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Nine Pacific Northwest Picks for Bandcamp Friday April 2023

Support Musicians! And Maybe Email Bandcamp’s Leadership and Ask Them to Stop Union Busting, Too.

Touring Musical Hairspray Will Leave You Bubbly

Despite Some Sound Issues, We Were Won Over by John Waters’s Story and the Adaption’s Irreverent, Infectious Fun

Ten Pacific Northwest Picks for Bandcamp Friday February 2023

New Releases, Reissues, Dance Tracks, and Wordless Scores from Portland and Seattle

Books Jan 13 1:28 PM

Aubrey Gordon's “You Just Need to Lose Weight” Is a Sharp Sword Against Anti-Fatness

The Maintenance Phase Co-host and Your Fat Friend Columnist Wrote 20 Short, Sourced Arguments You Can Hand to Your Body-Shaming Mom (and Doctor)

Comedy Jul 25 4:55 PM

Podcast But Outside, But Stand-Up and Inside

Andrew Michaan on His Two-Day Tour with Fellow Comedian Brent Weinbach

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Charles Mudede Jul 9 1:59 PM

The Best Movies to Stream this Weekend in Seattle: July 9-12, 2020

The Seattle Black Film Festival, Kelly Reichardt's First Cow, and More Movies to Watch at Home