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Paradise by the Rainy-Day Gaming Light

Anti-SAD Lamps Have Nothing on These Video Games Full of Bright, Dreary-Weather Distractions

Survival of the Grodiest

How Well Local Wildlife Will Keep You Warm, Tauntaun Style

Press X to Spill Tea

New Seattle-Produced Video Game Thirsty Suitors Sounds Horny, but It’s More Coming-of-Age than Cumming-of-Age

Visual Art Oct 20 12:00 PM

Death at Your Fingertips

Studying the Three Corpses of Savage Alms in Year’s SPAM New Media Festival

Books Oct 19 12:49 PM

Seven Weird Things I Learned About D&D History from a 438-Page Tome

And You Thought Britney's Memoir Was Gonna Be Full of All the Good Gossip

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A Shit Fountain

Seattle Author Kristi Coulter Recounts 12 Years of Tiptoeing over Amazon’s Male Fragility

Games Sep 6 4:05 PM

Warning: Only Read This If You Care About This Year's Most-Hyped Video Game

And Please Don’t Hate Us for Suggesting That Starfield Doesn’t Get Good Until Its 18th Hour of Dogged Exploration

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Nerd Aug 30 10:23 AM

Pax It Up, Pax It In

Everything You Need to Know About the Year’s Biggest Northwest Gaming Fest

Cats Aug 14 10:50 AM

Seattle’s Largest Cat Convention in Pictures

Sea-Meow Filled an Entire Cat-urday with Furries, Kitties, and Cat Butthole Merch

Film/TV Jul 20 4:13 PM

A Purely Scientific Review of Two Very Dissimilar Films

She's Barbie, He's Just the Father of the Atomic Bomb

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SIFF 2023 May 15 5:30 PM

We Watched and Reviewed 35 SIFF Films!

Here's What We Loved, What We Hated, and What Was as Interesting as an Air-Dried Carrot

Film/TV Apr 4 2:54 PM

It's a Mediocre, Mario!

Dazzling CGI Leads Nintendo Fans Through a Journey as Hollow as a Big, Green Pipe

Geek Mar 27 3:17 PM

A Cartoon Colon Pathway to Seattle’s Future

Seattle’s Weirdest Arcade Game Is a Butt-Shaped Iceberg of a Larger Tech-Arts Movement