Fucking Seattle landlords. Greedy, rich assholes who are making this city unaffordable for working people, but more importantly, unaffordable for PIZZA. 

First it was the Masonry in Fremont. What a beautiful space; fantastic pies and great beer from Fast Fashion in one place. But the corporate greed in Googletown was such that the rent became too damn high, and even with many great pies slung they folded. Then the neighborhood pasta / pizza joint Bar Cantinetta in Madison Valley. Owners of both mentioned that they actually love running pizza restaurants, but part of it was the landlord's rent was just too high. 

And now–now–fucking Blotto. Are you kidding me? They were mad successful, with waits out the wazoo, and their greedy Seattle landlord is selling the building. I am distraught, and hungry. 

If those greedy fucks take Cornelly from us I will figuratively burn this city to the ground and make a pizza on its now affordable ashes. 

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