This past winter I got a job at a somewhat well-known waterfront restaurant along the edge of Lake Washington. This place is highly disorganized, but I stuck around because they were open for the holidays and had filled their reservations with loyal locals.
Two weeks into the job, a vet discovered a mystery tumor in my dog. Sadly, I had to put down my canine-companion the very next day. I called out of work to make arrangements for my dog's death. After that, I did not receive my work schedule for the following week.
When I reached out to the owner, he said, "Apologies I dint reply yesterday- I had an unplanned water leaking crisis at my house.  I spent some tine over the weekend and I don’t think this is a good fit with us.  I know you have all the skill set in the world, I just need folks that are a little more committed and not just kinda in and out on sched  a lot .” Yes, typos and all. 
The inconsiderate, arrogant boss-man fired me the day I had to put down my dog. And would you believe this man got a St. Bernard puppy that he kept in his car during his entire work shift? This quickly growing pup was taken out of the car in the parking lot for periodic walks throughout the day. I hope someone opened the door and set that poor canine free. Heaven knows she deserves a pet owner who's empathetic and has some semblance of a heart.

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