You liked my hair while walking pass the dog park

I was at the dog park on pine/boren. You stopped to tell me you liked my teal hair. I wished I would have asked for your number.

To you who ordered the bad boy

We share a glance. You say your favorite is the bad boy? Coy. It's on the menu. So am I. Oh your SO is here? Well I want the hottie or three devils ;)

pearls, mullet, and stache

I was pushing road cases while you ran around with a shopping cart with your contagious smile, probably should’ve given you my number

Meyer Bar and Mariners game

I chatted you up at the M's game saying I had recognized you from Meyer earlier. Your brother showed up before I could ask for your number.

Gems and Reggae

I feel like such a creep. We spoke at 2 gem shows in a different city, then at a reggae concert recently. You are such a beautiful dude, call me🙏

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo WiFi

You live near me. Your internet connection is called "hide yo kids, hide yo wifi" and I need to know who you are because I think we'd get along!

Similarly clad in the bike lane at 9th and Mercer

In the same orange-ish Smith helmet and wildcat sunglasses. Before I could comment, the light turned green and you zoomed off, never to be seen again?

u saw me getting engaged

You saw my fiance propose to me at Greenlake on the dock by the boathouse. You took pictures and wanted to send them to us but they never arrived :(

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