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A Sneak Peek at Interstitial Volume

Henry Jackson-Spieker's In-Progress Show at MadArt Explores the Knotty Tension of Being a Body

Natalie Wall Brings Awkward Sex to Seattle

"It’s very silly. We just want to show how crazy sex is."

Literary Genius Jonathan Raban Has Died

The Travel Writer and Novelist was 80 Years Old

M3GAN Is a Seattle Gay Icon

But the Synthetic Star Is Also a Terrible Warning of What’s Soon to Come

Maiden Voyage Brings Japan's Listening Bar Experience to Seattle

Jason Justice and Justin Cayou Are Spreading the Communal Joy of Hearing Music in High Fidelity

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An Interview With Annalee Newitz

"I Love Hearing the Opinions of Worms and Cats"

Are the New Buildings of Seattle Inspired by the Barcode?

Meet the Man Brilliantly Documenting the City's Vast Array of Architecture on Instagram

An Interview With Aubrey Gordon

“I Hope This Is a Book That Becomes Obsolete Very Quickly.”

More Women Accuse YouTuber Andrew Callaghan of Sexual Misconduct and Assault

His Lawyer Won’t Let Us Publish Her Response on His Behalf

Aubrey Gordon's “You Just Need to Lose Weight” Is a Sharp Sword Against Anti-Fatness

The Maintenance Phase Co-host and Your Fat Friend Columnist Wrote 20 Short, Sourced Arguments You Can Hand to Your Body-Shaming Mom (and Doctor)

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Artists of the Week

Kevin Muñoz’s Scenic Serenity

The Stranger’s Artist of the Week

Lisa Congdon’s Joyful Journey

The Stranger’s Artist of the Week

Jessica Lynch’s Island Spirit

The Stranger’s Artist of the Week

Lindsey Fox’s Wild Celebrations

The Stranger’s Artist of the Week

More in Arts

Visual Art Oct 31 8:10 AM

Luke Misclevitz's Wild Time Capsules

The Stranger’s Artist of the Week

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Books Oct 27 2:40 PM

David Sedaris Is Coming to Seattle and Wants to Know Where He Can Find a Dead Body

“Whenever I Smell a Dead Deer or Something in the Woods I Get So Excited. Oh, It’s Finally My Time!”

Books Oct 25 12:15 PM

Penn Jillette Says Seattle Has the Finest Squirrels in the World

"I Believe It’s Their Luxurious Tails"

Visual Art Oct 24 8:00 AM

Martin Ontiveros Is Playing with Power

The Stranger’s Artist of the Week

Books Oct 17 4:00 PM

Accounting for an Apocalypse

Adrienne Buller’s The Value of a Whale Exposes the Dark Side of “Green Capitalism”

Visual Art Oct 17 10:34 AM

Kelly Bjork’s Queer Joy

The Stranger’s Artist of the Week

City Oct 14 1:38 PM

All Aboard! Station Space Coming to King Street Station

Cultural Space Agency's Latest Project Brings Youth Arts to the Historic Building

Visual Art Oct 10 8:00 AM

Mx. Morgan’s Fearless Divination

The Stranger’s Artist of the Week

Film/TV Oct 6 3:24 PM

Five Can't-Miss Flicks at This Year's Seattle Queer Film Festival

From Sexy Burlesque and Sassy Ghosts to an Attempted Drug Smuggling Gone Very, Very Wrong

Visual Art Oct 3 8:00 AM

Adam Sorensen’s Supernatural Sensibilities

The Stranger’s Artist of the Week

Picture Books Sep 30 11:11 AM

This Week's Comics: Sometimes Sleeping Beauty Has to Rescue Herself

It’s Legally Blonde meets Mad Max in the Dark Ages

Film/TV Sep 30 9:45 AM

Things Didn't Have to Be This Way

Riotsville, U.S.A. Is a Surreal History Lesson on the Militarization of the US Police

Film/TV Sep 29 11:51 AM

Billy Eichner Is Our Nora Ephron

Bros Isn’t the First Gay Rom-Com, but It Is One of the Best

Film/TV Sep 27 3:01 PM

Vesper Is a Superb Science-Fiction Film

Even the Trees Are Monstrous, with Bark That Breathes Like Animals

Dance Sep 27 2:08 PM

Pacific Northwest Ballet Celebrates 50 Years with a Stunning Opener

The Company Didn't Look a Day Over 25