Bravely Jiggle On