Slog PM: Sound Transit CEO Gets Boot and Silver Parachute, Statewide Eviction Moratorium Extended to Halloween, Horror and Bloodshed in Tennessee



Peter Rogoff, well he's set for life at property taxpayers expense, among other taxes. Blow him a kiss every time you pay the rent. He thanks you.


@2 Maybe all the hornets can come live at your house.


@1 your shtick is getting really fucking old. Move somewhere else already if you are overburdened by taxes here


Murder Hornet eradicators are heroes.


Trying not to be overburdened by taxes. There fixed it for you.

If you think Sound Transit should not be transparent, have oversight and continued public scrutiny then get in your own line, you'll be the first. What voters approved to tax themselves on all three ballots is Billions over budget and decades late. A nineteenth century mode of transportation that goes nowhere you want to go. Unless you like a two hour commute each way to work. A bus to the station, the train and a bus you hope gets you close to where you work. People working at home since the pandemic, haven't that taught you anything about the future?


I wish it was a Japanese restaurant whose name translated to Wolf, Ram, and Hart.



He's going after a pun, one which he's been posting on here repeatedly for a couple years now. I was actually expecting him to lunge at some sort of convoluted attempt to equate an invasive insect species to gun violence, and am rather disappointed he didn't go that route. "Our failed effort to regulate bees proves my point!" or some such shit.

Feels like a missed opportunity for him.


Based on "Chutes And Ladders", huh?

I guess we grown-ups are stuck playing in a playground based on "Clue". Susie Creamcheese, killed in the Workplace, by a Maskhole Covidiot customer or co-worker who won't even cover their coughs.

Or maybe it's "Monopoly". White players get a card reading "Go To Jail. Go Directly To Jail". Minority players just get shot to death by the player whose "token" is a loaded pistol or a police badge.

Or maybe it's "The Game Of Life". None of us can afford to live in Millionaires Acres, and we're all living in a tent in The Poor Farm.

No "Chinese Checkers". No way no how. It's "East Asian Checkers" now. Sometimes referred to as "The International District Checkers".

But "Parchisi" is still popular, especially in Redmond, or the Amazon Ghetto.



Don't forgot "Operation", where no pieces can be removed, because all the ICU beds are full of unvaccinated COVID carriers.

Also, "Sorry!", but that can only be played by Canadians...