Ballard and West Seattle tunnels are too expensive for Sound Transit.
Ballard and West Seattle tunnels are too expensive for Sound Transit. TIMOTHY KENNEY

Quit dueling in West Seattle alleys: On Thursday night, a group of men was having a gunfight in a West Seattle alley. That is not allowed! Nor is it a fun hobby, so don't get any ideas. A Seattle Police Department officer stumbled across the throwdown. According to a police blotter post: "The officer drew their firearm and shot multiple times at the men. The group scattered leaving behind one handgun and an injured person.”

Administrative review of Russia investigation is now a criminal inquiry: The William Barr–led Justice Department has been looking into how the FBI investigated ties between the Trump campaign and Russia since May. Now, for whatever reason, the review has turned into a criminal investigation. But it's not clear what crime is being investigated. It sure looks like Barr is trying to "deliver a political victory to Trump," who loves to use the Justice Department against his political adversaries.

Sound Transit is ballin' on a budget: Sound Transit canned pricey plans for the future Ballard and West Seattle lines. There won't be a tunnel into the historic central part of Ballard ($450 million), nor will there be a station in West Seattle's Pigeon Point ($200 million). Sound Transit is going cheaper and surveying other options! For Ballard, that means a potential 15th Avenue Northwest tunnel or bridge. Some third-party funding may come in handy if you know anybody with deep pockets and a love for light rail.

Light rail construction worker in critical condition: A worker on Sound Transit's East Link was injured Thursday when a piece of shoring equipment fell on him. The equipment was meant to be stabilizing structures at the site. It was not doing its job very well.

A sunny weekend ahead: It will be a little damp this morning, but that will change pretty quickly.

Lake Stevens man's woodpile is too darn big: The woodchopper likes to give his wood away. The City of Lake Stevens thinks he has too much wood and that it's a fire hazard, and it is fining the man $500 a day. I love this part of the story: "[The woodchopper] believes the whole mess is payback for being a vocal critic of city hall, to which the mayor responded, 'I don't know what the hell he's talking about.'"

Speaking of wood: Crews are still clearing that logjam in Everett.

This is what it's all about, baby! Human decency! This video is from about a year ago, according to the time stamp, but it's new to me and I'm assuming it's new to you.

A big meth bust: There's a lot of meth around these parts these days. Police arrested 17 alleged drug traffickers and confiscated a whole bunch of meth that was being smuggled into the area. From Q13 Fox: "Officers seized 37.5 pounds of meth and 27 pounds of heroin during the whole operation. The DEA also seized $10,000 in cash and six firearms."

A Texas doozy: Okay, bear with me here. Two police cruisers pulled over a drunk driver. Another drunk driver plowed into the cruisers. An ambulance responded to the crash. Another drunk driver plowed into the ambulance and now an EMT is injured. Three people (including the paramedic) were transported to the hospital and the three drunk drivers were arrested.

A little London corpse truck update: The truckful of 39 dead bodies (now identified as Chinese nationals) that mysteriously ended up in London is still being investigated. The bodies are being sent to the coroner. Two suspects have been arrested on murder and human-trafficking charges. The truck driver still remains in custody on suspicion of murder.

Guess how many children have been split from their families at the US border? According to ABC News, the total children separated from their families at the border since July 2017 is more than 5,400.

This video is so soothing: I've said it once and I'll say it a thousand times more, I love a time-lapse. And I don't care who knows it!

Facebook just unveiled Facebook News: Now you can get all your news on Facebook. Because that worked so well in the past. Here's why it may be bad for publishers.

Headline of the week: White House urges federal agencies to cancel Washington Post and New York Times subscriptions.

Kanye West is off his rocker: The rapper was supposed to have dropped his latest album, Jesus Is King, at midnight on October 25 (that's today!), but it's been delayed for supposed mix fixes. In an interview on Apple Beats 1, West talked about how he beat a lifelong porn addiction, his deep friendship with Donald Trump, how he will one day be president, and how it's his job now to spread Jesus's word. The whole time he referred to himself as "undoubtedly the greatest human artist of all time."

"Good morning from the umpteenth circle of hell": That's what my mom texted me this morning. Southern California is on fire. Northern California is, too, but my mom isn't in that circle of hell. It's wildfire season in California, and there are a couple of fires raging out of control but only about 163,000 acres, the state wildfire agency said. Last year, 1.6 million acres burned. Parts of Northern California are in the dark as Pacific Gas & Electric scrambles. According to the utility, one of its transmission lines broke near the source of a fire (the Kincaid fire).

A Playboy séance: Holly Madison, 40, and Bridget Marquardt, 45, are two of Hugh Hefner's exes. They want to hold a séance on October 30 to speak with Hugh from beyond the grave. The séance will be conducted by Hollywood Psychic Medium (her self-dubbed title) Patti Negri.

A fun fact for your Friday: The birth rate is so low in Japan that adult diaper sales have outpaced baby diaper sales since 2013.

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